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  1. I just noticed you are correct, thanks for the clarification. I am considering mining down first and then straight back as to avoid widening my entrance opening. This is granted that the vein stretches vertically, which to my understanding it does?
  2. I have been coming back to Wurm after a long hiatus and admittedly I am (and probably always was) a bit if a newb, so I would greatly appreciate any help from you folks! I have started a mine, and as I mined the surface to create a mine entrance I noticed that there is a vein immediately to the right. X | X | X X | X | X X | T | V S | S | S T = tunnel entrance V = Vein X = rock walls S = surface I am unable to mine it directly, so I am thinking if it is possible at all to reach it from another angle from which I can mine it. Maybe I should also mention that I have put a mine door on the entrance (in case this has an impact) Thanks for your help!
  3. I am an old returning player to Wurm online. I logged in with my old account, to find that I am stuck in the old Ravenholm deed on Chaos, which belonged to the now-defunct MR kingdom. I can't get out since the cave walls are collapsed and the doors, which I assume lead out, are locked. I tried to join a village on another server, but when they tried to /vinvite me, they said they got an error message saying they can't find a player with that name. Not sure what do now. I would rather not suicide. I tried using /vteleport, but it seems like I have already used it once.
  4. I'm interested to join, should there be any space available in the future
  5. Btw, do you know if there are any community map for deed settlement on Chaos?
  6. By the way, how does one go about knowing where various settlements are located on the map? I'm thinking in the event I join a village and need to know where to go
  7. Many thanks, friends. Maybe I will start on any of the freedom islands then (depending a little on where my character is located atm). Is there a way to check the player counts on each server?
  8. And seeing all the changes to the game makes it a little bit overwhelming for me. I played back when the only servers where Wild and JK-Home, and even then I was quite low-level and non-experienced with the game. I have read a little about the new server clusters and derived any info that I can from the wurmwiki, and so my first question to you guys would be: Should I pick Freedom or Epic cluster? Why/why not? I wouldn't mind some PvP eventually, but I have also read that some people don't like the PvP anymore. Why is that? Also, It seems like the map dumps have been removed from the pinned threads: The dropbox links seem to be dead. Final question: What server would you recommend me playing on? I would like to play ideally on a server that has a decent amount of people playing at any given time. Thanks!!
  9. Hey! I'm an old timer from when the server used to be called Wild. I don't have high skills though as I have only had premium once for a very brief amount time. Will consider to go premium full-time though! I'm interested in joining you guys