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  1. Please the following: Settlement name: Tintagel Location (x,y): x31, y31
  2. Also adds I post freely about how much am enjoying it . So far it's been very cool and for myself a good server on the side
  3. Cool server good group of players - enjoying my stay so far,
  4. Full Steam Ahead

    Nor can I see you Maintaining revenue without some sort of change to the pricing model.
  5. At the end of day... it expensive if you want to enjoy beyond the bare minimum and not spent all your time dealing with decay ticks..Once again you're basing your costings on the lowest possible spec. Am not sure what the best ratio is but I know it ain't the bare bones!.
  6. Think you need to let go of that big flagged based shield. The subscription model is outdated and to suggest we all live in a minimum size deed (with zero templars) and them pay again to skill above 20 is more than just fluff.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    Sums it up for me
  8. Just add am not blaming the game.. If premium came with a minimum size deed it would be great. The fact that you pay twice <skill cap + deed> is just outdated and needs a rethink.
  9. Your barely right for a casual player.. I guess will just have agree to disagree about how cheap wurm is to actually play and enjoy/
  10. Also not a casual player and honestly your prices are just too expensive. Hopefully the light bulb turns on in time for the steam release.
  11. It amaze me that you honestly thing Wurm is cheap .. try costing premium x 2 (priest and crafter) + deed while convert Euro to Aussie dollars .. need to think globally with prices .. I know for a fact I would come back if cost was adjusted .