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  1. I could set up such a platform myself, but this would not yield much results I think, since this way the devs would still have to do all the work of implementing the new items into the game, rather than (as was my original idea) the system setting up the appropriate code so the devs only have to review it and balance out some values, which takes a whole lot less time than adding all the code and models manually. Although, if I see there is support from the players I could try to set up something, and see where it goes But ultimately we'd at least need backing from the devs in terms of procedures for accepting new items, player verification, and things like that.
  2. Make it small enough so that when my family finalizes their plan to send me to Wurm Rehab to put an end to my withdrawal symptoms, I can smuggle one of those in with me..
  3. Making a game of my own, so I'll have something to do next time Wurm is down xd
  4. If you had read the latest forum posts, they have already announced they're planning to move to different servers. I know we're all frustrated with the downtime but stop making statements out of thin air. EDIT: Serpentarius you were faster ^^
  5. The devs will go "Damn we gave them so much just a few hours ago and they already want more" xd But yea +1
  6. It downloaded fine for me, maybe it's your internet connection or perhaps too many people are trying to download the update at the same time. I'd suggest to wait a bit and then try again
  7. I launched Wurm through the cache viewer (Run -> "Javaws -viewer") and didn't get the popup about the bit version so I assume it's in 64 bit mode now. Haven't checked if that fixes the desktop icon but probably not.
  8. +1, I'd love to see some improvements to the archery system
  9. +1 to season related mobs +1000 for more mobs in general ^^
  10. I'd think something like a chisel to engrave stone and iron items and a carving knife to engrave wooden items or something like that, existing tools + a bit more realism than using a branding iron to engrave your tools xd But anyway, +1 for engraving from me
  11. I hadn't even considered mobs.. But would be a cool idea too. I was mainly thinking about crafting objects, so you'd basically get something like that new crafting window but instead of it saying what you need you can just fill in what the object is and what it will need Doubt that's gonna happen, with artist copyright and stuff like that.
  12. So I've been playing with this idea a lot, got talking about it with another player and they liked it so I thought, let's put it on the forum This is not an idea for ingame items or interfaces or something, but I was thinking of an external application/webpage where users can put together an object they like. They give it a name and description, define what it would need to be crafted, if it's a tool what it can be used for to make.. Basically all properties of the current objects in Wurm can be set. Then, when they've created the object, they can submit it to the system and then other players can vote on it. Objects with a high number of votes go to the devs and they will then decide if it should get implemented in the game or not. This could happen in approval rounds, like the Steam Greenlight system, or could happen once an objects reaches a certain number of votes. For the dev side, depending on how the item/crafting database is built up this program could create the necessary game code for them automatically upon submitting, so that it just has to be activated or inserted in the database. An expansion of this concept is that the system could even support uploading of proposed icons and maybe even 3d models (e.g. SketchUp or Blender models) so that a designer can use these to base the game model on, to make the additional workload as little as possible. The aim of this concept is to increase the number of craftable items and create a greater variety of objects in Wurm, cause - let's face it - seeing the same statue over and over again.. Well let's just say it'd be cool if we could really make whatever we want, in the pretty much literal sense of the word. Now I know this wouldn't be something that could be created in a moment, but I do think a game like Wurm, using creativity and freedom as their main hook, would receive a huge benefit from something like this in the long run.
  13. Kicked out

    Same here, the servers probably crashed.. Not much we can do except wait for them to fix the servers
  14. Could you add our new village Storms Landing to the photoshop map? It's at X30 Y5, and already on the online map