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  1. Iron lamp... Sorry, should have added that above
  2. Supreme Iron lamp 54.20 ql, 8s, located in Kalayaan, Indy
  3. First of all, you cannot apparently. Not when you are telling people to leave the game when they already said they were eventually going to leave (not just me, I have not decided yet). Second, it looks to me like you are the one who has *ran* out of things to say. People, besides myself, seem to be in agreement that ignorance is the only thing you know. Now, *I* am the one signing off of this lame conversation with you. I am getting bored with the lack of intelligence and unlike you, I have better things to do than argue with everyone posting in this thread all day. *I* have a life.
  4. Yes, and the entire family has a right to leave if we want to. Its like you don't know how to read. I'm pretty sure I said that already and then you argue with me saying the SAME EXACT THING. Take a look in Indy For Sale... People are already leaving.
  5. Wrong. I do pay to play peaceful. That is why I am on Indy. Where I don't have to worry about people busting crap everywhere. If I wanted things to be a huge fight, I would be on a PVP server. Many people on Indy feel the same way I do. Its not right to tell players, "You can play this way" and then after they pay to play, "You can no longer play that way. Now you will play in a way that people want to play on different servers." That is why we will likely take our business elsewhere. Don't tell me why my family and I play.
  6. Well said! My husband and I are in agreement, as you can probably tell. Indy is supposed to be a more relaxed version where 99% of the people get along. Now we are constantly going to be fighting people. Difference is, we can't kill them for messing with our things that, in this game, we have already technically paid for.
  7. I haven't read all the responses, so I apologize if I repeat anyone else. But there is a lot of talk about paying players quitting over this. If this is not the intent, it may backfire. I have agreed with most of the decisions made, but I think this is going to cause more problems than it is worth. First, the prices of deeds are already outrageous for newer players. If people are going to be able to bash anything outside of a deed, then the prices of deeds and upkeep need to be lowered. Second, enclosures are a good idea within a certain number of tiles away from the deed perimeters. Nobody should have to pay for a deed and only get to have part of it for their buildings because they do not want others cutting down all the trees around the deed. The trees are a resource and other players should not be able to run around clearing out areas that should be resources for people paying for the nearby deeds. Third, this highway issue is going to be much more trouble than it is worth. I really hope you reconsider at least some of this to avoid open hostilities not already existing between players on non-PVP servers.
  8. I have Suddenlink and all other sites are working properly. No browsing issues at all.
  9. Are you willing to part with just the sapphire alone?
  10. Same here. Its getting very old, very fast.