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  1. Have friends looking for more as well. Message me an offer to see what we can come up with as far as a fair price.
  2. Prefer black and no cap. I don't care about enchants or QL.
  3. COD to the mallet to Thirtynine please. Thanks. #37
  4. Here we see Teal, adorning the stylish and sexy bear hat. Made famous by the fashion artista Awardis. Prominently complimented by her glamorous glittering amulet. Any collector would kill for this piece.
  5. People still do play using paper, pencil, and dice... I know this because there are weekly sessions in my library on campus...
  6. -Wurm Unlimited will be updating with cave dwellings coming to beta on Monday at around 8am UTC-5, so plan accordingly! Incoming Mines of Mol Rehanna
  7. Are you renting a vps or did you rent a dedicated server?
  8. If he thinks he's going to win this, I'll take him to court for Grand Theft as the amount stolen will be valued at nearly $10,000 USD. Anyone effected by Niru please message me for an invite to a private message group and submit your paypal transactions in a picture. Please include the case, amount, his name and email. I do not promise you will get your money back. What I do promise is that who ever Niru is, will be arrested and taken to court. I will create a class action lawsuit against who ever this person is. Whether they are Neil Hicks or not. At this point I really don't care if Niru closes the claims or not. I'm just going to finish this myself.
  9. Is there no way that we can get the players IP address submitted to Paypal to prove the validity of these transactions?
  10. t18 on Pristine. It's the small island on the south side. Sorry was out all day.
  11. I don't have a priest, also would you be able to pick it up. I'm not currently premium on freedom.