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  1. I would ask for a roof with a chimney on it. When a forge (are any other smoker in the same house) is lighted up the smoke shouldnt come from the forge but the chimney instead...
  2. I wouldnt even think of the market right ahead...but how my gained skills can help online friends that im introducing to wo-steam. So personaly i would appreciate having my skills on steam. Original wo is being on lifesupport i think. I regret that because its one the best games ive played so far.
  3. Ive thought about that. But i checked for it again today... what the hell...must be a brainfart or colourblindness :s Sorry. The post can be removed.
  4. I created a toolbelt and imped it a bit to ql 63. Its visible on my character window but not on screen as normaly. I tried console command 'toggle toolbelt' but it didnt help. I unlocked all menu's to see if it was hidden behind an other one. I Iogged off. In the playerfolder i removed the file 'windows_2560x1440' and started the game again. Didn't had effect either. In the settings i couldnt find any setting that is related with the visibility of toolbelts. On freedom i don't have the same problem and toggle works perfectly.
  5. I had a break from the game for about 8/9 months. So my last rift participation was a new experience. But not a pleasant one once i finished it. Before the break i had a score of 120-130 in about every rift event. I'm using a rare long sword ql 90 and a rare large iron shield ql 90. My fighting skill is over 90 so is my ls skill. Ofc i'm using the normal fightingstyle. I know ls's are very defensive and they deal not a large amount of damage. I also brought a rare medium maul ql 90 with me. My skill is in the 80's. It didnt do any dmg. So i changed back to ls. Before the changes for rifts, people that where using 2h weapons and aggressive fighting had often scores from arround 160 for example. So a bit higher than guys and girls with 1h weapon normal fightingstyle. My conclussion after this is that we are facing several unbalances in the new rift system. People that are prefered to use 1h weapons are now discouraged to join rifts because the system does not reward there tanking and less dmg dealing that comes with it. Priests on the other hand are getting a much better reward in participation. So anyone who did put a lot of time in levelling a 1h weapons for using it for rift partly is screwed (sorry for the language). People that use the aggressive fightingstyle with a 2h weapon are facing big damage on their armor as noted above. I was using drake leather last rift. Jacket and legs are rare and both ql 86 (all pieces have 80+ aosp but this has minor effect). I repaired my jacket and legs once during the event. And after the event again. My jacket went down from ql 86 to 81, the legs from 86 to 83 and the ql 90 shield to ql 85. So compared with people that are using the aggressivestyle very less ql loss. Finaly i think some people have a to much influence on the game and the changes in it. Look at Chaos to...battlepriest only territory and isnt it a bit abandoned atm? And what about Elevation? What i read and hear about is not realy possitive. If someone puts a lot of efforts in certain skills and the developers change stuff and all the work of this player diminished or becomes obsolete than we are dealing with a large unbalance.
  6. This has something to do with the current music that is implemented in wurm online: It's like Mike Oldfield did already wrote songs for wurm...or he was also inspired by the tunes in wurm...
  7. To many people are only concerned about the money thing. Most people already have at least 1 toon that has the necesary skills for being indepent to other people. In my case my toon is jack of all trades and i don't have a priest. But ive friends that help me out if i need something like a coc for example. If i was able to raise a 2nd toon on my account i would create probably a battlepriest. It wouldnt make me any richer. Just for the fun. For the sake of the game: having more fun...isnt that strong point?
  8. +1 Don't care for whiners with loads of money in and outside the game...Maybe 1 extra char for now will be enough. Most other mmo's have it.
  9. last week i killed at least 5 or 6 lavafiends in 1 cave at xanadu..and yes north... Go roam arround in the north and check all caves...u will catch some...but 100 will take a while ofc
  10. 0/0
  11. Is xanadu offline for any reason i don't know...just logged in...afk...came back and was off game and cant log back now