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  1. Have you thought that maybe your deed / fields / mine is oversized compared with your playtime? For what one character NEEDS, 15-30 minutes a day is more than enough for chores. Now if you have 500 fields of crops or 40 horses it doesn't means you're doing needed chores, but that you're grinding farming / animal husbandry or bulk producing.
  2. This is an auction, not a discussion topic, so please either bid or move on - I'm sure you have better things to do instead of worrying what I'll do. Thanks!
  3. Actually on all my previous sales, this one included, I ended up loosing money not making any profit. On setting these deeds for example I spent/invested like 200 euros of my own money, not counting the time or the money spent on premium. So no, that's not a motivation - lol. And yeah, pretty much every time I tried to quit, the main reason was the fact that the game just requires much more time then I'm willing to "invest" in a game. Problem was that I never managed to stay away for long (that's why they call them addictions ); but (hopefully) this should be solved now that my computer decided to die away and help me in my attempt to quit - lol. Unfortunately no screenshots since, as I said, computer crashed, but anyway not really much built on the deeds, so basically selling them as virgin land.
  4. Even without contesting any of your estimations, I really don't get it how 60 (what you estimated trader + rod) + 40 (what you estimated deed) +10 (what you estimated character) + 8s (what you get for disbanding deed) makes 93... on my math 60+40+10+8=118s; add to this the 15s in cash and you'll get a total of 133s (which I guess value ~133 euro) even in your evaluation, and that not counting at all any of the items or things on deed.
  5. And btw, why I said I would hope/expect for 100-120 euros. First calculation: - I could disband the deed, reform at minimal size with same name (would keep trader) which would leave me with 20+s (30s for disband - 10s for new forms) - I could disband second deed for 8s - I could easily sell the new formed trader deed by itself with 40s since is cheaper this way (yeah, it is 38s to buy a trader contract, but to this one should also add 10s to set a trader deed in the first place) - I could easily sell the rod with 25-30s (even nowadays) - I have 15s on cash So, even without selling character, any items, etc, I should still be easily able to get ~110 silver coins, which could be easily sold with 100-120 euros, looking how many WTB threads are. Second calculation: - Even without considering at all the costs for setting a deed of this size (the new owner could shrink to whatever size they would want), the deed should value at least 45s (for the trader + deed form) + 30s (money in upkeep) so 70s - I could just disband second deed for 8s - I could easily sell the rod with 25-30s (even nowadays) - I have 15s on cash So, again, even without selling character, any items, etc, I should still be easily able to get ~120 silver coins, which could be easily sold with 110-130 euros, looking how many WTB threads are. But I just feel it would be a waste, since I spent so much money on deeds setting / resizing, and maybe there is someone out there who would actually like a large property to make it a living village.
  6. No screenshot since computer died, but once a buyer is found, I could go to an internet cafe and before any payment is made log in, meet in game and show everything (not only as printscreen, but also in "person"). About the loom though, since it is not in inventory (not pickable), but on deed, If someone can go to my place it should be in the blackdog crashing pad house; think it is visible via window. But anyway since I didn't know price for any of the other thing except those having a fixed price (deed setting, deed funds, trader, rod, premium time) I didn't asked anything for them, but just considered them "free bonuses".
  7. Please post only if making a bid; any message not representing a bid will be reported for offtopic. Thank you! Hello folks, I love WURM, I really do, but it's just too addictive for me. I tried everything possible - making myself a strict gaming schedule, decided to play only in the evening after work, decided to play only weekdays, only weekends, everything. But I failed on that constantly, coming to the point where WURM started to negatively affect my real life (staying late to play one more hour, skipping a getaway just so I can play instead, etc). And, no matter how hard it would be, it's probably the best to quit now and really don't come back (I failed at this in the past too, lol, but I just hope this time it would be different). Also the fact that my laptop decided to die for good tonight (RIP), helped with my decision. If I won't hurry up to buy a new one (and I won't since I don't even have the money for it - lol), by the time this will happen I should be over WURM. So I decided (once again) to sell my account, my deeds and pretty much all my WURM belongings. Since the characters are quite new (less than two months old) I guess the biggest "asset" would be the deeds The first deed (The Hermitage) is located on Exodus server, on coordinates (X28, Y12) on this map. It is in a very good position - coastal, accessible easily both via land or sea, but still in a rather secluded place, without many strangers messing around. The real size is 69x65 (34x32 in deed settings) - 4.485 total tiles, a standard perimeter and it has one guard. The deed has 30+ silvers in maintenance (can't check exact amount since my computer crashed, but should certainly be above 30), enough for 100+ days. The deed also has a trader. Talking about resources, it has at least: iron, silver, copper, tin, lead, marble, tar on deed and clay really close. There are also two guard towers - one on deed, one on perimeter. Hundreds of trees (including lots of oaks), quite a few animals (20 horses, 10 cows, 5 bisons), a few full BSBs, eight large carts, a small boat, as well as three set of tools are just details I don't even consider worth mentioning. It also has four buildings, but nothing really impressive. The second deed (The Hermitage High Grounds) is located on Exodus server, on coordinates (X28, Y13) on this map (just south of the first deed, with the two tokens aligned, 16 tiles left between the two deeds perimeters so no other deed can sneak it - that place was though as either a buffer for expansion, either an off-deed orchard or something). It is also in a very good position - coastal, accessible easily both via land or sea, but still in a rather secluded place, without many strangers messing around. The real size is 33x33 (16x16 in deed settings) - 1.089 total tiles and a standard perimeter. It has room for expansion in all directions at least 16 tiles. My intention was to eventually expand it to also 69x65, at which point the two deeds would have perimeters touching each other and they would be perfectly aligned). The deed has like 8 silvers in maintenance (can't check exact amount since my computer crashed, but should should be about 8), enough for 100+ days. If desired, a trader could be placed on the deed (no other traders too close). Talking about resources, it has at least: iron, silver, copper, tin, lead, zinc, marble on deed and clay, tar really close. The deed is pretty much untouched - no buildings, no big terraforming projects, etc. The main character (named AlexDunphy which is the name of a TV character from Modern Family). She has premium time 'till March 19th, so more than two months left. She has farming affinity, she is level 6 on Path of Love, and 30 faith (ready for priesthood if one would desire so). Here's a full skill dump: Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 40.505997 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 15.27466 Tracking: 2.4910498 Prospecting: 20.196312 Polearms: 2.1453195 Halberd: 2.2164547 Religion: 3.3846467 Prayer: 7.452604 Healing: 6.767042 First aid: 14.178706 Thievery: 1.3747915 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.7495831 Climbing: 11.3005905 Shields: 4.7483535 Large metal shield: 5.3659015 Axes: 9.105482 Huge axe: 1.7788825 Large axe: 2.0332499 Hatchet: 10.840012 Small Axe: 1.4450758 Swords: 18.0604 Two handed sword: 8.231066 Shortsword: 16.806921 Longsword: 20.958063 Knives: 13.114585 Butchering knife: 16.64806 Carving knife: 12.478543 Woodcutting: 24.801952 Mauls: 1.6246561 Small maul: 1.967554 Medium maul: 1.8440281 Large maul: 1.8079994 Carpentry: 45.892475 Fine carpentry: 25.774921 Ship building: 13.3732 Nature: 37.771214 Gardening: 25.245619 Fishing: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 21.029953 Meditating: 32.37984 Milking: 3.4219 Farming: 42.794228 Forestry: 41.048725 Botanizing: 27.450415 Animal taming: 5.2943788 Foraging: 33.334362 Cooking: 8.867537 Hot food cooking: 6.746202 Beverages: 16.426517 Butchering: 9.35464 Fighting: 14.7009535 Shield bashing: 5.9126987 Taunting: 1.3793224 Normal fighting: 23.33243 Defensive fighting: 8.065672 Aggressive fighting: 6.1836867 Weaponless fighting: 20.23173 Alchemy: 7.5874367 Natural substances: 17.739355 Miscellaneous items: 38.93081 Stone chisel: 6.131354 Hammer: 19.278227 Sickle: 28.837976 Repairing: 24.43028 Saw: 11.795184 Pickaxe: 26.492535 Rake: 30.220135 Shovel: 36.677128 Pottery: 33.579597 Firemaking: 5.1532073 Digging: 52.488117 Mining: 25.091509 Smithing: 15.358446 Metallurgy: 1.7206658 Jewelry smithing: 1.4036273 Locksmithing: 2.2608955 Blacksmithing: 27.962711 Armour smithing: 2.8730843 Shield smithing: 5.2748117 Weapon smithing: 7.309766 Blades smithing: 4.751246 Weapon heads smithing: 2.6769357 Ropemaking: 3.2906623 Masonry: 17.163769 Stone cutting: 11.495944 Tailoring: 8.089501 Cloth tailoring: 19.554071 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 20.564432 Soul strength: 20.543789 Soul depth: 23.848001 Mind: 21.721125 Mind speed: 20.373764 Mind logic: 25.433216 Body: 23.02346 Body stamina: 21.931877 Body strength: 23.74845 Body control: 22.383347 The character has no warnings and, as a fun note, it never died. There is also a second character, named Zapacila, but really the only thing worth mentioning about it is that it has mining affinity. What should also be mentioned though are the few rares I have: floor loom (oaken), long sword, meditation rug, spindle (oaken), pickaxe, small bucket (oaken), iron brand, lamp. I also have 15 silver coins available. I also have a transmutation rod. Now about the price. 