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  1. Is it a UI glitch or does it actually appear under spell effects? Does the timer continue negatively below 0 seconds?
  2. You should be able to do a 5 tile long standard flat bridge without a support in the middle. A 6 tile long may be possible as an arched.... but not sure how those work with keystones. You'd have to have a slope to it, and I think the minimum is 5 slope incline.
  3. I haven't made a pottery bridge, but I imagine you should be able to improve/repair the bridge's pieces with pottery bricks, much like other masonry bridges which require the "brick" of the material: [16:35:38] It is a Slate brick abutment. [16:35:38] QL = 61.0112, dam=0.0. [16:35:38] It can be improved with a slate brick. You should be able to use pottery bricks lower than the bridge quality to repair the bridge itself if it damages, and then any pottery bricks that are higher QL you can use to improve afterwards. Improvement this way won't actually damage the bridge if you fail to improve, it will most likely just use up the brick, or just do a really low improvement action to the bridge component. Also, I know it won't directly answer your concerns, but a bridge will not decay if it has been highway'd over. Good luck, and happy bridge building.
  4. There is nothing stopping you from becoming the same priest on both servers, and praying at the same time to keep your level the same. Sure your faith level will progress somewhat differently, but the end goal will be the same, 100 Faith priest on both PvP and PvE. You can grind to your hearts content channeling or other priestly things on either cluster. What combining the Faiths would have done is remove people who wanted the option to craft on PvE and priest on PvP, which is what a lot of people had planned on doing when the new servers were officially announced and advertised as faith separated.
  5. I think a recruitment tab would make it easier for newer players who are looking for a village to join to find one. Have like a 1-hr cooldown posting on the tab if necessary.... Maybe even allow people to click the person and it opens a PM with them (instead of having to right click open chat), or have the MOTD of that chat say something like "To respond to a recruitment ad, right click the player name and open chat". It'll also allow people who don't want to see the spam of recruitment ads flying by to no longer see them without the use of /ignore.
  6. You can do that already, just become Fo priest on both. All you need to do is remember to pray/sermon on both servers.
  7. I'm relieved to see Faith remaining separate, but I have some concerns about introducing a new island to the cluster. May it be a better idea to start the promotion first, and then use a new island for the northern isles as a way to attract even more people, instead of pro-actively doing it ahead of time allowing people from Harmony/Melody to flood it first and take all the good spots? Perhaps only allow people with noob buffs the chance to port over, and give a two-week grace period before older accounts are allowed to sail over. Or, give new accounts a chance to start on Cadence with the 30% skill bonus enabled for a week or so? Either way, I am concerned with introducing another map to the northern cluster.... especially one the size of Harmony. I suppose I'll remain skeptically optimistic for now.
  8. +1. I went over my reasons in the Patch Notes thread already, but I'll re-iterate what many others have stated above. This change is unfair to all those who decided to play on the new cluster with the assumption that Faith between PvE and PvP would be separated entirely, including alignment. It was asked how exactly that would work, with the explanation being that the systems would be entirely independent of each other, with the ability to be a priest on one, and not the other. People asked about skilling on PvE while being priest on PvP, and it was apparent the team was aware of this and fine with it. Many players, such as myself, have decided from the beginning to have a single character who would craft on the PvE server and PvP on the other as a priest. Now with this change, we have to decide what we want to do, and unfortunately NONE of the options are easy to swallow. Also as stated in some of the above posts, many players decided to join certain Kingdoms (namely HoTS) because they would be able to hop back over to PvE to craft with Vynora's skill-gain bonuses, even as a normal Libila non-priest follower on the PvP server. Now, that option is no longer a thing because they will be forced to be Libila (or whatever god they are if not HoTS) on the PvE servers. To reverse faith separation three weeks into the new servers sets up a bad precedent, because you will have players wondering what's next. Will Meditation be linked across the two servers as it was explicitly stated not to be? You will of course say no, or never, but how can the player base be certain when an unfair change like this one is taking place? Keep in mind that many players saw the new cluster as a fresh start, to get away from all the previous windows of opportunities, old bugs, exploits, etc, but it seems the new cluster isn't turning out to be all that different from the old in that regard. Please reconsider your decision on this.
  9. That's not really an argument against the suggestion as you cannot bring items back and forth between the PvE and PvP clusters. It wouldn't matter what I could do on Harmony versus what I could do on Defiance because of the nature in which they are separated. Channeling skill is already tied between the clusters, so it's not as if it's a skill related thing either. The only thing this change does is harm those who wanted to play as priest on PvP, with all of its bonuses and benefits, while at the same time being able to play as a crafter on PvE. This is actually a very big part of the reason I found the new cluster so intriguing, and I'm certain I'm not the only one with that same feeling. There's plenty of people who play as a priest currently on PvP who also put down a chunk of change to have their crafting/fun PvE deeds on Harmony/Melody without requiring an alt to maintain the deed and craft needed items. Now they must make a choice whether to lose their PvP bonuses, disband their deed, or create a secondary account for PvE. Also, as you know, it is a huge nerf to anybody in HoTS as even simply a follower who had no plans on priesting on PvP cannot play on PvE and get the skill bonuses that other kingdoms can. If this change must go through, I would certainly hope that skill gain bonuses for all deities get looked into so that they are a bit more balanced across the board in general.
