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  1. A clay mug that could be hardened by fire. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The clay mug has some flaws that must be fixed with a spatula. Starting bid: 3s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  2. Looking to buy 10k mortar and 10k bricks for 30s. pm on forums or pm same name ingame as well.
  3. Pickaxe heads that are not made from steel or iron have same model as a pickaxe I didn't test all metal types.. i made gold, lead, copper, tin, silver, zinc
  4. Can you please update Tarawick Canal Please remove the light blue line (old tunnel) and add a new one (blue line).. It's actually an old tunnel that in the middle connects to the South Sea and goes straight east over that little pond to the Lough Scaith
  5. Should i move this to the suggestion section or was it a bug?
  6. It crashes every time i try to play..
  7. Looks like this only happens when you're in the building... Been imping forges(outside the building) for ~4h and it was ok (i was getting skills).. i started to imp ovens (insde the building) it was good for 6 mins, after that it just stopped (skills going green but not getting anything).. i was imping for 20 more mins after that i just stopped beacause i didnt want to waste my time without getting skills Update: I tried to imp forges again and im not getting skills..
  8. Either trying to view the protection of already planted catseye or trying to view possible protected tiles of a new one not showing/highlighting tiles
  9. I have same problems, i've been doing hfc/baking.. and repairing This started to happen after the last update.. The way i "fix" this is just relog Not fun at all, especially with hfc/baking when you fill so many pans and you dont get any skill.. Just got the same problem again, i waited 10mins and did one action again looks like i got skill
  10. So this is definitely possible.. just a few days ago I was so disapointed and I gave up, but after I saw this post.. I had to try it.. Elentar was so nice, he gave me his rod and some more info as I didn't know anything about new fishing.. I did it with 94.55 fishing, 91ql Rare professional rod a reel and a hook (all runed with a bronze rune of Libila) not sure if rune helps but it looks like it does.. [01:00:42] You have received 500 karma for 'Catch a 175 kg fish'. Thanks and good luck to all!
  11. Looking for a player named Archra - deed Venalicium Draconis. If anyone knows anything about him, please pm me. Thank you