1. According to this tool placing the first deed costed 91.70 silver coins, while placing the second deed costed 23.78 silver coins, so for both of them a total of 115.48 silver coins (1.15 gold coins). 2. The first deed has in coffers at least 30 silver coins, and the second deed has in coffers around 8 silver coins, so for both of them a total of 38 silver coins. 3. A trader contract costs 50 silvers. 4. A transmutation rod costs 50 silvers. So the total cost for the deeds would raise 2 gold 53 silver 48 coppers (hard verifiable facts, no need to trust my word on this). At the shop price of 160 euros / 1 gold, that would mean 406 euros. 5. Also talking about hard verifiable facts, the premium time left on the character (even including any skill dumps) would value at least 16 more euros and the 15 silvers in bank account would value 24 more euros at shop price. 6. For the small rares collection and everything else existing on deed I don't add any amount since I don't really know how much would they value. Anyway, the idea is that the whole package values (again, hard verifiable facts, no need to trust my word on this) at least 450 euros - not including any work done on character, any rares, any of the assets from inventory or from deeds. But of course I don't expect to get that much, since I realize that on selling out you never recover the money you invested in a deed / character. So I don't expect to get 450 euros. Not even 400, 350, 300, 250, 200 or 150 euros. What I honestly hope / expect to get is something around 120 euros (and for this amount offered as buyout I would let the whole package go right away). To be totally honest, I would probably be happy even with like 100 euros (but in this case I would let the auction run till the end). Anyway, I am decided to leave so I won't hold on price; If I don't get any buyout offer up to my expectations I would let it go for whatever the highest big is (there is no reserve, so if the only bid is 1 euro, then that one will get the whole package for 1 euro ). Starting bid: 1 euro Increment: 1 euro Buyout: 100 - 120 euros Reserve: none Duration: 72 hours
  8. So... have you guys solved the mystery? Because I'm curious too...
  9. When we had a long downtime (that ddos attack) we were reimbursed all premium time lost and even some extea. But in case of a server crash, fixed in 30 minutes, what do you want - 30 minutes of premium? Just keep track of it and when you come to two months of downtime send me a PM and I will buy you two months of premium, if you are really so cheap. About the SB, again... it's a free compensation, not something you earned or you are entitled to. So just be happy with what you got, learn to say Thank You, move on and stop crying that you didn't get the toy the other kid got.
  10. From your complain it looks like you need one. Now for real, there is no need for templars. Is just convenience. - You can just live with no templar, pay no costs for them, and handle all by yourself (and many people do that) - You can hire just one (what most people do) and let him "save people from MOST creatures" - You can hire more than one and let them handle any mob trying to venture around (yeah, even champ trolls) or even high skill FS players you have KOSed Is a matter an options, and one option is to hire more than one templar. So there is already an existing solution to stop trolls from bashing things on deed; if you are really scared about the risk they will do it, you know what you can do. And I personally think that is good to have this extra layer of complexity and a way to generate a bit more money for the game.
  11. I think is a great gift; I love it. Just curious if it does take damage or not? What if in inventory, what if dropped in a house on deed?
  12. -1 This is maybe the only reason for people on freedom to hire more than one templar. I always had two templars and they are able to destroy any troll (even champ - takes a few respawns for champs, but is doable.
  13. There are absolutely no hidden fees and actually you can get much cheaper than this: - first option: buy one month of premium and 5 silvers option (it costs 16 euro, paypal only), sell your referal (at 6s it sells quite fast), and you also get 2s free for first purchase; so you'll have one month of premium and 13s, more than enough to buy the deed (on top of this you can also get 1-1.5s for your sleeping powder) - second option: buy two times the one month plus one silver option (costs 2 * 10 = 20 euros), which gives you 2*1s=2s, 2s for first purchase and 6s from selling your referral, so 10s enough for settlment forms (and you can even gain 2-3 more silvers selling your sleeping powders) - third option (cheapest, but somehow risky): buy two months of premium (16 euros), get 2s for first purchase, sell referral for 6s and (here is the risk) you must also find a customer for sleeping powders Now one more thing: minimum maintenance is 1s per month, so there is common sense to have a deed as big as possible, without going over this limit. - a 17x17 deed can be set without any aditional cost, maintenance is 1s, you have deed funds for like 4 months - a 19x19 deed costs 0.22 extra silver (22 coppers), maintenance is 1s, you have deed funds fir 3 months - a 21x21 deed costs 2.5 extra silver, maintenance is 1s, you have deed funds fir 3 months