  10. If the account is the same, you will be a Libila priest on both servers with 43 faith, and they will no longer be separated between clusters.
  11. The change is going to be implemented on the 24th, so it doesn't currently transfer yet. On the 24th the deity with the highest faith will take precedence over the other, with the exception of Libila being forced due to its negative alignment / attachment to HoTS. This is the issue that I believe a lot of people have a problem with.
  12. Please clarify this before the August 24th patch. It feels like a complete reversal from one of the main advertised reasons I decided to give the new servers a whirl, especially as HoTS on Defiance. It feels like I no longer have a choice as to which kingdom I should play on Defiance if I want to remain Vynora on the PvE side of the cluster. This patch note from July 24th clarified for me that Faith (as well as meditation and items) would remain separated, so I'm confused as to why a solution keeping this intact has not been explored, or if it has, why it isn't being implemented to ensure the reversal of, in my opinion one of the major benefits to the new cluster, is not done. As others have said before, will GM's be ready to assist in converting people / restoring faiths on PvE? I have no desire to travel or seek out conversion to another kingdom just to ensure I remain Vynora on PvE. What should I do in this particular situation?
  13. This is very unfortunate and seems shortsighted. I am in HoTS and have no plans on switching kingdoms just to take advantage of Vynora's 10% skill gain. The change seems very unfair as Libila only has skill gain bonuses to Religion (which is worthless as a follower), Alchemy/Nat Subs, and Thievery. As a member of HoTS, I am not allowed to be Vynora by nature of alignment, so in order to take advantage of the skill gain, I would have to be a different kingdom on Defiance altogether (I would assume that's something you would consider unbalanced?). I understand the reasoning for this change is to disallow priests to grind on Freedom, but I feel like the better solution would be to simply keep the Faith number/skill connected between the two severs (so if you're a priest on PvP, you are one on PvE), but allow a separate Faith/God and Alignment. For example, I could be a Libila priest with 55 Faith and -100 Alignment on Defiance, but on Harmony, I could be a Fo Priest with 55 Faith (same as PvP) and 100 Alignment.
  14. They have a chance of going supreme or fantastic if you do not fail the improvement action, and are lucky.
  15. The seryll pendulum is certainly one of the larger bonuses that are unfair to the vast majority, unless they are obtainable in the future somehow. It only takes 0.3kg to make the pendulum, and quality really doesn't matter a whole bunch. 25% bonus to pendulum area of effect 100% shatter resistance Maybe it'll be easier to grind channeling as seryll items as well? I'd be interested to see how this plays out in the future. I have seen it for sale in Trade chat on Harmony, so who knows how much is actually out and about currently. Time will tell.
  16. Please fix this

    Here's another example on Harmony. Seems animals like the water a bit too much.
  17. Home (PVE) & Wild (PVP) like the good ole days! Hopefully they're not ran in someone's basement this time.
  18. Personally, I think this has more to do with reputation and character, and less with the removal of RMT.
  19. Personally, I feel that if this is a concern of yours for the sole reason of keeping your deed(s) up, perhaps it would be better to ask about reduced upkeep costs that would benefit everyone instead of trader deeds that benefit the select few who have them (DESPITE the amount of effort that was put into them, or that it has taken to keep them operational). I know that personally I am planning on dropping deeds, including one that I have had for nearly 8 years on Inde, simply because of the upkeep costs associated with it, and the fact that I will no longer be able to purchase reduced coin prices from players. I understand that removing RMT is good for the game and I applaud the devs for taking seemingly drastic changes despite Wurm's history, but I feel that deed upkeep, including decay on deed, should be looked at further, hopefully alongside the upcoming updates and rule/policy changes. With that said, do keep in mind if you are actively playing, it should in theory still be possible to pay for upkeep and premium in-game with silver earned in-game, but I suspect that it will most likely be substantially harder that it is now to do so. I think it's because Retrograde has clarified that account sharing between "one or two" people is ok, and people are concerned by what exactly this means, since "one or two people" could be up for interpretation. What if for example, we have a couple who are playing together and share their accounts, and they for some reason lose access to playing for an undetermined amount of time..... can they in theory have someone log into their accounts to ensure everything is ok? I think it's these kinds of things that need to be set in stone, is all, before people are comfortable.
  20. Still attacking through cave ceilings, etc, as well, as per this post that was locked and marked as resolved.
  21. 1v1 Challenge

    @Tedzogh I'll challenge you to a spar and I'll use a shortsword! You can use whatever weapon you want.
  22. Are your tools high enough quality? So your tools would need to be roughly 42.5QL, or 43-44QL as the Wurmpedia suggests. Also, the Wurmpedia suggests that you may need slightly more skill than what's posted on the table. Since the whole number is 81, it might be actually a bit higher.... more towards 82?