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  1. The enchant bonus doesn't even do anything anyway if you have maxed out alignment and are casting near a decently high QL altar as those two factors alone are enough to max out the Enchant bonus formula to begin with. I mean the enchant bonus is a bit useful if you're out hunting and casting spells when you're not near a decent altar, but if you're actually enchanting items on deed near your favour stockpile? Complete waste of time beyond the 10s rarity window increase.
  2. I use cat emoji as a super-like. If I really like something, I use cat. If I just like it, I give the heart.
  3. Missions: Any confirmation that we will be getting valrei missions on the PvE servers on NFI, or will they be defiance only? Rifts and runes: A tad disappointing this is being pushed back that far, though without players having had much ability to reliably grind up combat skills, it probably wouldn't be a particularly good experience implemented in right now Sleep bonus 10 hour compensation: Imbues: Re: rebalancing, will we have a discussion thread in advance talking about potential changes, or will it more likely just be 'here's the new system' ? Defiance/PvE Sleep bonus merge: Mixed feelings on this. I mean it means we can go over to pvp, do things that generate sleep bonus, and come back to Freedom and use that sleep bonus which is nice, but it also means we don't have as big a buffer for doing so, which is a bit of a bummer. New UI: This (and you guys finally getting coffers working) is what I've really been looking forward to, ESPECIALLY text scaling. Really looking forward to this. Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work!
  4. This is one of those bugs that can be pretty confusing/annoying, for sure. Gotta drag from crate to an inventory like yours or a cart, and then into the pile... There's also the similar-but-different 'You're not allowed to do that' message when you try to take items from a crate in a vehicle when you are a little bit too far away. It doesn't say 'You are too far away to x', just 'You are not allowed to do that'
  5. Unless your server modifies it, my experience has always been rare tool/weapon/arrow heads guarantee a rare tool/weapon/arrow. rare shafts/handles are only a chance though
  6. I know it's a difficult issue to give a definitive answer on, especially considering leaving opportunity for staff discretion is really valuable, but it'd be great to hear a GM or higher-up comment on this. My personal understanding based on interactions some friends have had in the past month or so is roughly: If you don't have it deeded over (or within the confines of a house-type building), other players are allowed to bash it, harvest it, cut it down, loot it, etc, as long as they don't do it to your area repeatedly. This leaves a fair bit of confusion though, does that mean it's okay for people to bash into random farm pens and harvest it all, as long as they distribute their theft out across multiple places and don't just focus on one? What about deeding over planted and locked beehives in the wild?
  7. Silver Trading

    The classic "they're paying 20s for a 50ql hammer and getting 50$ for free" If the goods being paid for are not worth the price paid for them, but are accompanied by more valuable goods, the money is being paid for the more valuable goods.
  8. For anyone who may be a little confused here, the wurm online staff use a non-standard definition of multiboxing. While multiboxing is properly defined as: It can potentially (but does not necessarily) encompass the use of tools to automate or streamline such activities. In the world of wurm, Multiboxing is (incorrectly imo) used to refer to input broadcasting, where one (or a combination of inputs) sends a command to multiple clients at once. So to clarify: Playing more than one character or client at once, even on the same computer: 100% fine. Playing more than one character and using one mouseclick or one keypress (simulated or physical) to multiple characters at once: Prohibited
  9. For the Journal task Improve a Tool to 50QL, I have created and improved half a dozen rope tools now from ~5ql all the way up past 50ql, yet the journal task refuses to complete, will try other carp/fine carp tools later
  10. Stopped reading here tbh. There are only 12 new servers.
  11. Thankfully, no erotica != no romance. My neighbours are going to be so excited so be the stars of my twilight-esque wurm masterpiece.
  12. Plus the free 30 minutes per day we're getting from rite of spring every 10 days, as well as some of the earlier journal tasks which give an hour or two for pretty little effort as a one-off. That said, sure would be nice to have some 60+ fine carp missions!
  13. But some people here would rather that you ban innocent players with the chance that you might catch exploiters, than you only banning people where there's conclusive proof that they actually did something wrong
  14. NFI timeline

