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  1. 1 hour ago, Angelklaine said:

    Idk about you guys, but to me the game feels less intrusive without rmt. Yesterday I had a fellow Wurmian send me drake hide so I could combine it with mine for color. No worries, no hassle. Used it, sent it back, and all good. Its like people arent worried anymore that you may run away with their stuff.


    Wonder why...


    Personally, I think this has more to do with reputation and character, and less with the removal of RMT.

  2. 10 hours ago, Odynn said:

    I am one of the persons with disabilities playing Wurm, my 'beautiful' country is nice enough to give me an incapacity pension... but i cannot spend 10% of it on a game between the premium cost (good thing for the yearly price reduction, maybe not so much for the account sharing - priests for example) and the deed upkeeps. Specially in a game where the line of defense is DEED IT OR LOOSE IT... giving complete leeway to the griefers.


    This matter for me is a question of staying or leaving the game... not one of making some money out of it, but saving 70€ monthly to keep fond memories made over my 10+ years old journey in wurm alive... and keep heritaged status canal landmarked.


    Personally, I feel that if this is a concern of yours for the sole reason of keeping your deed(s) up, perhaps it would be better to ask about reduced upkeep costs that would benefit everyone instead of trader deeds that benefit the select few who have them (DESPITE the amount of effort that was put into them, or that it has taken to keep them operational). I know that personally I am planning on dropping deeds, including one that I have had for nearly 8 years on Inde, simply because of the upkeep costs associated with it, and the fact that I will no longer be able to purchase reduced coin prices from players.


    I understand that removing RMT is good for the game and I applaud the devs for taking seemingly drastic changes despite Wurm's history, but I feel that deed upkeep, including decay on deed, should be looked at further, hopefully alongside the upcoming updates and rule/policy changes.


    With that said, do keep in mind if you are actively playing, it should in theory still be possible to pay for upkeep and premium in-game with silver earned in-game, but I suspect that it will most likely be substantially harder that it is now to do so.



    1 hour ago, ChampagneDragon said:

    Why are so many trying to figure out how they can push the limits on account sharing, instead of accepting sharing accounts is not allowed?


    I think it's because Retrograde has clarified that account sharing between "one or two" people is ok, and people are concerned by what exactly this means, since "one or two people" could be up for interpretation. What if for example, we have a couple who are playing together and share their accounts, and they for some reason lose access to playing for an undetermined amount of time..... can they in theory have someone log into their accounts to ensure everything is ok? I think it's these kinds of things that need to be set in stone, is all, before people are comfortable. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, Spy said:

    Make wurm like old days

    Failed action - lost material

    No imbue

    No tomes

    No player gods


    And bring back body strenght give u more DR like long time ago




    Calf shots.  😁

  4. I think the quality of the Freedom Beacon is 1 tile of influence, radially, per 1QL.


    Its influence reach also seems to depend on if there is a Beacon of Jackal nearby, and its quality.

  5. On 9/3/2019 at 1:03 PM, Killroth said:

    Just drop a few rat spawners near starter area like 5. or sell on trader


    There's a rat spawner at a Freedom Beacon just a quick hike from the starter deed. I think it's just out of local.


    For what it's worth, I failed a ton of rats/lions/cats near where I set up, but ventured out South and eventually butchered a couple.


    Now, I moved out to the outskirts of the server up North, and there's tons of pelt mobs around...... (I also learned the server is HUGE)

  6. 15 hours ago, Tedzogh said:

    @EgardAnd this noob that equiped a shortsword with 1 skill intstead of the longsword i was supposed to, went down like a sack of crap :D




     I'll challenge you to a spar and I'll use a shortsword! You can use whatever weapon you want. :D

  7. Are your tools high enough quality?


    • The maximum distance in metres between planner and helper is quality x 1.6, as an approximation for the number of tiles it is quality x 0.4, but as its almost impossible to stand on the tile borders its best to add 1-2 quality

    So your tools would need to be roughly 42.5QL, or 43-44QL as the Wurmpedia suggests.



    Also, the Wurmpedia suggests that you may need slightly more skill than what's posted on the table. Since the whole number is 81, it might be actually a bit higher.... more towards 82?


    Here is a table of the estimated required skill to plan bridges (by length and material). The person holding the dioptra requires this skill. These numbers are rough, whole-number estimates. You may require slightly more skill in practice.



