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  1. Make Wurm Free To Play I believe if you made it free to play more people would play and you could still make money off Land Deeds.
  2. Looking for work on Independence server to reactivate account.
  3. WTS Row Boat Celibration Near Tap Dance
  4. I agree with the last statement very well put.
  5. Why would it not be Feasible just needs to be programed that way. Just trying to help.
  6. Ql could be typed in. Make it a fill in the blank type deal. Or maybe you could set a Range like Between 70- 90Ql
  7. I understand how everyone feels about a auction house its the localized market that is nice. We need to improve on this idea. With a Buy order system it would encourage trading improve cion flow. It would help new players and would alow you to pay your crafters with out the need to wait till the person is on.
  8. It is already being done in other games with out the purchase of a merchant.
  9. The trader system is no good becouse the trader sets the price. In the real world a Merchant buys and sells some merchants thats all they do.
  10. Ok so i was thinking the other day and I thought wurm needs a Merchant Update. Merchants should be able to buy and sell. This i believe would inprove local econamys. You should be able to type in a range of ql maybe like xx- xx Ql and the number of Items you want to buy. As well as the price you want to buy at.
  11. I would be willing to start a Wurm Shelter But it would have to be funded by the communitie. Then my next thought was nobody would go for that. inless The communitie got somthing for it. So what if it was used for recruitment purposes. What is your thoughts on this?
  12. Hello Wurm Online I have decided after playing the game a bit. And After taking breaks here and there. That wurm needs a shelter. Were new player's can live and eat. Were they can get new tools and gear. As well as old returning players. Can get regeared.