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  1. Want no trees, ores, dragons, access to parts of your server, items and gold sales to crash ? Because this is how you get that. MR was easy to deal with compared to the shadow that would come.
  2. Its sad that it has become a ghost town not many people play this anymore. when i first started i couldnt even place a deed anywhere lol, now....
  3. Bring your new or experienced priest and join the group. Park boats at Helix Landing (Big Red Star, Wilca's deed), Which is located at (y11-12 , x45-46). Then head west along the highway and follow the signs (the purple road below). Which will lead you to Victory Or Death (y15 , x41) where the sermon is being held. We have beds and a place to store your horses. Cut part of deli map. Deli Map Below. Benefits of joining this group include: Faster priest skill gains Get a lot of tips from veteran priests Many of us leave our toons online when we aren't playing so you can preach whatever time of day works best for you Hundreds of meals made by us or mats supplied. There are metal altars for every religion so bring your statuette and mats to sacrifice. Feel free to bring any alts who are followers -- the more listeners, the better the faith/favour gain. There is an order for sermons, so be sure to let the crew know you're there for the sermon group and you'll be added to the list. If you have never attended a sermon group, dont be afraid to speak up. We are happy to have you and will tell you everything you need to know about working with the group. ******************************** How the group works 1. You can add yourself to the sermon list here (please make the same name as the character in game) names are unique. A admin of the list will change you from pending and put you on the sermon list once you have been verified with the name in the game. 2. A sermon can be held every 30 minutes (but each toon can only preach every 3 hours) 3. In order to get a prayer reset, there must be at least 6 additional toons within 4 tiles of the preacher (listeners must be premium and following a diety). 4. After you preach, hit the big green button on the website "I have finished preaching" It will put you at the bottom of the list and take a log of your time and your cooldown. 5. If you leave your toon online while AFK you stay on the list. 6. If you leave for any reason and miss someone else's sermon, you go to the end of the list (does not apply to short disconnect). 7. Announce when you are going to preach in case other members are more than 4 tiles away and need to get back. 8. If it is your turn and you seem to be AFK, you will be poked, slapped, cursed, and probably mocked. After 2 or 3 minutes you will be returned to the bottom of the list. Credit to Teikou for website to help with sermons. Also Wilca for the post and general information. Hope to see you soon. Edit: We also have a teamspeak server if you would like to come and chat no password. You can contact me via this forum post or pm Paulski or Irtehwinner ingame Sermon currently active. Priests: Blinkybill Xbladerunnerx Cemazz Faiwyn Littlewilca Virtue Sigma Moonfoxx Zomblesz Roserune Bachos Bellamin Tone Rinja Follows: Irtehwinner, Paulski, Teikou, Imtrying, Lexa, Aturion, Styxx, Broku, Brohan, Hacton
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    Nvm you can close thanks.
  5. I have a single charge, so I can mail it to the winner. 3days Auction Bidding starts at 100s/e Min Increments: 5s/e No Reserve No Private Bids Buyout: 200s/e Good luck bidders!
  6. Have 1 charge red tome, can be mailed. looking for 250s or best offer
  7. Creating a better safety net for new players is within your capabilities. A newb island and they cant leave till they prem where nothing can be stole and so on. Let them deed for the first month for free. So many solutions none being done. If i was a new player and someone stole all my terraformed land and stuff on it because i was unenlightened wouldnt be here paying for wurm today.
  8. One of the cool things being said to kids near me about computer programming " lets you make anything a reality!". They can write code to make something how they want, any dream, anything. Its such a good idea. Why stop half way and let this sort of stuff through the cracks. In the end i dont really care its a game, i dont rely on it for money or to say "i did this", in the end if this all fell apart i would move on to something else. One post i did like when it comes to the its within the "rules" is "This games community hates new players but, desperately needs them. I'm guilty of it too, no one likes a newbie shed within eye-shot of their deed, etc. This game has some of the most nasty people towards new players I've ever seen. As a result, we have the low population servers we have today. The "deed it or lose it" is fundamentally anti-new player. It is equivalent to saying "I'm taking all your ###### because you don't know enough about the game to stop me" " said by Buddydude. Couldnt have said it better myself new players are the only ones that suffer. Not me i have a deed i lock everything, i know about teh "shady" stuff. New players dont, it is these people that are getting hurt and its your game not mine so i cant tell you what to do or pretend that i know how to do this better but you do need the new players.
  9. this is what i need rake, grooming brush 80+ coc. 80+QL trowel 80woa. 2x whetstone coc 80+, iron lump coc 80+, pickaxe skiller 80+coc. A leather worker skiller set needle , leather knife, awl, skiller set 80+ coc 4 80QL tools set with coc and woa 70+ pickaxe,hammer,mallet,chisel,shovel,carving knife,pelt,hatchet,file,saw,butcher knife 3 Huge axes 80+QL with LT NIM MS COC 80+ on all
  10. A few ideas for animals would be, Kangaroo's Dropbears (evil koala's) Elephants Giraffe's Hippo's Lion big cats in general like tigers and such panthas white tigers Dingo's more wild dogs Beavers Otters Peacocks Penguins Silverbacks (gorilla's) More snakes Ostrich, emu (ridable) Donkeys, ponys (ridable) evil baboons rhino killer whales Komodo Dragons galapagos tortoise for land pegasus Dire wolves Llamas spit attack =D Mammoths grifins foxes Ogres Giant Squid Sand Wurms (lol) Dont expect any but would love them thx in advance if you make any =D