    I agree, it'd be nice to know when these are planned to be turned back on, since about a month ago we were told by staff (not CAs) that the king's coffers on Harmony would be full and working 28-30 days after the map releases, but there's still nothing in them, which as it stands, just leaves people with this feeling like the feature is broken and abandoned. Particularly when you compare it alongside the fact that moonmetals were released into the economy, THEN supply of them was shut off abruptly, creating enormous benefit for those who bought them early.
  15. Another mystery uncovered by Sindusk!
  16. Just going to paste here the same thing I put up on the discord, so it doesn't get lost if you're not on atm: Based on your situation, I'd personally recommend WU on your own machine for a few different reasons, nothing on the server will progress while you dont have it running, so if you can't be on for 2 days or 2 weeks, you have nothing to worry about: your crops won't rot, your animals won't starve, your buildings won't decay. You're also not feeling like other people are making lots of progress around you, like you're being left behind in some sense. This isn't a big deal if you're living on your own in the wilderness, but it would still be a thought for me, and plays into the next point: You'll never have to worry about someone changing the world right by you in some way you don't like. People make huge highways, often incredibly ugly ones through the middle of the forest, I've talked to a couple people recently who quit or moved because they went away for a couple weeks, came back, and there was some 300+ slope highway now running right through their back yard, completely ruining the beauty of the area, with absolutely no consideration for people who live there. This is something you would never have to worry about playing on your own. Additionally, you'd never have to worry about upkeep, paying a subscription, and additionally, you'd be able to (with some mods) priest if you wanted to, without all the relevant restrictions. On the other hand, WO does have a couple features you'd be missing out on, particularly some recent graphical and UI updates, but WU does also bring its own unique features that WO doesn't have, so it's really a tradeoff. I think the biggest thing that sets them apart, and nearly the ONLY reason I play WO, is to be playing with lots of other people. You really can't get this almost anywhere on WU, even on the most active servers. So, if you were playing privately, I guess community is the biggest loss I'd be concerned about. Both are great games, both are a lot of fun, but if you're worried about getting sucked in and feeling compelled to spend more time than you want to because of things that require your attention, WU will alleviate that worry.
  17. If you're getting really bulked up favour regen now, that seems to be less of an issue, unless it affects favour from sacrifices. Can also do stuff like panfilling though, which doesn't count as an action. Now admittedly you can do that now already admittedly, but my point is more, you can still keep busy. Still, good point
  18. Or, you're mining or performing some other action, gaining skill while waiting for your favour to recharge. If you're staring at the screen waiting for your favour to regen, that's just you being inefficient with your time.
  19. Nope. A wurm change This would have the unintended consequence of making priests far more powerful in pvp, and just in general be a huge buff, as they would then be able to travel around with 3x the favour, without needing to use gems.
  20. While I like this idea, it seems to be INCREDIBLY important that the balance is gotten right around how long your favour pool lasts, just how high the favour pool cap is, and how quickly it can regenerate, particularly making sure people are still able to cast very high favour spells in a timely manner. My other concern is that this change does nothing to address the serious (imo) issue of how poor the sacrifice options are. Many priests are STILL opting to use heavily nerfed chopped veggies on account of the fact that many of the other sac options are overly cumbersome to make by comparison. Perhaps now that traders can't be drained for coin, some consideration might be given to increasing the value of various items, making them more worthwhile for sacrificing: Wooden things other than yoyos or paper for example?
  21. Trolling

    Aha, somehow missed that. Good call on your part then, sorry!
  22. From what I understand, the breed value is being calculated based on the potential value of the horses, not the value that you currently see. It seems to be predicting that your horse likely has at least some of the negative traits, and as a result is assigning that negative breeding value based on it.
  23. Wrong. Rares should come from both, from imping which is resource efficient and enables you to get the chance to make your already good items even better, and it should come from creation spam, where you spend more resources and sacrifice skillgain to get rares. Fortunately, the devs recognize this. Premium account status only affects supreme and fantastic chances, not the chances of going rare to begin with.
  24. Completely agree, the new design looks great, but the absence in particular of special attacks and the red notification of being stunned are seriously problematic. The lack of stance change percentages (or the arrows being differently coloured) also makes it completely impossible to tell if you even have a chance of changing to a particular stance versus a particular enemy. This combat window used to be invaluable to new players for them to be able to quickly see if an opponent was far too strong or not (as indicated by the old red coloured arrows, 0 percentages, etc), and that is now gone. Big step forward in looks, even bigger step backward in terms of functionality