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  1. Rolf coming here to keep us updated is classy, and in all ways business ethical! Glad you guys caught on to proper customer service! Hearing it straight from the source is the best way to keep the people at bay.
  2. Ive sold 3 rare exquisites for 10s a piece if that helps So maybe 6 to 7 for a fine?
  3. Going to be some big gains today! I am still looking for two preachers in the final two slots, let me know !
  4. Sermon tommorrow will be ran by high priest Eleanor! She speaks of nature, peace and harmony, all while attempting to brainwash us all into buying Guens horses There is one slot open, let me know who it will be
  5. sure thing, ill write you in Its very easy, and we dont bite.
  6. Smart business man lol, horrible technique
  7. If you want to see a real market, come to Cele, east coast. It will be well worth the trip Celebrity Seaway: The most active and innovative market in Wurm!
  8. Updated this weeks sermon schedule, Looking to fill the empty times, let me know if you are comin guys
  9. Well the Opening Day went great! I really want to thank all those that have been around the market, and helping out! I am making it official now and will be posting a new thread for the event..... Summer on the Seaway "Wurmian Championship and impalong fest!" The official date is set as May 31st through June 2nd There will be tons of great prizes, over 20 competitions to compete in, and Free item imping to 50ql The Grand Prize game will be my Iron Wurmian competition, Which will feature a very special prize each year as well as a well displayed trophy over the festival grounds! Keep your eyes posted for the official Summer on the Seaway thread, with many more details
  10. Not for me? Just keeps saying connecting now endlessly
  11. Ok ty Xallo, just checking.. Good luck Wurm team, please don't demolish my market!
  12. Just got booted a few minutes ago from Celebration Server.. Forum says there is 85 players online, but I just keep getting Cannot connect to new game server?