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  1. Saves me the trouble of re-subbing my accounts this week I suppose.
  2. +1 to this please and thank you.;
  3. Your Results PERSONALITY: ENTP ("THE DEBATER") VARIANT: ASSERTIVE ROLE: ANALYST ? Extraverted Introverted 73% ? ? Intuitive Observant 44% ? ? Thinking Feeling 27% ? ? Judging Prospecting 43% ? ? Assertive Turbulent 100% ?
  4. +1 Let there be fish! I got a fishy for you and a fishy for me. I like the fishy from the deep blue sea White fish, brown fish, and even blue. I'd like to store my fishy now how about you?
  5. I like to dual wield large axes with LT in aggressive stance. But from time to time I like to punish myself leveling shield bash with a medium metal shield.
  6. Nogumps

    -1 I enjoy the fact that the No-Gump is still a relevant threat in the game. Granted if your on a crap horse or worse your gonna have a bad day, but I think that's part of the fun. Let's keep a few things challenging in the game Besides it's usually not that hard to just run it over to a guard tower, call in a few npc buddies, then get all smashy/shooty.
  7. Can confirm. I was working on breeding bears for a while for bear cavalry charges.
  8. I enjoy building something with people. I enjoy making some good friends and then conspiring with them to kill any new face we see together. I enjoy reading the forums, as they test my resolve to not become an armchair warrior with daily rants and remind me to never feed the trolls. I enjoy spending hours crafting/ improving and various other tasks to improve the things I own and possibly produce a coveted rare item to no avail, only to get a rare roll the first time I tend my farm. I enjoy running from Dragons and the Kyklops. and I enjoy seeing Gary's colossus when I travel by Glitter. But mainly I'm here for the drama and good times.
  9. ---

    That word has too many syllables, apologize!
  10. -1 I like my sickle.
  11. -1 overall. Different people have different play-styles. I've the become to extreme then they deserve to be dealt with. But creating a more care bear community by devising a system which will just cause people to quit, I do not believe is the right path. Potentially with some more thought into implementation and associative rules this might be a means of moving forward. But I'd think it would have to be more of a house arrest type thing where they can't leave the deed. As opposed to some form of lock up where they can't do anything but grind bricks for hours that they wont use / sell. As well most of the community members suggested that would be dealing with this are volunteers and were-as my interaction with a limited number of these individuals has been good... I can easily see some people trying to abuse a system as mentioned here to their own means and largely wasting these volunteers time. TL:DR - Vote of No as proposed.
  12. +1 It has been my dream to establish "The Lurking Naga" A lovely roadside Tavern/ Pub where the travelling hunter could stop by for a bit of refreshment or just a nice place to stay for the night. This would be a grand addition.