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  1. Valrei International. 073

    black rooster jumping in the air looks like a champion rooster...or is it a champ...
  2. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This has something to do with the current music that is implemented in wurm online: It's like Mike Oldfield did already wrote songs for wurm...or he was also inspired by the tunes in wurm...
  3. To many people are only concerned about the money thing. Most people already have at least 1 toon that has the necesary skills for being indepent to other people. In my case my toon is jack of all trades and i don't have a priest. But ive friends that help me out if i need something like a coc for example. If i was able to raise a 2nd toon on my account i would create probably a battlepriest. It wouldnt make me any richer. Just for the fun. For the sake of the game: having more fun...isnt that strong point?
  4. +1 Don't care for whiners with loads of money in and outside the game...Maybe 1 extra char for now will be enough. Most other mmo's have it.
  5. Hunting Lava Fiends!

    last week i killed at least 5 or 6 lavafiends in 1 cave at xanadu..and yes north... Go roam arround in the north and check all caves...u will catch some...but 100 will take a while ofc
  6. What has made you hate Wurm?

    People that pay to win...pvp
  7. xanadu offline? 0/0
  8. xanadu offline?

    Is xanadu offline for any reason i don't know...just logged in...afk...came back and was off game and cant log back now
  9. Goblin Leader (Private Loot)

    Does it say "jajajajajajajajaaa" if u bash his head?
  10. Rift - 30 Jan

    I know certain people hate me for that...and i dont care...but again: developers...there is enough space elsewhere than south xanadu only... And thx wulfmaer
  11. Flag Spear for pvp

    I keep open what kind of bonus. That's why i said for example. Instead of only a bonus from the Flag spear it could be combined with certain (new) skills. Leadershipskills. What i have in mind is what is being used in eve online. Leadershipskills that give certain bonuses to the group. This is another idea beside the Flag spear. But that might be to much to implement even at long terms.
  12. Flag Spear for pvp

    Flag spear or something like a Roman Aquila. It will give, for example, extra DR or any other bonus for all alliance members that are in the close proximity. The holder will get extra defense bonus for the risk of being primairy target. The idea is to add more dynamic to skirmish. Conquering the flag spear of the enemy could can make a nice display at your deed. Or when conquered an x amount of them could be exchanged to something...
  13. Xanadu insane lag

    I had some information that they're working on it but thats all i know.