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  1. Nonsense. How did you figure I wanted to play solo and eat dirt with my bare hands I can't imagine.
  2. Hi, The "Server Listings & Advertisement" forums do not seem to be for "looking for server" posts, so I guess I'll post here. I am looking for a PvE server that has some slightly more complicated survival features that the rest. By this I definitely not mean 1x skills and actions, if I like that kind of crap I'd be still playing WO :). The Survival Mod looks fine. Or just not having a 3x combat multiplier as everyone is so fond of having, no crop multiplier either would be nice. I'd like to have to look for food, because usually, after a couple of days after you've settled you start having more produce than you could ever consume, and one kill an feed you for a week of two. Scarce wood and other resources would be nice I guess.
  3. Moss doesn't work, 100+ digs and the corner didn't drop. Enchanted grass does work. It's a shame that it's the only solution, as at a rate of a tile per day it will take forever.
  4. I don't know where to find moss yet, and before I go spend time looking for it, then perform hundreds of actions to lower it below water level, does anyone know if it will be "dredgeable"? The normal underwater digging depth is too shallow to make a nice looking pond
  5. Hi, I am trying to make a pond on my deed, for instance: But I want some vegetation in it. I can replace the sand with dirt, but then I cannot plant any reeds because it is too deep and digging will remove them if I try to plant them at a lower height then increase it. I cannot plant flowers either because "it is too wet" and they will disappear if I raise it to plant then dig again. Any tricks? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I've only created Guard Towers in WO back when you couldn't orient them. The current wiki page is confusing: "When attaching the last piece, make sure you are facing the tile you wish the tower to be created in." So, with the following 3x3 spot: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 If I want to place a tower on tile 5, I stand on any tile but 5 and face 5? Or do I stand on 5 close to one of the borders and look towards the center of 5? Also, as the builder, I will be able to rotate it forever, or just for the first minute or something? Thanks.
  7. I quit WO because of the grind and the chores. Plus a ton of frustrating things that accumulate until the suck factor is above the fun factor. Once you get your 2nd deed set up, have 70-80 in the most important skills, a couple of 5-speeders of each colour, all that is left is raising counters and cleaning up vegetation that keeps ruining your deed and its surroundings. Can we load a couple of horses and a cart onto a boat and go exploring? Still not in 2016, 10 years after the official release? Do we still lose stamina on horseback, in carts, boats while dredging? Of course. Can we... whatever. I am currently playing on Sklotopolis, a WU server that is run properly. 5x skill + 5x action timers; no 'tardy "prem a second account" limits on priesthood; x3 deed creature limits, better crops and tons of other quality of life mods. I've already spent on it in 1.5 months more than I spent on a year of WO. I don't regret a single cent, none of that was mandatory, it made my life sweeter if I wanted to and helped prolong the life of the sever. side note: Does anyone think that just because of rifts, people will forget the x5 skills x5 action timers, all the other mods that make Wurm life sweet and jump back into the grindfest? Yeah, right. All of those who left did it because the game lacked rifts.
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Awesome! Concerning "Animal deed ratio has been tripled ", overwhelmed with joy I checked my ratio and noticed it went from the 15.something I had yesterday ("Optimal is 15.0 or more") to 5.14. Is this a ratio display issue in Settlement>Infos or did you inadvertently divide by 3 instead of multiplying? If it's the latter, a global extinction is imminent :).
  9. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I've read a lot of awesome stuff about this server's ruleset. Combined with the Reflections theme that I was careless enough to install on my PC, made me yearn to come back to WU. What is your stance on importing skill dumps from WO (or transferring skills or whatever the name) ? It took me 2+ years to bring the most important skills (to me) to around 70, it would be nice to continue this character's adventures as he left. That's where the actual "creative mode" starts, I had a lot of fun playing this dude in SP at release.
  10. I suppose the question is, and if it's not then my question is, has anyone made any custom maps for adventure mode with stuff to discover in them like in the one that comes with the game? Discovering stuff that you have hidden yourself is not the same :).
  11. Fallout 4 and/or Just Cause 3 are in the way I suppose ;).
  12. Thank you for taking the time to dig through the code. The info here seems looks different though. For example for the "fleeter" trait, it is said here that it adds "movement speed +0.1", which I understood as +0.1 km/h at first, while BigSteve lists it as +10%, so now as a x(1 +0.1) it makes more sense. A +0.1 km/h increase seemed too little from what I remembered anyway :). So it's a +10% to some base horse speed before horseshoes and their enchants I suppose?
  13. Awesome, didn't notice this in the notes, thanks.
  14. But normally it will always be called, since none of my bulkitems are on DECAYTIME_NEVER - normally. In other words, what I am trying to find out is if the mod can be set up to decay everything normally wherever it makes sense, but allow me to remove this idiotic 5% tax on bulk items. I can't imagine flagging every piece of trash I want to get rid of. I don't mind if some forgotten pile of logs decays, makes sense. But I don't want it to "decay" in a container when turned to bulk. In other words, I wouldn't want to mess with normal game flow but it'd be nice if we could fix some game bugs or stupid design decisions, like was done with the stamina loss on horseback. But if I understand it correctly there is a hammer that puts everything on DECAYTIME_NEVER. But if I am not mistaken we can let everything to decay but the bridges for instance with "noBridgeDecayOn=true" without enabling general nodecay with "noItemDecayOn=true", the latter being only for items as in "not buildable structures managed by other switches"? Also, is roof decay managed like floors with noFloorDecayOn too? So maybe, if it's not too task intensive, we can have a "noBulkItemDecay" switch?