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  1. It crashes every time i try to play..
  2. Looks like this only happens when you're in the building... Been imping forges(outside the building) for ~4h and it was ok (i was getting skills).. i started to imp ovens (insde the building) it was good for 6 mins, after that it just stopped (skills going green but not getting anything).. i was imping for 20 more mins after that i just stopped beacause i didnt want to waste my time without getting skills Update: I tried to imp forges again and im not getting skills..
  3. Either trying to view the protection of already planted catseye or trying to view possible protected tiles of a new one not showing/highlighting tiles
  4. I have same problems, i've been doing hfc/baking.. and repairing This started to happen after the last update.. The way i "fix" this is just relog Not fun at all, especially with hfc/baking when you fill so many pans and you dont get any skill.. Just got the same problem again, i waited 10mins and did one action again looks like i got skill
  5. So this is definitely possible.. just a few days ago I was so disapointed and I gave up, but after I saw this post.. I had to try it.. Elentar was so nice, he gave me his rod and some more info as I didn't know anything about new fishing.. I did it with 94.55 fishing, 91ql Rare professional rod a reel and a hook (all runed with a bronze rune of Libila) not sure if rune helps but it looks like it does.. [01:00:42] You have received 500 karma for 'Catch a 175 kg fish'. Thanks and good luck to all!
  6. Looking for a player named Archra - deed Venalicium Draconis. If anyone knows anything about him, please pm me. Thank you
  7. Looking for a low end Mag priest with PoP. Skills are irrelevant other than meditation 30+ and faith 40+ Will also consider a PoP account level 7. No other skills required. Dont need a high end account.. Just alts/batteries. Pm offers!
  8. Please add a new road (and tunnel):
  9. I don't know why all parapets are not 5 bricks? Lets say stone fence takes only 10 bricks, why should parapet take 15?
  10. Why does sandstone parapet requires only 4 bricks, compared to other parapets - 15? If this is in the wrong section, please move it.