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  1. Id like a seller merchant that can have endless stock, like a brick merchant that doesn't need to be restocked by a GM
  2. The order was completed in a very timely manner and I am very happy with the service I would recommend Xandice for anyone who is in need of bulk goods.
  3. Just Hired Xandice to make 3,000 bricks from my shards, all interactions so far have been very friendly... will update when job is complete.
  4. Thanks for the input all and I see how it could overshadow rare and high ql forges but that could be countered with low ql forges having a high shatter chance or something to that effect or have 2 versions of the spell that dose long burn slower heat transfer and high heat transfer lower burn time, I'm just spitballing here so any input is appreciated
  5. Blessed Flame New enchantment that Mag priests could cast on furnaces that would keep them lit without fuel and would degrade 1 level each day so 100 cast would stay lit for 100 days.
  6. https://imagebin.ca/v/52dreiJav3Co that is freshly made and improved, no paint or dye or anything to alter the look of the copper chainmail
  7. I just made some copper chainmail because I like how it looks on the wiki chain armor smithing page but after making it and equipping it I found it looked like THIS That has not been painted or dyed or anything other than crafted and improved a little.
  8. ok nvm seems it was a server problem i bakc in now
  9. a was leveling a hill when my action timer finished i got finalizing in the timer bar and chat log refused to update, I logged out and was going to log back in when i was greeted by a graphics update, after letting the update run (in witch I noticed a wagon graphic at the end) i tried to connect and could not and i know for sure is no my internet because i was able to come here and post this what can i do?
  10. Dear Santa Rolf and Team The nicest thing i have done this year was become a miner for my town even though it drives me mad due to the fact i played minecraft before i placed Wurm and there is little else to do in that game but they needed high QL iron and i was a blank slate noob so figured i would sacrifice what i wanted for what was needed and ended up making a 15x20 underground ship dock for them and created a huge drop shaft leveling zone for any new comers who wish to semi afk grind mining and i only complained a ... ok quite a lot but i complained in the nicest way i could
  11. maybe it could house 4 crops per tile instead of bonus grow rate or require a certain skill to make and offer only a minor grow speed bonus or had the option to add fertilizer to increase grow speed thus making it more profitable or less work to grow them just in a dirt tile but adding the option to speed up the process if you NEED some cotton or Wemp or whatever Tanks for the input so far everyone.
  12. maybe i was unclear if coal was mined from a vein it would have the same use as peat and nothing else thus making charcoal and coal different things completely and if it was found in the same manner as salt, flint and gems it would be used like charcoal for creating plate also thanks for the input so far everyone.
  13. hmm nice idea there instead of some magic light beacon a smoke signal maybe in town you could build a huge 3x3 bonfire that the temple's would light and it would burn for maybe 3 hours dieing down as it burned (this could also create thick fog around the token making it harder from raiders to find it or see the temple's) and would need replacing after it burned out making it more realistic and making them only worth the effort if people actually like you and will be willing to help kinda making it beneficial for the people who would normally be a bit unpleasant to bite their tongue and love neighborer.