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  1. lol np i can wait till you can come on no rush
  2. I made it back in with that hosts file change did you try that?
  3. WTS Knarr full of Dirt (43 Largecrate =12900 Dirt) for 6.5s. Pickup only Crates have to be replaced. Possible pickups H9 Center West Indi near Mousehole. Or L12 at Innerlake Near Wolpertinger Ranch. Have a nice day
  4. nm
  5. WTS 47 Silver for 44 Euro (paypal only) Have a nice Day
  6. Everything sold. Can be closed. Thanks
  7. Went smooth Ramaj 1 more pack left of 60silver.
  8. bump
  9. WTS 60 Silver for 50 Euro (Paypal only) Have a nice day
  10. Sold can be closed Thanks.
  11. WTS 60 Silver for 50 Euro (paypal only) Have a nice Day
  12. Hi Nipo. PM me then you online. Or lets make an date.
  13. Still one package for sale
  14. WTS 60 Silver for 55 Euro paypal only. Have a nice Day