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  1. Some Epic Things

    I should grateful.. Well thank you masta for sparin me da whip agin.
  2. Some Epic Things

    Switch shoes. would you give up skill to come to Epic? Would you be willing to lose up to 20% of everything you worked hard to gain to transfer? Would you be ok if you had to do that but the other players didn't suffer such penalty coming to your server. I plan on staying on epic because losing 8 points of WS is not something I look forward to REGAINING
  3. Some Epic Things

    Its not fair. How is one side losing skills on a transfer and the other side getting to bring all their skills equal and fair. Man some of you freedomers are self-entitled.
  4. Some Epic Things

    The devs have been catering to freedomers forever now. PvP has been a forgotten aspect. Epic is the ones losing skill. Epic is the one getting a one time skill transfer. PvE and PvP servers should not be connected. This is a bad idea.
  5. Some Epic Things

    And the grind isn't twice as long. When was the last time you grinded anything on epic?
  6. Some Epic Things

    This is bad for epic..... This is genocide for BL....... Freedom will just parachute in to PvP then leave....... Wrecking havoc and trolling epic players...... Rome will be Rome...... Not many will give up skill to go to Freedom...... This is worse than a merge....... You are making Epic a playground that Freedomers wont really care about except to jump over to be a nuisance.
  7. knowledge should be free and available. What we should do is just shoot the criminals who misuse the information. Is giving up your life worth a DOS attack. If they do it they obviously it must be.
  8. a lot of people have put a lot of time into their kingdoms in epic. A map reset is lost workhours. I understand new people to epic want it but what about us who have been there since the beginning two years ago. And if it is a skill/player reset I'm done. Put way too much time into char development to have it swiped away. And how do you make it right to the folks who have put all that energy into making epic what it is today. Like it or not it is this way because of the work of the ones who have been here since day one.
  9. All I am asking for is an update. An hour at best but now 2 hours and no info. Care less about everything else. Just wanna be able to play before the wife wakes up. lol.
  10. Utopian Falls is located along the north coast 10 minutes from essert. It is a smallish deed but I got room for a couple people. Can assist you in getting a stone home. Huge workshop available. Ore and wood a plenty. Deed is expanding shortly. If interested in coastal living or in shipmaking then Utopian Falls may be for you. PM Savior in game