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  1. I am concerned about the recent changes to Greymead. The new Gates prevent all mob access to the deed making the 4 spirit templars useless to newbies. I think this is just wrong. The whole reason for having four templars in Greymead is to help newbies kill mobs. Just running inside the gate won't help a newbie play the game. Staying outside and getting killed doesn't help either.

  2. that's fine if it leads to global Wurming
  3. *waits for: horses will have all negative traits to increase the fun!!*
  4. I really like the new design! how long are the votings open by the way?
  5. non-player commands usually start with # opposed to / did you try this? #setminimummininghits 48 mysekritp4ssw0rdlol
  6. udpate your graphics card driver first.
  7. not loadable... just let me put them in a cargo hold (could limit it and disable putting stuff in them with the message "you may only use this when it is on the ground")
  8. You guys will be missed
  9. Agree/disagree?

    disagree because Wurm has more to offer than mind numbing grind
  10. sadly not, just the same as any character you have to use dyes. RGB values are out of reach for the GM tools, it might be possible to change existing values in the database though (too much hassle imo).
  11. a Worg isn't a Valrei critter, but a sorcery summon
  12. no worries, this thread is only from 2010