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  1. I can replace mining thanks to all those ore, shard, and brick fragments!
  2. "We're gonna cut off 3 of your limbs, but it's ok because you can CHOOSE which 3". Nah man -1 There's enough grinding on Wurm as it is.
  3. [07:20:20] The water is slightly salty but still cools you down. Bump, and imma give this an honorable mention. Drinking seawater, we are one step closer to peak wogic.
  4. Meet Wilczan: Wilczan is smart and knows that the game needs to improve, even if it makes things easier for new players than what he had it in his own time. Be more like Wilczan.
  5. On a separate note, the graphics for drake hide caps seem a bit... off.
  6. Will be trying this system heavily now that it hit WU......... and yes, I'll start with a favorable bias toward it because of the quicker actions and high skills i got there which'll help make the setup rather painless compared to WO. Been very excited about this change... and a bit apprehensive from reading this thread... I think the problem is not so much the added difficulty but lack of two things which all gamers thrive on to some degree: Rewards and results. Rewards: We love bling and decoration in general ... as tons of people do in tons of games. Wurm being Wurm, this one's for the art team. It's been toyed with in the suggestions' forums, mounting fish for decorations. Many a goal can be tied in to this by tying minimum size of the fish to being able to craft the decoration. Maybe wogic up some new dye options (Romans got their imperial purple from a shellfish). *points below* Could make the recipes "drop" (get caught) on the rare roll that'd usually yield just an unstorable rare fish. Maybe give fishing the foraging rare roll for coins option too, give newbies a reason to fish to survive (and settle). Fishing for food by a campfire scared at night all new to Wurm was really part of the experience. Results: This one still isn't in the suggestions' forums but feels worth a thread... a few "RP" fish recipes and one or two affinity-useful ones (like a chowder that requires "one or more" of a bunch of fish, for example... something you can really play with its variety and pile on the ingredients... fish sausage recipe being added would spice up the wogic while at it). Now while affinities are nice, I'd do a twist on "new fishing" foods and have them give buffs like +5 to effective skill (kinda like the skill bonus runes) with timer behaviour similar or based on normal affinity foods that exist. ||||||| And since spear fishing is a thing now, add an actual harpoon that instead of relying on and skilling "spears" skill to hit in combat, have it tied to fishing skill with a small damage bonus specifically on sea creatures (sharks, dolphins, whales, crabs, octopi, and maybe seals?). Since leveling fishing is harder now, mix a bit of fighting into it as a side way of leveling it. My two sand dollars. As for losing a sweet afk skill.... we got underground dwellings now. Leveling ceilings to add more stories to chambers burns several afk-friendly hours easy. Just remember to use an unenchanted/unimbued pickaxe if you care about enchants degrading. RIP afk fishing, you'll be missed but it's ok.
  7. Not picking a fight here, for the record. Last contractor that said "monday or tuesday" to me got insulted re: having to wait around for 2 days for a 20 minute thing. And no, I ain't mad at you guys, I keep a Civ5 and a MUD (any Discworlders here?) on the side specifically for moments like this heh heh heh Just feedback eh. I ain't demanding that you guys launch your updates on a fixed strict schedule, merely suggesting that it may be a nice goal to aim for. And yes, I know that sometimes it's better to be vague than deal with rioting wurmians expecting 100% reliability from something as open to Murphy's law as dealing with new software can be. Here, have some memes as a peace offering =D
  8. Everything seems to be running smoothly (on my solo server). Constructive criticism for the devs: Remember that rolling out a patch on WO is one thing... downtime, set clients to patch, patch server, good to go. Players only have to sit through a download, no fuss. On WU, players get the update but server owners also gotta manually run one. Means that players who left their autoupdate on have to either roll back their version (means they end up downloading 3 times from CC's servers instead of once), or wait for the server to be updated. What I'm trying to say is: next time post some form of 24-72hrs heads up for server owners to be ready, please =D And most importantly: THANK YOU, can't wait to go out fishing and spellcasting and and and and and...
  9. What SHOULD in theory be an easy tweak as opposed to removing it, that said, would be lowering the on-deed timer (as in "A deed other than one's deed") to like 10 seconds. Would speed up putting alts to bed to be honest. If it makes tents faster, so be it. If tents stay at 60 seconds, so be it... I can vouch for it being harder to sleep somewhere other than one's bed =P Mine can, most can, yes.. but end of the day not all rigs can handle multiboxing so alt switching is a thing.
  10. Path of Love for sure... would save so much money on groceries and make so much money landscaping rich ppl's lawns with immortal grass =P
  11. I beg to differ, gotta match the MM barding which should show on unis (winknudge, art team)
  12. Rare knarr? I'm not paying that much for an extra 1km/h!
  13. I've never had to stop halfway through a project to make more materials.
  14. Feels like quiet resignation to me...
  15. +1 And some Jimmy Barnes in the background would rock too
  16. PvP'ers all agreeing... i may print and frame this thread... Ok but seriously.... Leave the decaying score, not sure what the time frames are but i'll hypothetically call it the "lately" score, and basically add a column with non-decaying "lifetime" score, center the achievement around "lifetime". Separating those scores would make the "lately" a useful score than can be reset to run contest and whatnot. My 2 copper.
  17. You want easy, cheap retention? Start players off with the ability to ride a cart. This would be a great opportunity to add the 1-horse carriage, something with the build difficulty of the small cart but a bit more capacity...... give starting players a rope and keep a decent stable of wild horses penned at the start deeds. Set up (if they don't exist) a well-signaled public mine near the spawn deeds and make sure there are some trees for cart making. Maybe a change (or highly visible clarification) to the "you need a mallet to start making smithing tools" conundrum. Wurm "survival" isn't that big a deal, many games do THAT way way better. Wurm's more of a settling and building game.... I mean, towers and templars aren't really a survival game thing.
  18. Rift mobs being possible mission spawns would be amusing imho, even if they don't drop rift stuff, just for the killing fun factor.