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  1. Seems like a pretty good server thus far. I like the relatively gradual terrain, and the trees not completely covering the landscape. Starter town has what you need. Staff is helpful and involved.
  2. Its better to play on a server run by a 12 year old or a drunk. At least its free Then when the server owner does something stupid, you don't feel bad for wasting subscription dollars.
  3. Can someone fill me in on whats working and what isn't with the new patch. I've been traveling the last three weeks . I usually use: compass connectionfix customclient render custommap disabletreecollision livemap nowinter serverpacks timelock toolbelt tooltips wurmesp Thats right out of my mod folder, thanks!!!!!!!!
  4. I meant why the fuss was made in the first place.............................
  5. Not sure what the fuss is about. I have had a deed here for well over a year. Never had a problem. It’s a great server. Aus has tons of great mods and the support is outstanding from the whole staff
  6. Ball park time line? To launch the new Calysto?
  7. Aus Just to let you know, the logs are gone from Kahn so I assume the issue is resolved. You can still kill me if you want I didnt want to use the support tab again for that Thanks!
  8. Map link appears to be broken. Just a heads up.
  9. This mod is possibly broken. After the latest Wurm patch, I could not improve with a carving knife. Now that the mod was disabled all is now normal again with improving.
  10. Bad news 83.33 ql carving knife still does not work. No message in Events tab what so ever. Sorry for the bad news but this makes any kind of wooden imping a non starter eventually.
  11. Aus, you might want to check this, it appears it had some effect on carving knives. My 75 ql carving knife will no longer improve. BTW, I am just guessing. I don't know jack about about coding. Just a best guess from someone who really doesn't know what he is talking about . I am going to get it above 80 ql and see if it works.
  12. Hitched or not doesn't matter, if they are close enough they will breed. I dont feel quite as strongly about this mod, I could take it or leave it. I just keep the males and females separated, and if I see a bunch of horses abandoned gone wild, I just kill em off unless there are a couple good breeders in the batch.
  13. wow, I liked the ash mod but I certainly didn't like it that much..........