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  1. Disembarking Knarr under Bridge gives Damage

    I can easily reproduce the bug where you take damage near a bridge on my deed Buccaneer Harbour on Deli. Someone, GM or Dev, contact me IG and I'll show you!
  2. New Server Hunting Only

    Wurm needs to be developed on what it already have and make hunting more interesting but not by adding more servers. I would rather see something like random goblin dungeons in old caves and trolls moving in on flat old deed lands. Combine that with the missions system and have something in the lines of "go demolish the 'zone'" and then get rewarded a yellow potion for it! Anyhow, make wurm more interesting not more empty!
  3. Make activate key bind work consecutive. Bump this thread!
  4. The key-bind 'ACTIVATE' don't work as expected in the window to open containers from inventory as double clicking do. Please make this work consecutive!
  5. 2 button for praying

    Two buttons appears instead of one when targeting a cave tile under water.
  6. The keybind 'Activate' does not work in open containers like your backpack or satchel. Make it consistent with how the Inventory works with the bind.
  7. [23:19:06] Yourwar arrow hits aged large rat in the calf of the right foreleg. [23:19:20] Yourwar arrow hits aged seal in the center body.
  8. Been having this issue with crates for the weekend where the items I take out don't get removed from the crate. It don't duplicate items just not updating the amount still left in the crate.
  9. cooking 'billy sheep gruff stew' with a open helm

    I see, will try that. thank you
  10. I can't cook the recipe 'billy sheep gruff stew' since neither veggies or meat can be placed in a open helmet
  11. [Fixed] Pumpkin Wraping

    with any item you like!
  12. WTS Rare 90ql Lantern

    offering the 5s. cod pingvinen