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  1. Ever wonder why certain people go off the deep end the instant you mention the idea of PvE kingdom/alliance wagons and such?
  2. Then why are you here trying to shriek down a suggestion that's for PVE? GTFO
  3. Heh, the same PvE that funds the game out of sheer numbers AND funds part of Chaos by buying your oh-so-treasured decorations that you do "NOT" want for selling but do sell anyways? You also have to get over yourself, Gladys. People are talking about paying for them, and being made risk-free on PvE, their market value would outright suck. You're not martyrs, you're not forced to PvP. The only real difference between PvP and PvE is that you guys are gamblers. You plonk cash into a game mode that's open for other gamblers to take the cash from you. Your "effort" and "blood, sweat, and tears" are as commendable as that of a poker player.... except that poker players don't go into an all-out whine when people play poker at home betting plastic tokens because they're not doing the "effort" to risk their cash at a casino.
  4. We randomly have them spawn on our Sklotopolis hunting server, they really do make for some great PvE fun. Really looking forward to their AI changes hitting WU someday. Shield and med axe tend to work well on those mobs.
  5. Because Wurmians are a prowd people who never say dye.
  6. That's another thing... you guys are WAY too easily triggered. So sensitive ffs. Enjoy killing your own PvP. Gives my popcorn purchases an added meaning.
  7. Think it's worth clarifying to the PvP'ers at this point that my previous post is, once again, not intended as a diss or bait or any of that nonsense. I just tend to be brutally blunt and say things as I see them, which I won't apologize for, though I'll grudgingly apologize for the abrasiveness of my comments. Had enough years watching you guys interact with the community. What I'm trying to say... oh, so bluntly... Is that I don't see anyone making any progress with the Wurm PvP community anytime soon until you guys, for a change, actually and consistently learn to CHILL in almost every sense of the word. I'll leave you with one thing I constantly notice in PvP overhaul related threads: There seems to be a pervasive focus on WINNING, as in winning the actual war and making a point of it by flattening the others. Don't think I've ever seen (may have missed it) someone say "This would hurt my kingdom too, but it would make battles more fun and constant". If I may be so bold as to suggest something: Change your own mentality regarding the end goal of PvP. Try to see it as a source of constant battles where "winning" means you win more BATTLES than you lose them. Second someone wins THE WAR, you lost a huge chunk of your community. My two valrei coppers.
  8. Funny, 'cause you guys are all over the forums going on and on and on and on about that. Make your own thread: PvP Roadmap we'd all like to see. Discuss it, do your usual 50 pages of KvK, narrow it down to one or two pages, mail the .doc to your favorite dev. Oh and: try to be civilized when dev feedback about that roadmap comes back. Try, for once, to not give devs a reason to pull the plug on that damned headache and turn those servers into something more useful like a private GTA server. For clarification: It makes no difference to me whether PvP thrives or is permanently shut down. Luckily WU modders have coded in stuff that wouldn't see daylight here because "it would roon peeveeps" or "isn't oldskul enuff!" that keep the game highly enjoyable on my personal end of things. Hell, WO development could be frozen altogether and the modders would keep me from worrying too much about it. What I'm trying to say is: You want PvP fixed (whatever the HELL that's finally supposed to mean, write your own roadmap ffs), try starting by not being so openly and consistently antagonistic toward the developers AND the other 90% of the playerbase. Oh, and next time one of you is bored enough to post a "Why don't more people PvP?" thread, DON'T defeat the entire purpose of the thread by showing utter hostility and disdain toward anyone answering the actual question like y'all did last time. It's near impossible to take someone seriously when they can dish it out but can't take it back.
  9. Hey now, be supportive. These brave people are coming out and sharing their experiences in a world that refuses to decriminalize Wurm (I'm looking at you, non-gaming spouses and ambushing relatives) and bullies consumers on account of some outdated social stigma (I'm still looking at you, non-gamer scum!). If you see someone running around your local park cutting sprouts off trees and randomly planting them nearby, don't mock them. Talk to them, encourage them, teach them things like keeping a filled-out Excel chat in the background and fast alt-tabbing techniques. Be part of the solution!
  10. Yes, new, moving forward. Guess no dev can say it but I'm gonna warrant a GUESS at another reason why PvP is receiving way less love: Your own threads, own/others' suggestions' threads, discussion threads, joke threads.... It's like you guys would be happier if someone revived some 2010 backups of the game and made THAT PvP (at least you sure as hell love giving that impression). Been seeing it for years. Any change to the game, be it global, be it PvE only, be it PvP only... it sets you guys off to the point that's reminiscent of giving a cat a pill. After enough stitches, the cat gets kicked out of the house and at best gets a dish of food put out in the yard every morning............. speak of... /snip, gotta feed the cat... at least Abby doesn't claw my hand off every time I pet her.
  11. Thing is those %'s are misleading the way it's coded. 100 tries at 25% chance means you throw a 4-sided dice each time and hope for a 4. You MAY get 25 out of 100, or more, or less... and trust me, Murphy's from Panama, I know his laws =P Some games (The Almighty Runescape comes to mind) will set a hard cap on it. So you're doing your 100x create actions at 25% chance, fail 1 2 3 *hardcap kicks in* 4th is a guaranteed success. 5 6 success, 7 8 fail, 9 success, 10 11 12 fail *hardcap*, 13 success guaranteed by cap. Bribe your local dev today!
  12. Honestly, all dissing aside.... As a dev I wouldn't waste time making you guys a new map that you'll HATE on sight. Saw how that rolled last time =P Make a thread amongst yourselves, post a few hand drawn sketches of what features you expect to find in new epic maps (dunno, a mountain range in the shape of a Mercedes logo that splits the map into three distinct hard to breach by land areas with a valley in the center for stuffs ... that kinda of "feature"). Once you got the general consensus of what you want, what size, how many islands, how smooth or otherwise, talk the devs into making a community contest out of it. Hell I'd throw a couple of heightmaps into the run for kicks. Imagine playing Epic on a map made by Mord =P
  13. Almost 8 hours.... then a noise in the kitchen woke me up which turned out to be the cat. Gonna commit, however, and stay clean until after I've showered, pun half intended.
  14. And with glim, seryll, and addy minitokens for added awesome
  15. Flying.... Blimps..... Blimps that you can upgrade to a solid 3-story 5x9 building as the cabin area..... THESE =p
  16. The bulk of the WU community begs to differ on this one. Even on WU, the channeling grind is bad enough that you get very few commercial casters so the market is there. Difference is you can collapse your own mine tiles, wild growth your own sprouts, get your personal Vynora sleep bonus machine without having to make someone go halfway across the server for a 20c favor burn. If anything, we need more crafting spells =P
  17. This thread is heresy... learn your doctrines! VIII. Lowly casuals who tend to their jobs and families are lazy for not playing Wurm at least 8 hours a day and should be penalized accordingly. XIII. All QoL should be nerfed to keep the lazy casuals away, and be clearly and numerically explained by the devs. XIV: If some people want a QoL improvement and I don't, they shouldn't be allowed to interfere with my gameplay.  XVI: A Faithful Wurmian cherishes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  18. +1 ..... and it's about time we got a badass drake scale helm. Arr!