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  1. I guess it'll be a good time to stack up on my chain set in case I have to tank. What we need to do if possible is have someone healing the tanker as they are attacking. I'm not sure if it's possible, but it would be awesome.
  2. I've got nearly 200 rags ready, 2 FA Longswords, 1 FA Large Axe... I'm ready. When are we doing this?
  3. It was given as a gift.
  4. Yes, it had no damage either. One of my doors has damage now though on it.
  5. I've checked my forge, all the pile of items, carts, places around my deed; just about everywhere...
  6. I think the amount of CoC is the percentage more of skill gain. IE: 87coc pickaxe has an 87 percent more increase in skill gain over a regular pickaxe.
  7. Well, it appears someone lockpicked my house and stole my axe out of my forge. I have my idea on who it could've been, but I'm not saying anything. Here's the examining of it: [08:15:17] A large axe with a wooden shaft. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. [08:15:17] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ob.'. [08:15:17] Flaming Aura has been cast on it, so it will burn targets hit with it. [97] I believe it's QL is about 25-27. I live on the NW coast, east of Port Isengard if anyone cares. I'd really appreciate if someone found my axe, I'd be willing to spare some copper. Other thoughts... maybe my forge ate it. Also, it's JKHome.
  8. I've got a couple of great shots. Epic reflections + fog = win. Oh man, awesome view at my old place. Ah, the good ole' days with Golden.
  9. Danny, I don't steal things. I just recently logged in and saw it here...
  10. Yeah, my sailboat was stolen too. Is it a coincidence that both Amikron's and I's boat were stolen around the same exact area? :S.
  11. Actions Load Cart - If there is a raft within 2 tiles of a cart, you could right click the cart, and load it onto the raft. Since to my knowledge, it is impossible to bring a cart to an island without making a landbridge, this could be very helpful. Load Raft - This would be the exact same thing as Load Cart, except you load the raft onto the cart. I say, take out the ability to carry a raft, and just simply put it in a cart. Unload Cart/Raft - Self Explanitory Pull Cart - If you right clicked a cow, it would have the option to "Pull Cart." It would require a yoke for the cow to pull it, and another rope to lead the cow. Animals Animal Poo - Could be used for farm fertilizing, eating (Yes, buffalo droppings was eaten by indians), or as an animal lure. Buildings Brick House - A brick house would obviously be made out of stone bricks. They would require 20 bricks per wall, and would be of a slate gray color. The would require 20 masonry, so they are a great substitue for stone houses for non-premium members. Extended Items Clay/Mortar - I believe when you have to have 20 clay to build with, mortar would be a great substitue. Not only are they pretty much exactly the same, it is much easier to get mortar if there is no clay around. You could also use clay if you don't have any sand around, but a huge quantity of clay. Items Wooden Dock - This would simply be a 1x1 lifted wooden platform for the use of unloading and loading boats in the near future. It would require 6 planks, 4 shafts, and 4 large nails for each dock. Iron Rings/Clamps - They each would weight 2kg, and could be used for curtains and other household decorations. Paint Brush - Would be used for painting walls and fences. Think about it, you can't just spread around dye with your bare hands. It would require a shaft, 4 cow/deer tails, and 1 small nails. Curtains - Ever wanted to put up some curtains so people can't peep into your house? Well, now you would be able to. This would need 4 sheets of cotton, 1 shaft, and 8 iron rings/clamps. Torch - This is pretty much self explanitory. It would require you to have it holstered in your hand in order to light up the are around you. In order to build one, you would need 1 shaft, 1 plank, and 1 iron wire (Or lamp head). The wire(lamp head) would require to be filled with tar in order to burn. Twigs - Twigs could be used for making a weaker rope since wemp is hard for some people to acquire. Straw Binded Rope - This would require twigs and moss from grass. It would be used for a different kind of rope, but obviously weaker and less expensive. Plow - A plow that is pulled by cattle would be easier for a farmer to cultivate his 100x100 farm, rather than cultivating each separately 1 at a time. This would require 2 shafts, 2 planks, and an iron plow blade. Iron Plow Blade - This would be used to finalize a plow, and would need 40kg of iron. Pamphlet - This could be useful for the town to read. It would tell them what to do and where you want things if you are not on. Pen - This would require a bird feather, iron nail (for the head), and some dye. It would be used on a pamphlet to write down things. Bird Feather - After butchering a hen, rooster, or whatever, you might have a chance of getting a bird feather. This would be 1 ingredient for a pen. Yoke - This would be the "Harness" for a cow to pull carts. It would require 3 shafts, 2 large iron nails, and 1 rope. Town/Deed Districts - A small deed, maybe 5x5 that is connected to the main town. It would cost the same, maybe less than a size 5 homestead. Pros: Lower decay, property title Cons: No deed guards Well - A well is similar to a fountain, but it retrieves its own water from the ground. It would take 20 planks, 4 shafts, 1 rope, 1 spindle (Maybe), and a bucket. Weaponry Blow Darts - as suggested in another thread, blow darts could be useful for silently killing animals or people. They would need a shaft and some needles. Out of all the twhings listed above, the most needed in my opinion are Town Districts and the Load/Unload Cart options! That is all for now, thanks for reading my suggestions!
  12. I agree with this, as it would be EXTREMELY helpful in planning out a new village or homestead! +1
  13. The blow dart would honestly be the best thing. Also, I would suggest that by using black mushrooms or something else could poison the needle, doing more damage per hit.
  14. Just a friendly suggestion. Dynamite would be a subskill under mining, so basically, first time miners/demolitionists have a chance at collapsing a mine in a 4x4 radius, or something similar. Now for the musket, it would be excellent for killing deer, pigs, and maybe bears, but it would suck against wild creatures such as scorpions, spiders, and crocodiles. And for the cannons, there would be a class called Barrage, and under it would be two sub classes, catapult and cannon. Hopefully my suggestions are worthwhile.
  15. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing old wooden, brown fences. Too be honest, they are ugly, and can sometimes ruin a good appeal to explorers and travelers. I think it would be a great idea to be able to paint a fence red, black, or even white. If houses, barrels, and other things can be painted, I don't see why a fence can't. PS, if you can, then excuse this post. People in J/K chat said you couldn't. Objects Needed a Painting! Wooden Fences Cotton Looms Handles Blades (Possibly) Forges Ovens