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  1. Please update player avatars models first before anything else...we deserve deserves it....we are to boxy
  2. Sorry, sold it this week
  3. I'm wondering if the developers ever think about remodelling our playeravatars. Because that's one the first things people look at while playing an mmo. The graphicmodels for our playeravatars are so outdated...they look like if they where original from they looked in Asheron's Call that i played arround that time. I know they can be improved if i look for example the model gm's use sometimes. Pictures of it are in the following link.
  4. I had a topic about it but its been closed by the mods. I assume devs don't want to look into the codes. 1 Thing is for sure it will keep spawning south of the xana equator most of the time
  5. What about having the parapets upgraded in the same type as the new walls?
  6. bump
  7. You are totaly right...some people will call us cynical
  8. bump
  9. Want to sell 4,5kg glimmersteel with total QL of 92,93. [edit] I'm looking for 38s
  10. Note: over and again spawned in the southern part of xana. Devs are to lazy to change codes imo.
  11. Asking developers over and over again: make the winter longer because its a matter of balance compared with the other seasons that last much longer. And not prefering certain people that whining about it while they can adjust just their monitor.
  12. Only 4 days of winter. I think it's made even 1 day shorter. Why is that...