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  1. that's fine if it leads to global Wurming
  2. *waits for: horses will have all negative traits to increase the fun!!*
  3. I really like the new design! how long are the votings open by the way?
  4. non-player commands usually start with # opposed to / did you try this? #setminimummininghits 48 mysekritp4ssw0rdlol
  5. udpate your graphics card driver first.
  6. not loadable... just let me put them in a cargo hold (could limit it and disable putting stuff in them with the message "you may only use this when it is on the ground")
  7. You guys will be missed
  8. Agree/disagree?

    disagree because Wurm has more to offer than mind numbing grind
  9. sadly not, just the same as any character you have to use dyes. RGB values are out of reach for the GM tools, it might be possible to change existing values in the database though (too much hassle imo).
  10. a Worg isn't a Valrei critter, but a sorcery summon
  11. no worries, this thread is only from 2010
  12. Secert Updates

    The cake is real! Who knows, maybe something that is just too absurd to believe it might even be true - It's still Wurm
  13. some items show the resource needed to improve the base material - in this case leather most unimprovable items are of certain materials like crystal, bone or diamond (long list, often not shown as material) which are flagged unimprovable because of the material and show no item in the improve column and a few unimprovable items have a basic resource material but are flagged as unimprovable per item and do show an item in the improve column not a bug per say, but an inconsistency for sure.
  14. doable, yes. fun? no. you said it yourself, it's not fun. being broken (broken as in "no fun") for ages is no reason to keep it in that state. why should others suffer when it was clearly demonstrated that it is no fun? with all the timers and restrictions and RNG in the meditation system is it still worth it to put the time in? yes, sure! a different amount of skill for a prayer-like skillgain does not lower that amount of effort, it simply takes out an unnecessary insanity inducing RNG. and i totally agree with Hashirama - once you reached that elusive 90 skill in meditation you should not be forced to redo that torture of a waiting game just to experience another path.
  15. we need the white fur for the chancelors/emperors cape!
  16. and after tin sheets for tin cans we definatley need tin foil too
  17. basicly you say that a lot of the Chaos population is griefers and they had no chance to abuse this feature? i can not believe they are.
  18. I'd take half the skill per meditation in trade for removing failed attempts any day. Noone wants this? The replies in this thread alone show different.
  19. i agree with spellcast, but more important i would love to see the skillgain failures removed. with a limited per day skillgain chance we do not need an additional "haha, you rolled a 40+ and don't get any skill" with it!
  20. having 2 imbues disable both on the test i made, maybe others have different experiences though