  8. 49 minutes ago, Seriphina said:

    Disappointed that I logged in about an hour and a half ago (6:30pm) and they'd already removed this, so I guess  the USA doesn't get to participate in the amusement.


    Same! :( 

  9. Just to re-iterate @Egard's  slightly early post above. Thank you all for voting. It's really exciting seeing all of the commentary, and I'm excited to finalize all of the artwork based upon the winning option.


    Option #3 was chosen by the community, with Option #1 behind, so we will create the military tent with this in mind. We will also, at same time, fix up any quirky problems with the voted set, and ensure it will not have any graphical issues. We will also keep in mind any criticism for all of the options, and hopefully you will all be happy with the final results!


    The winner will (hopefully) be announced in conjunction with the next Valrei International, along with the implementation of the PMK graphics.


    Again, on behalf of The Crusaders, thanks everyone!

  10. 27 minutes ago, Puertorro said:


    That was pretty much what I thought.  We gave away to Codeclub the right to use our image in the game.  However, there was nothing said in the agreement about someone else literally cropping a part of the COA that I came up with and that my wife created.  From my understanding of copyright law is that even though Codeclub is using the COA and have full rights to it, my wife still owns the creative and intellectual rights to it.


    I dont want to create a fuzz im mostly curious on how it works when someone just makes a copy of your image to make their own without permission.




    It's up to the creator (third party) of the design/graphics that it doesn't infringe on any copyright!
    Code Club AB has the right to use the graphic made by the third party as it wishes!  
    Code Club AB can remove any third party graphics at any time without any notification!
    Code Club AB has the right to reject graphics that they do not think fit the overall style of the game!


  11. 23 minutes ago, Nappy said:

    If this is the case then why was it different for TC? Wouldn't the same transfer of rights have happened then too?



    The person who created the artwork for TC was not the one to give it to CCAB for use. Even though said art creator was perfectly fine with having his work uploaded, he technically did not do it himself, therefore CCAB was forced to remove the artwork once he wanted it removed, 3 years down the road.

  12. Hello everyone, as many of you know, The Crusaders have had to replace their artwork due to a copyright claim, as explained in the PSA below posted a little over a week ago:




    In light of this, The Crusaders have decided to host a public community-wide poll on our PMK artwork. Since a large amount of the Wurm player-base has purchased and/or acquired our kingdom merchandise, we thought it was only fair that everyone would have a say in what direction our artwork will head.



    Below are four different options that, after meticulous designing and revisioning, The Crusaders have decided to post up for public vote.

    Each design was placed into Wurm Unlimited in an attempt to give a fair representation of what the final outcome would be in-game.

    The Military Tent and Tabard has yet to be designed, but one will be created in similar style to the winning Kingdom Set.


    I hope you all are just as excited to vote on the artwork as we are!

    One of each Kingdom Item will be given out to a voter at random, so be sure to vote in the poll above!


    Below are the choices:



    Kingdom Set #1



    Kingdom Set #2



    Kingdom Set #3



    Kingdom Set #4





    We are also giving the chance to vote on a mix. If you would like to see various portions of these PMK items, please vote for I Would Like A Mix, and mention which below!


    The Winning Design(s) will be selected to be added, but slight changes may be necessary to ensure proper aesthetics in-game.


    Again, thank you all for your patience and support while we go through this PMK re-skinning, and we hope you enjoy having your opinions heard! :D 


    Polls close in roughly a week from this post, about 6PM Central US on 03/20/2019.


    - Xallo / The Crusaders

  13. Another idea to take this a step further.


    When you equip a bow, your aim keybinds become related to archery once you target someone.


    AIM_UPPER_MIDDLE  = Aim at head (or face??)

    AIM_MIDDLE = Aim at torso (or regular shoot?)

    AIM_LEFT = Aim at left arm

    AIM_RIGHT = Aim at right arm 

    AIM_LOWER_MIDDLE = Aim at legs


    AIM_UPPER_LEFT could be used for face (or head??)

    AIM_UPPER_RIGHT could be used for the simple "Shoot"


    I know I'm missing shoot quickly but it really isn't useful.....



    Furthermore, we could get rid of aiming at torso, shoot quickly, and combine the face/head into one since aiming at face doesn't really matter anymore with all helms protecting the face anyway.