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  1. The page for the Large Clay Amphora is missing the skill requirement to attempt making it. The discussion page for it has this noted: There is a 6% chance to create at 34 pottery skill. This should probably be added to the main page for it
  2. I'm looking to purchase the fastest horse possible, hopefully one that can also swim Message me @ Yamaitreya
  3. As title says, I'm looking to purchase a bulk order of 1000 cat eyes at F20 on Harmony. PM me at Yamaitreya Edit: Order was filled
  4. As post says, WTB 2 Breeding Pairs of Bison, located @ F20 on Harmony Pm me at yamaitreya
  5. Hello Everyone, I am funding the improvement of an abandoned road with bricks in South Xanadu (O-14). I also need diggers to build a road (in whichever way possible) up the side of one cliff about 240 meters, and another about 500 meters (this is a rough estimate). Dirt will be required, and I can fund this as necessary, and can transport it from the South Xanadu coast. I can explain further in a PM, suffice to say that this is is the view you will working with: Please message me ingame at "YamamushiMusubi" or here on the forums if I'm not online with an offer and quote on your price (which arguably you would be able to make a better estimate of once you get the full explanation of what is wanted) :-)
  6. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. Someone contacted me directly to arrange transport :-) Thank you though!
  7. I'm part of a village that works towards helping new players get into Wurm. We provide food and gear for our villagers, and help everyone learn their way around the game. The village is "Snoo Village", and we are part of the same alliance that Elwood2 is part of. We live on N-16 on Xanadu, on Hammer Lake. We also have several other neighboring villages that are part of the village family, such as a harbor for easy lake travel access. We have a teamspeak as well, and are generally a relaxed group of players. Message me ingame "YamamushiMusubi" or one of the villagers, "JustusR" and we'll set you up :-)
  8. Not sure where else I should have posted this, but if it's in the wrong place I apologize. I am looking to hire the services of an able captain (or crew) to carry an important client of mine from Blossom Market on Pristine to the coast of N-16 on Xanadu. I will arrange for an armed escort from the drop off point to the client's final destination, and you will be paid in silver at the drop off. There will be a bank available at the drop off location. Please contact "YamamushiMusubi" ingame, or pm me here in the forums to arrange a pickup time and we can negotiate a price. I am hoping to arrange for this to happen this weekend, but I am flexible if that doesn't happen. Thanks Zachariah for helping to arrange for transport this coming weekend!
  9. Looking to purchase 1-2k units of Olive Oil delivered to Xanadu N-16. I can also pick up on Xanadu somewhere reasonably close. Please contact me ingame 'YamamushiMusubi'
  10. [02:28:54] The items are now available and you have been charged 5 silver and 60 copper. Thanks!
  11. Please CoD # 1, 2, 4 to "YamamushiMusubi" on Xanadu, thanks!