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  1. Sold

    94 WoA pick or 1 of whatevers left to Vadik please!
  2. Message me in game and we can work out pickup and what not. Vadik
  3. As the title says im looking for a Rare or Higher pickaxe for sale. In game name Vadik.
  4. I would like a 85-89 CoC pickaxe please. COD Vadik Thanks!
  5. WMADD LatLng(235.246379, 343.5)=Bhel Kahldur
  6. 11s In Game name - Vadik
  7. New canal open

    The dwarves of the lake appreciate this!
  8. Bhel Kahldur - 694, 768 Khir Darum - 652, 809
  9. COD one to Greldik pretty please!
  10. We actually lost 4 in total there Rolf, 3 of mine and one of Caroligans as I had set my 3rd one earlier in the month this month. For some reason it doesn't show in logs for disbanding but im sure I still have the logs for placing all of them and when. Also this is not the place to be whining about us trying for fair compensation. You have your opinion place it in the proper place AKA the post already made in town square, Everyone else please provide statistics. A warning dialog before disbanding deed would prevent all of this so it is indeed part of us trying to make this game better. For all of you who want the game to stay buggy and the same, I feel sorry for you as there are several Open sand box MMO's hitting the market soon that are likely to take away from this game if something is not done to fix some of these messed up just completely uncalled for bugs. A warning that disbanding a deed would cause traders associated with that deed to pop would as I said fix all of this in the future. Simple to code. It is not unheard of as you may not remember this information 6months or longer after placing a trader. TLDR: Quit crying and post the proper statistics to help this game get better.
  11. At the very least 50s should be reimbursed for a faulty system. There is no warning that this would happen and even on the wiki there is just a tiny snippet about it that you can easily overlook. We are a bit outraged, ive played the game for at least 7 years and watched the bugs roll in and most of the time if it was an honest mistake and there was little to no way of knowing that something would happen GM's have reversed a major screw up. So please someone higher up look at this and maybe do something about it, It was a huge investment by us and it seems silly that simply wanting to move a token 12 spaces to the left should do this.