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  1. I can convert to Vynora in NW exodus near shallow bay Please pm stormbornqueen in game or on forums
  2. Hello, we are located in NW Exodus in Shallow Bay. Delivery is available, rates will be negotiated based on size of purchase. Please pm StormBornQueen, Courtneyvii or Yarrick in game/on the forums to place an order or with any questions on items not listed. Thanks for stopping in!! Studded Leather 40ql- 40c 50ql-50c 60ql-75c Leather Toolbelt 40ql-10c 50ql-20c 60ql-30c Leather Barding 40ql-60c 50ql-80c 60ql-1s Saddles 40 ql-30c 50ql-40c 60ql-50c Sails Triangular sail-30c Small square sail-30c Square sail-60c Tools Wooden tools up to 60ql 25c Iron tools up to 40ql 15c Steel tools up to 40ql 30c Fletching 1 quiver of 30ql arrows (hunting or war) 80c Free quiver included
  3. Hehe thanks, just trying to get rid of some leveling stock. Appreciate it though
  4. Hi there! I'm wanting to sell 50ql studded leather sets for 50c or 75c for 60Ql. Please reply here or pm Courtneyvii in game if interested. I'm located on NW Exodus Thanks!