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  1. Lolol this is comming from the same person that was complaining before that the "fall of bugfixes" wasn't enough. Now they fix bugs and it's not good again.
  2. How is there not a standard black skin? All that white triggers nightmares from the old days in the mental insitution.
  3. It's just another desperate trick from the same 5 chaos players that have been bringing these 'suggestions' for years, trying to revive their dead server by forcing people to play there, doesnt matter that they dont want to. Even after all these years they can't grasp that chaos has always been a broken mess nobody wants to play on, an experiment from the early days of wurm that failed miserably and should have died before epic was even released.
  4. Make it actual skill divided by 2, then maybe.
  5. Wow so epic players get all skills to 99 in a few weeks, then flood freedom? No.
  6. WO is dead.

    I guess everyone sees what they want to see, because that looks like wo is dying to me. -10% for the 3rd month in total premium players, and no bottoming out in sight.
  7. WO is dead.

    Well no, you're obviously the staff part, and speaking as a staff member. Like this guy http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/130805-lets-go-then-predict-the-dec-1-premium-player-count/?p=1343405 Long term lol.
  8. WO is dead.

    I see no problem with guaranteed refunds with less than 2 hours playtime. You shouldnt rely on tricking people into buying your crap, its not daytime tele-sales. If someone regrets buying your game after less than 2 hours, it was a bad buy, theres no abuse possible from the buyers side. It's solid consumer protection against terrible games and trick/scam sales.
  9. If you get this message: "You leave "x kingdom"", you went too far, turn back.
  10. Is that the first time you notice a penalty towards archery when wearing armor? Hasn't that been around for 2 years.