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  1. Community Q&A (WRONG ANSWERS ONLY)

    Shortsword with a Small Shield. How do I dig tar with a slope of 275 with 13 digging?
  2. Please give a deed permission / setting to allow lamps to stay lit on a deed, either permanently, or timer based. With the new shading system, I can't see anything in my house, or parts of my deed in shaded areas... Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, as many of you know, The Crusaders have had to replace their artwork due to a copyright claim, as explained in the PSA below posted a little over a week ago: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/168873-wsa-crusader-kingdom-graphics/ In light of this, The Crusaders have decided to host a public community-wide poll on our PMK artwork. Since a large amount of the Wurm player-base has purchased and/or acquired our kingdom merchandise, we thought it was only fair that everyone would have a say in what direction our artwork will head. Below are four different options that, after meticulous designing and revisioning, The Crusaders have decided to post up for public vote. Each design was placed into Wurm Unlimited in an attempt to give a fair representation of what the final outcome would be in-game. The Military Tent and Tabard has yet to be designed, but one will be created in similar style to the winning Kingdom Set. I hope you all are just as excited to vote on the artwork as we are! One of each Kingdom Item will be given out to a voter at random, so be sure to vote in the poll above! Below are the choices: Kingdom Set #1 Kingdom Set #2 Kingdom Set #3 Kingdom Set #4 We are also giving the chance to vote on a mix. If you would like to see various portions of these PMK items, please vote for I Would Like A Mix, and mention which below! The Winning Design(s) will be selected to be added, but slight changes may be necessary to ensure proper aesthetics in-game. Again, thank you all for your patience and support while we go through this PMK re-skinning, and we hope you enjoy having your opinions heard! Polls close in roughly a week from this post, about 6PM Central US on 03/20/2019. - Xallo / The Crusaders
  4. Just to re-iterate @Egard's slightly early post above. Thank you all for voting. It's really exciting seeing all of the commentary, and I'm excited to finalize all of the artwork based upon the winning option. Option #3 was chosen by the community, with Option #1 behind, so we will create the military tent with this in mind. We will also, at same time, fix up any quirky problems with the voted set, and ensure it will not have any graphical issues. We will also keep in mind any criticism for all of the options, and hopefully you will all be happy with the final results! The winner will (hopefully) be announced in conjunction with the next Valrei International, along with the implementation of the PMK graphics. Again, on behalf of The Crusaders, thanks everyone!
  5. The Screenshots Thread

    Sunrise over Niflheimr (which is heavily in WIP).
  6. Ebonaura Kingdom graphics changed

    The person who created the artwork for TC was not the one to give it to CCAB for use. Even though said art creator was perfectly fine with having his work uploaded, he technically did not do it himself, therefore CCAB was forced to remove the artwork once he wanted it removed, 3 years down the road.
  7. Crashes on Chaos

    This is fine:
  8. Let's Play A Game: Where Have You Seen Rolf?

    LO Raid, May 2009.
  9. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Digging, because of what you can do with it. Dairy Food Making because of Artisan Cheesemaker (it's better than Master Cheesemaker).
  10. Archery Combat Window

    Another idea to take this a step further. When you equip a bow, your aim keybinds become related to archery once you target someone. AIM_UPPER_MIDDLE = Aim at head (or face??) AIM_MIDDLE = Aim at torso (or regular shoot?) AIM_LEFT = Aim at left arm AIM_RIGHT = Aim at right arm AIM_LOWER_MIDDLE = Aim at legs AIM_UPPER_LEFT could be used for face (or head??) AIM_UPPER_RIGHT could be used for the simple "Shoot" I know I'm missing shoot quickly but it really isn't useful..... Furthermore, we could get rid of aiming at torso, shoot quickly, and combine the face/head into one since aiming at face doesn't really matter anymore with all helms protecting the face anyway.
  11. Tool not losing ql while being repaired

    It probably has something to do with some RNG roll on the amount of QL loss that is incurred. I've experienced this on very high QL stuff, as well as low QL stuff. It might take 5+ repairs for the QL to start going down. I also think steel influences it somewhat.
  12. Personally I'd rather see Twitter removed from Chaos. At least it would require having someone logged in.
  13. Valrei International. 077

    I've noticed the combat animations sort of get stuck when driving/riding in a cart. You either lose target or something dies, and the animation freezes at its last state..... How it looks: First Person: Getting off the cart resets it. Head-bobbing is disabled, if that matters.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Just keep in mind, there is already a benefit to using metal shields vs wooden shields (shield bashing), unless it was recently taken out.
  15. Make Archery Great again

    FYI, casting is not only short range, and archery is not only long range. Shard of Ice: Ranged offensive spell, you can cast it over a distance of 10 tiles. Fireheart: Creates a burn wound at the chest, has a 10 tile range. Short bow: This weapon is best used at 5 tiles range, or 20 m when looking through a spyglass. Medium bow: This weapon is best used at 10 tiles range, or 40 m when looking through a spyglass. I don't know the limits of some of the newer spells, but I suspect also about 10 tiles. Inferno is about 12-13 tiles.
  16. Locked in room

    You likely have permission to the building, but the doors are manually managed. It's obviously a bug though to teleport you lower.... probably positioning error when the server rebooted.
  17. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest Names: Alyeska, Xallo, Grieba (Bold are Main Contacts) Location: Niflheimr @ B16 Times: Central US, Evenings on Weekdays / Daytime and Evenings on Weekends Gimmicks: Top of the mountain, but connected to the highway. Have runed mailboxes. Can usually offer a free horse with basic gear, food, water, and whatever else you may need for your journey. Can also request to be teleported to wherever we're at for fun at almost any random given time we're online. Notes: NEXA
  18. How to buy these items: Contacting one of people at the bottom of this post. Payment Methods: Silver. Euros considered in large orders. CoD only!* ADAMANTINE & GLIMMERSTEEL RUNE CREATION (NON ADDY-JACKAL) Single Rune Creation: 2s Double Rune Creation (If First Rune Is <10QL): 3.5s ADAMANTINE JACKAL RUNES† Pick a Color: 4s † Stock is below. We can offer attachment after purchase, but cannot guarantee attachment. * Unmailable items can be negotiated on case-by-case basis. PM for details. NON-MOONMETAL RUNE CREATION + ITEM ATTACHMENT We can also create non-moonmetal runes, and attach your runes. Contact for details. Adamantine Jackal Rune Gallery (THEY WORK ON MASKS, WEAPONS, BOWS, WAGONS, FORGES, PYLONS, TOWERS, AND MANY OTHER ITEMS): Contacts : Xallo (Discord, Forums, Ingame) | Mclavin (Discord, Forums) Doctorchaos (Ingame) Jakeii (Discord, Forums) Wulfgar (Ingame) | Egard (Discord, Forums) FYI: All orders will be fulfilled on Freedom by high-leveled Carp/SC/JS/SD characters. Check out our other Merchant Ad: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/148367-the-crusaders-merchant/