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  1. I know exactly where you're coming from, and it's sad when people make unrealistic examples of themselves. When someone would make a boast like "and I have lain the demon of that land and was herald as a hero! Now I'm come here to seek further glory in battle!" it is those cases where I would like to PVP saying "You make a large boast, but you look like no hero to me! I challenge you to a duel, if you can defeat a demon surely a humble blacksmith such as I would have no chance against a mighty hero such as your self" I never fell the need for lengthy dialog. If I were in battle and running I'd and came across someone I would quickly say "Beware the giant spider, it pursues me" or some such line. Or in a humble setting in a store I would request from the clerk an item that I seek and hopefully they'd have it in stock. Or if I were a store clerk selling fish I may ask the passer by "Would you care to buy some fish freshly caught this morning! Best in all of *insert city name*" I wouldn't tell them about my sick elderly mother or how my brother died by a bear or of the person I'm currently interested in for marriage, unless in idle chat he would ask about my family and if I felt I liked them well enough to delve into such personal details.
  2. As I said I don't believe there would be a need for policing. It would be more an honor code thing. People who find RPing to be annoying wouldn't want to play in a world full of people who are RPing, the opposite is also true. It's really an odd thing I find in MMORPGs. That in most of them people don't RP and those that would like to have a hard time being able to because they have to play with the majority. In this respect it's like Gay Media. (meaning no offense to any parties hetero homo or bi) it's hard to find good quality gay films because the homosexual community is a small one. Also it's hard to find normal gay relationships in your average media. (though it seems this is slowly being phased in) For RPers we may be a small group, but what really helps is if we have a norm. I'll point to an MMORPG that once had an RP server DDO. The RP server was thalanis, though when it became Free-to-play it became flooded with new users who didn't treat it as an RP server, so the RP community died to where now it's difficult to even find an RP guild that RPs anymore. Which shows how a once popular and thriving community can die because of peoples reckless behavior breaking immersion normally without intention. DDO didn't call Thalanis and RP server, but the DDO community understood it to be, so there is no way new users would know chances are they saw it had the lowest number of members and went in there because of it. Where in the past in DDO the players would initiate new members with the flood there was hardly enough mentors to help people to either become RPers or change servers. Well I rant, bottom line is without a cooperating community it is difficult to even establish a small space to RP in. Gosh I can still remember when I played DDO like it was a table top game. We wouldn't rush through the dungeons knowing their every nook and cranny and deciding what spells worked best on what. We took our time and communicated in character and though it took much longer to get through a dungeon it became an experience. People who don't RP don't understand that.
  3. -RP Server Hello peeps, I bring this up because I'm new to the game and one thing I was hoping to find is a good RP server where the players are moderate to hard core roleplayers, the first thread I found on here about this is "Freedom Roleplaying Server" now archived. I don't agree that there needs to be policing or players voting people off. I just think that a server should be made and clearly designated RP server, if a player comes in and is disruptive of the experience there should be a feature in place to report them with a screenshot clearly showing the players offense. Which would ban that player from that server. I think this is a pretty simple idea and a potentially very enjoyable one for the RP community. Personally I find the variety of jobs a person can take begs people to come and enjoy a great RP experience. - Stores Since I am new I'm not sure how the store system works. If I become a blacksmith am I able to set up a shop that players can access and do I need to remain there to have the shop open? If creating shops requires a player to stay in his shop then I would also like to recommend hiring employees. Where you would have to purchase or find materials and your employees can create items and sell them from your shop, this could be offline PCs or hired NPCs. For the role playing experience having part of your character's story working a part time job would be very nice in my opinion.