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  1. How to with more than one account?

    Some games through Steam can be opened more than once, the first through the steam library... the second by activating the game.exe in the steam/steamapps/common/game folder. Not all games can do this, but quite a few allow multiple instances to open... if this is the case for WU then this is my suggestion...
  2. Wurm Unlimited is not going to kill Wurm

    Just seeing the Wurm Unlimited announcement has actually peaked my interest in returning to Wurm Online after a 1 year break.
  3. Drumroll and Affinity

    Sounds like a great idea.
  4. Server yoyo after update

    Still waiting on Indi...
  5. Server yoyo after update

    is there talk anywhere on whats going on? I feel like someone threw me in a dark hole and I'm waiting for daybreak to know whats next.
  6. Server yoyo after update

    Status Up and running Uptime 1 hours and 38 minutes Total BS
  7. Server yoyo after update

    the update definitely ruined my playtime for the day...
  8. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 37

    Time to grind FC for that amazing bed!
  9. Even Cheaper Sale [Sold Out]

    Thanks, just got home and accepted the CoD
  10. Even Cheaper Sale [Sold Out]

    #14 - Mallet - 81.11 Quality, CoC 71 - 1s Please cod to Kusarigama
  11. Price Check Kusarigama

    Will take offers
  12. Price Check Kusarigama

    Anyone interested in it?