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  1. Just to add to the bug, I created the first Seven Flower Pizza on Xanadu, had the recipe named after me, and it now is Wulfmaer's.
  2. Please Lock

    There's nothing wrong (or troll-ish) with someone discrediting a claim of one-of-a-kind. Don't be spiteful because you might not make as much as you would have without his post.
  3. If we collect all the tomes can we just get all of the debuffs removed. Then there's an incentive to collect even the bad ones then that literally serve no purpose.
  4. @Retrograde Basically any weapon, mask, shoulder pad, canopy bed, etc.
  5. Have you guys tried fishing a 190kg fish? It's pretty much impossible, even with high fishing and 95QL willow rods. 1000 Marlins, and another 4000 to go? Fish QL doesn't seem to be taking into consideration your skill, ffiw:
  6. More happy customers showing off their beautiful gear!
  7. Not to sound whiny as I like titles, I kind of feel like all of these "cool" sounding sub-skill titles for literally every skill will kind of devalue the parent skill title.... For example, Lionheart (or Master Executioner) certainly sounds much better than Master Swordsman. Gladiator vs Protector Pulverizer vs Mauler... Just some examples. I kind of feel most sub-skills should just stick to their skill name, for example: Chiseler, Renowned Chiseler, Master Chiseler Taunter, Renowned Taunter, Master Taunter I understand the potential awesomeness of adding like 300 titles, but I think at some point it will get super confusing, and as I said, sort of ruin the parent titles. Perhaps we should rework those, too? Just something to think about.
  8. Just realized Niflheimr and a few of my bridges aren't on the map yet. Deed: Niflheimr 3617, -351 Bridges: Niflheimr Gully Crossing 3748,- 647 to 3748, -658 Niflheimr Viaduct 3763, -547 to 3763, -585 Niflheimr Bru 3730, -513 to 3748, -513 Thanks!
  9. I can say with relative certainty that my crafting alt has mined a 90QL gem in the past. He has over 90 mining, a rare imbued runed pickaxe and has mined 90QL veins immensely. I don't know if I have screenshots of his previous goals prior to the initial patch, but I'm pretty sure they included the 50 Zombies and the 6250 Fence repair goals, in which he kept during the first fix, too. Either way, the gold goals are very imbalanced. 1000 fish vs 90QL or exquisite gem??? I'll look for verification on the goals when I'm home. Btw, I think there are mutiple exquisite gem achievements unless that was fixed. Im pretty sure Xallo has gotten one from digging an emerald before, and a separate same-named achievement for mining one as well.
  10. What about people who used it before knowing the effects? When you get an item from a Unique, you'd expect it to not debuff your account an insane amount, PERMANENTLY. There should at least be a way to toggle it using like 5k Karma + 1 month cooldown.
  11. Redguard at Hammerfell??? High Rock?????
  12. These were after the initial re-roll of the Archmage etc ones. He had a diamond, and gold, and a silver that got reset. Also now, he got an extra one added, which is gold....
  13. Hello, I was asked to submit a potential bug report regarding personal goals here. I had three personal goals left to do that I was working on on my crafting alt. They were: Slay 50 zombies, Repair 6250 Fences, Be the person to finish an epic mission Then achievements started being jerked around and reset after initial reset, and it appears now I have something far more difficult. Mine a 90QL+ Gemstone Mine an Exquisite Gemstone (star??) Defeat another player using a pickaxe Put 10,000 items in a trashbin. To my knowledge, after the initial re-roll, the rolls occurring afterwards wouldn't effect the above achievements.... nor should I have received more? Anyway, would it be possible to fix this? Or should I pray to the RNG gods that I get the correct star gem when mining? (Also, I have mined 90QL gems on this account before, so I suppose that doesn't count?) Thanks.
  14. Small Metal Shield..... Mongol | Spartan | Gladiator | (100 should be Captain America (please actually not))
  15. 100 of each medium metal variant. Do like batches of 25 just in case you've made the others before.
  16. When I used the Red Cherry, I wasn't aware of the crappy de-buffs because there was no documentation on Sorcery yet. So, I would like to see a way to disable them (requiring Karma), seeing as it permanently does something negative to your account that you have no control over once you've used the item.
  17. Yes, or a way to disable a tome's buff/debuff/spell by spending Karma on it to turn it off, and Karma to turn it back on.
  18. Hello. I was told to post here as it seems like a bug. I created a Rare Longsword Blade, and created a Longsword, but it did not turn rare. Logs: [20:34:39] You create a long sword blade. [20:34:39] You start to work with the large anvil on the lump. [20:34:42] The long sword blade will not fit in the cauldron. [20:34:45] You create a long sword blade. [20:34:54] A blade for a longsword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [20:34:58] Oblivionnreaver lost link. [20:34:58] Oblivionnreaver left the world. [20:35:15] You start to work with the carving knife on the shaft. [20:35:19] You create a handle. [20:35:20] You start to work with the handle on the long sword blade. [20:35:28] You create a longsword. [20:35:29] A long and slender sword. It could be improved with a lump. Thanks.
  19. How to buy these items: Contacting one of people at the bottom of this post. Payment Methods: Silver. Euros considered in large orders. CoD only!* ADAMANTINE & GLIMMERSTEEL RUNE CREATION (NON ADDY-JACKAL) Single Rune Creation: 2s Double Rune Creation (If First Rune Is <10QL): 3.5s ADAMANTINE JACKAL RUNES† Pick a Color: 4s † Stock is below. We can offer attachment after purchase, but cannot guarantee attachment. * Unmailable items can be negotiated on case-by-case basis. PM for details. NON-MOONMETAL RUNE CREATION + ITEM ATTACHMENT We can also create non-moonmetal runes, and attach your runes. Contact for details. Adamantine Jackal Rune Gallery (THEY WORK ON MASKS, WEAPONS, BOWS, WAGONS, FORGES, PYLONS, TOWERS, AND MANY OTHER ITEMS): Contacts : Xallo (Discord, Forums, Ingame) | Mclavin (Discord, Forums) Doctorchaos (Ingame) Jakeii (Discord, Forums) Wulfgar (Ingame) | Egard (Discord, Forums) FYI: All orders will be fulfilled on Freedom by high-leveled Carp/SC/JS/SD characters. Check out our other Merchant Ad: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/148367-the-crusaders-merchant/