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  1. I've shaking hair, weapon and shield already from the start with the new client. I'm using windows 10, an R9 380oc with crimson drivers version 17.1.1. If you devs need more info about OpenGL version or other crimson related programs im willing to provide them.
  2. Move it to a country for hosting that is connected to the internet backbone. In Amsterdam perhaps.
  3. Beehives are however vulnerable if they are to close to a deedborder...
  4. well thx u like the first part of the idea. But doing something with a rare moment while farming not a bad idea i think....maybe someone has a suggestion...a variant on my idea?
  5. A scarecrow that gives a bonus at something like yield/quality/xp for * by * tiles depending on the quality of the scarecrow (using fine carpentry to create and imp it). Or a chance to loot something aditional during tending or harvesting a chunk of coal or gem for example. [edit] perhaps combine a change to loot anything with a rare moment that doesnt add anything when people are farming...
  6. I feel bad when i'm playing selfish...until the devs change this bad system people will keep playing tagger and that means certain people in the group will suffer
  7. Uhm...did i caused the Exodus from WO to WU? Ive been a loyal player and so are others that are concerned about Rifts. We want to keep playing this game. So devs should hear us definitely.
  8. It's not public slagging's more like begging all the time and people never get heared. There are some ideas about changes in this topic that can be used by the devs. We all want a more pleasant game to play and there's definitely some space to improve rift-mechanics.
  9. I wonder if this is another topic that is again ignored by the devs. Everybody knows rift mechanics and spawns suck and no word about it
  10. I actualy didn't start this topic for discussing about the rewards but the awful system behind this participation list. And how people are affected by it...because this participationscore seems to influence how many rewards people get. But ok i will tell the differences in my case: With a score of 141 i was 2nd on the participation list and got 1 ada lump, 2 shoulderpads 2 seryll jewells and 10 riftwood. With a score of 90 i was very down in the list and got 1 seryll lump and 3 riftwood. Quite a difference if i may say... I hope that this will not encourage more and more people to play tagger. Because like i discribed it makes people selfish and this doesnt belong in a teamevent. The participationscore of a person should be based (imo) for the most on how busy/occupied he/she was during the event. And a smaller part based on skills and or damaged caused. This last thing is very important for developers and how well they are able to balance it. Because there's quite a difference between weapons and the damage they cause. For example i use still a longsword and they are infamous for their low dmg output. I think this whole rift thing needs an overhaul to make it pleasant for everyone...for newer people with lower fightingskills as well for the veterans. So how do we persuade the devs to work on this matter?
  11. I'm glad to hear you guys talking about its broken. When i had a score of 141 we where with a significant smaller group and we where all more focused on the same target. But when people move off the same target as i ...while its just lets say half of its would i be not a teamplayer? If i leave someone alone with 1 or 2 mobs...that means he will receive more damage because he need much more time to finish mobs. Imo thats not teamplay. And Wurm rewards this way better...
  12. People are not that silly walking off a mob for none reason to the next one without helping finishing it and they all have a lot better participation than me... must be blind/dumb if u cant see that
  13. Got my all time lowest score (90) in participating a Rift yesterday. The one before i had a score of 141. And it is easy to explane why i just had a score of 90 and therefor also less rewarded: i found myself repeatly alone with the agro of 1 or 2 mobs. I saw repeatly people walking away from me targeting the next mob. And thatfor i needed to run off more frequently to heal up etc. Why did this happen? Because the rift rewarding system creates TAGGERS. In my opinion this system opens the opportunity for people being selfish and anti-social. This is the last thing i would expect from something what i would call as a 'team-event'. So, a lot of burden comes at people that are commited to get the mobs killed. At the end what counts it's not their effort that they putted into it or their skills. And, silly excuses about 'ooooh it's random' are not valid and just an easy way to find an excuse. I know i might step on toes but at least i can say i have the guts to bring this to the table (again)! So time to hide here...lets get rid of this poor system!
  14. I have the feeling the devs have putted an old game on steriods. Im running wurm on a i5 6600k / r9 380oc / 16gb ddr4 2666mhz / Iiyama wqhd on a resolution of 2560x1440 and it was fine. Now, using the new client my gpu is running louder (annoying!), dark colors are to dark. Ive switched ambient environment off. For the rest same settings that where fine while using the old client. So, im not happy atm. [edit] I'm trying to scale down the fps while using the radeon gpu setting for it. Ive putted the goal on 75 fps. Also putted freesync on. It doesnt work. Now im using fps limit in adv. graphics of the wurm settings. It might help a little but not enough for my taste...
  15. Now we have marble walls and roads this should be definitely on the list. And ofc parapets...Developers...just copy paste the freakn texture on an existand 3d model!!!!