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  1. Just hit 30 faith, so looking to get turned into a priest. If I can't find anything closer then I'll take Dustrider up on his offer. I'm at Emerald Vale (17x, 33y).
  2. y43, x18 clay on the top middle of the square
  3. Sorry guys, I keep forgetting to update this post. x( I got converted about a week ago, this thread is from November 22nd so I don't know what happened to cause a sudden interest in this. =P For anyone else: I'm in Emerald Vale and can convert if you're in the area. Cheers!
  4. PMK Models.

    I didn't know other girls wore that when fighting for their lives in the wilderness. Guess I'm doing it wrong. >_>
  5. I built a stone altar, but it's very far away from my deed and it's littered with monsters along the way. I want to build one closer, but out of presence radius so that way my spirit templar will kill anacondas if I bring them into the town area. How many tiles is a stone altar's radius? I can't find any information on this.
  6. Emerald Vale (x17,y43) now has a well on the deed.
  7. [table][tr] [td]Vyn[/td] [td]18[/td] [td]43[/td] [td]F=Y[/td] [td]P=N[/td] [td]Serefina[/td] [td]Emerald Vale[/td] [td]Location[/td] [td]GMT-5[/td] [td]Serefina[/td] [td]no altar yet, still deciding where to put it[/td] [/tr][/table]
  8. This is useful - I thought only priests could convert. I'll try asking again in Freedom/CA Help when I get home (unless someone posts here, which would also be lovely). Thank you very much!
  9. Thanks for all the information! I try periodically whispering those listed as Vynora priests on the "I will convert you" thread above but no one is ever online. I tried asking in CA Help and Freedom but I get no response. So that means there's no Vynora priests on Exodus?
  10. X 17 Y 43 Village name: Emerald Vale Position: about dead center
  11. But I can't make heads or tails of the "I will convert you" thread. Can someone point me in the direction of someone who can convert me to a Vynora follower?
  12. I found your body in my fiance's monster pit near our deed. He might be able to help - how much are you willing to offer?
  13. That's exactly what my fiancee is doing right now, he's en route to purchase a deed because new people moved in and are taking the trees! :'(