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  1. Valoria

  2. [old thread]

    Best server ever!~ :3 Twas an awesome event
  3. [old thread]

    Just hopped in rather recently. Already love this server!~ Best WU experience ever! :3
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    ###### yes! Love this particular update
  5. An idea so incredibly mouthwateringly tasty that if it becomes stable... I'd be more than delighted.
  6. easy pan filler

    I should note that this sounds like the kind of, albeit highly convenient addon, that'd never be allowed on most WU servers.
  7. Wooot! Works on the server I play on(Sklotopolis!) Love it! This is soooo much feckin' easier! EDIT: And for the love of all that is holy someone pin this thing! Too ###### useful for otherwise!
  8. Can haz Wurmpedia back please? :3
  9. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I adore Sklotopolis!~ It's the only server I play on. The community is great. The economy is well functioning, and it's highly well run. I adore being able to run a priest that can also actually play Wurm.
  10. Would love to see this myself. :3
  11. Pristine user here. On my way out of Pristine actually. What attaches me to a server more than any element, resources, mountains, mobs, pretty farm land, dirt, ocean, fishing, is the community. Each server seems to have it's own "flavor" community wise, and that seems to be the deciding factor overall, we don't play Wurm alone. We are often surrounded by villages, alliances, and PMK's. I moved to Pristine when I found out about a village called Garden of Shadows and met a great group of players. However, the people I knew seem to have all drifted away. On my way out of Pristine actually. What now? That's how it works, the landscapes, the fjords, valleys, mountains, they've grown populated, lively, and touched by the hands of many. The landscape is pocked with evidence of life constantly. Abandoned Villages(Q.Q), wells, guard towers, players, and the like. The Land tells a story as do the players and communities that occupy it. Wow, kind of got lost on all of what I thought on that one.
  12. I find that I'd be absolutely horrified if they did, but I'll still say yes here, because overall, I'd still play, even while bummed out. Wurm is for getting unbummed out!~ :3 And unstrungout, and unstressed, and unburnedout. It's still a game, and while the possibility of making money is nice, I still play Wurm for Wurm.
  13. Bump, looking to sell both deeds a little more actively. Baskin's Wharf is coastal and near Blossom and on the Community Map and the other one, The Odd Place is fairly close by. Selling both for enough to get me started elsewhere, starting at 70s OBO, please send a message for more info.
  14. Can Nathan be converted to from the bone altar? I may spend the time if I can make it happen that way in order to get that screensnappy of a spell list.
  15. Thanks on that. Thought that's what it might mean. Whachu think on the oven thing? How might one go about getting that verified and fixed on the wiki side?
  16. I've tested the second point under creation about the clay blob size. It is deffinitely no longer true, I've used large combined clay blobs to start five ovens rather recently without the whole blob being used up. There is also a small discrepancy/clarity issue between the fighting skill guide page and the Scythe page: Fighting skill guide page: "40 skill in parryable weapons/shields: Until you hit 40 skill in a parryable weapon/shield, you cannot parry while you move. This makes you vulnerable when moving and as such you can suffer greatly while retreating from a fight. The scythe is the only Non-parryable weapon." Scythe page: "Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying." Or does non-parryable here mean it can't be parried?
  17. Hello and Welcome to The Green Fox There are a number of types of item for sale. Prices are negotiable and subject to change. Can COD, Deliver(for a fee), or pickup is quite easy, as we are on the community map and easily found in Blossom bay at ~11J on the coast. I will also fill requests for masonry, pottery, and smithing. QL's may vary. Current Stock: Meals: On short order for regular 21+ quality by the unit, or by the hundred at 1 Copper per for bulk orders, and 2 Coppers per for orders by the single unit. (Meals are 1.9kg+) Enchanted meal stock, while updated frequently, is meant more as a baseline for delay estimation, and for shorter delays on smaller orders. Enchanted Meals (10c per) 20.79QL O58 20.70QL O50 20.62QL O51 20.70QL O51 -Overweight- W=weight 22QL O74 2.05KG Boats: Corbita 9s (1 in stock cedar) Sailboat 1s (1 in stock lemonwood) Rowboat 50c (2 in stock cedar oak) Keyless Locked Rowboats: 45c (1 cedar) Misc Sleep Powder 1s (5 in stock) Assorted resources available for negotiation upon request. (Mainly lumber, metal, and farmed goods.) My two deeds, Bashkin's wharf and one fairly close by called The Odd Place, may be available for the right price. Main deedholder alt, is a fairly new vyn priest, also available with the deed. If interested, pm me, forums or ingame as kanashio.
  18. 5s or 1s per. Will COD, or COD container upon buyers request. Delivery fee is buyer's responsibility. Will deliver myself on request, delivery price negotiable. Pickup is also available at Bashkin's Wharf which is on the community map a short ways from Blossom. Please PM Kanashio in game for more info or if interested.
  19. Thank you for the business. Referral is now sold
  20. Sleep Powder at 1s a piece (5 Left) Referral at 6s.(Sold) PM me as Kanashio in game. Can mail or meet up at Bashkin's Wharf in Pristine (On the Blossom coast)
  21. Sounds so integral and necessary that I'm surprised that we don't have it already. :3 In other words, a nice idea! EDIT: Funky wording improvements.
  22. What it says on the tin. Pickup point is Garden of Shadows (On the community map near Blossom) or will mail CoD. Feel free to send me a message in game(kanashio) or on here.