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  1. +1 Trustworthy, bought 20s via paypal :) swift delivery!

  2. WTB 50s-1g

    Hi Enuf, have 80silver i want to sell looking for 75 Euro let me know if you intrested Have a nice Day. Garfius
  3. WTS HQ and Enchanted Weapons

    Hello Jaycz, added AD and sended the Large Maul. Thank you very much. Garfius Rest see PM
  4. WTS HQ and Enchanted Weapons

    Hello Hunters, all the Weapon on list coming with an -10% Damage taken Rune and on Demand with an Free Demise of your choice. Also adding MS for 50c garant 80+ cast nm how high the power will be. Weapon QL Dam Weight Price Imping Prices: Iron 95ql = 220c Silver 95ql 300c (Weapon Weigth2kg) each 1kg +25c Advantage of Silver: +10% damage to hunter mobs (most aggressive) +10% bonus to bash damage Have a nice Day GARFIUS
  5. WTS 50 Silver for 49 Euro

    Like Topic says want to sell 50 Silver Coins for 49 Euro over Paypal. Have a nice Day
  6. Title for 100 Mason

    Thank you all and an Merry Christmas
  7. Title for 100 Mason

    [10:02:34] <Garfius> [10:02:22] Masonry increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 Right at Xmas i finally hit 100 Mason my wish for Title would be => "Another Brick in the Wall" Thank you
  8. Trader reset day

    next /uptime
  9. WTS Knarr full of Dirt

    lol np i can wait till you can come on no rush
  10. WTS Knarr full of Dirt

    I made it back in with that hosts file change did you try that?
  11. WTS Knarr full of Dirt

    WTS Knarr full of Dirt (43 Largecrate =12900 Dirt) for 6.5s. Pickup only Crates have to be replaced. Possible pickups H9 Center West Indi near Mousehole. Or L12 at Innerlake Near Wolpertinger Ranch. Have a nice day
  12. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

  13. WTS 47 Silver for 44 Euros

    WTS 47 Silver for 44 Euro (paypal only) Have a nice Day
  14. WTS 60 Silver for 50 Euro

    Everything sold. Can be closed. Thanks