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  1. Goblin Leader (Private Loot)

    Does it say "jajajajajajajajaaa" if u bash his head?
  2. Rift - 30 Jan

    I know certain people hate me for that...and i dont care...but again: developers...there is enough space elsewhere than south xanadu only... And thx wulfmaer
  3. Flag Spear for pvp

    I keep open what kind of bonus. That's why i said for example. Instead of only a bonus from the Flag spear it could be combined with certain (new) skills. Leadershipskills. What i have in mind is what is being used in eve online. Leadershipskills that give certain bonuses to the group. This is another idea beside the Flag spear. But that might be to much to implement even at long terms.
  4. Flag Spear for pvp

    Flag spear or something like a Roman Aquila. It will give, for example, extra DR or any other bonus for all alliance members that are in the close proximity. The holder will get extra defense bonus for the risk of being primairy target. The idea is to add more dynamic to skirmish. Conquering the flag spear of the enemy could can make a nice display at your deed. Or when conquered an x amount of them could be exchanged to something...
  5. Xanadu insane lag

    I had some information that they're working on it but thats all i know.
  6. Xanadu insane lag

    Im getting they idea Sweden is neglecting the game...
  7. Xanadu insane lag

    This is totaly something different. Not the usual-xanadu-lag...
  8. Xanadu insane lag

    Weird...people complain but nobody is making a topic about it. Anyway...wurm online team...this isnt enjoyable anymore...this is realy bad. Do something... because this is realy unacceptable...
  9. INSANE LAG close plz

    Weird..i changed the title to close because its indeed the wrong place...didnt save it somehow...
  10. close plz wrong game/server

    Playing on Xanadu for years...but this lag is insane....get someones ass moved to fix this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. INSANE LAG close plz

    Playing on Xanadu for years...but this lag is insane....get someones ass moved to fix this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Items attached to players are shaking

    I've shaking hair, weapon and shield already from the start with the new client. I'm using windows 10, an R9 380oc with crimson drivers version 17.1.1. If you devs need more info about OpenGL version or other crimson related programs im willing to provide them.
  13. Please fix the lag on xanadu

    Move it to a country for hosting that is connected to the internet backbone. In Amsterdam perhaps.
  14. Scarecrow

    Beehives are however vulnerable if they are to close to a deedborder...
  15. Scarecrow

    well thx u like the first part of the idea. But doing something with a rare moment while farming not a bad idea i think....maybe someone has a suggestion...a variant on my idea?