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  1. Ok... before this company goes full into bait n' switch practices bear this in mind: We were SOLD our deeds(yes, sold, silver = $ ... those who made the silver ingame instead please bite your tongues a sec, we congratulate you, but it's not the topic). The product was sold to us with a mandatory 5-tile perimeter which is usable enough with some properly gatehoused fencing. Said product was also sold to many people long enough ago that they now have no room to expand due to other people purchasing the same product in the inmediate area. So let's sum all the factors. Can't expand over my perimeter, system requires my ratio to be 1 animal per 15 tiles. Add the off-chance of two good horses breeding a triple-badtrait foal here and there. Now this big bad jaguar-feeding guy happens to have offed a couple injured horses in his real life so culling horses, not really his thing... "that's ok" he thinks, "i can perimeter them, great AH exp" (which was a brilliant idea btw). Now I can't expand, can't absorb my perimeter unless 4 deeds disband, but wth let's open his enclosures to griefers. Think Paypal and certain banks would take Wurm's side if enough of their customers decided to reverse all their latest payments? My recommendations, all or mixed should do the job for DEED OWNERS: (I'm not gonna advocate for free landgrabs) 1) Do away with ratio, 1:15 is overkill when in theory 1:3 is enough to go a couple irl days without having to replant grass. 2) ***KEEP THE ENCLOSURE RULES FOR PERIMETER ENCLOSURES THAT ARE PROPERLY GATEHOUSED*** Ownership of a perimeter and edifications on it is way too damn obvious to be missed. Heck, my gatehouses are ON-DEED, and my enclosures don't go past my perimeter. 3) Lower minimum ratio to 1:5 AND allow 0-perimeter deeds, I'd still consider it a filthy money grab, but beats having no option at all other than culling 2/3 of my herd. 4) Don't let GM's handle tickets from within their own alliance and/or friends' list. Need I explain more? 5) Have KOS coverage apply to perimeter and the one tile outside where ppl stand to bash walls? 6) Bounty system, since Freedom is slowly becoming PvP where griefers only have PvE consequences: As in, if a minimum of 5 DEED OWNERS declare a shenanigan on a griefer, that person becomes open for PvP, bounty paid from those who shenanigan'd him. In other words, if you're gonna give griefers new tools, give them new consequences. I'll ask again, are you TRYING to cull down the player population for some weird reason, maybe a tax break if Wurm declares losses this year? In that case you can always just say that directly, people will spend less without having to quit the game. (Edit in anticipation to griefers screaming "yes please" and the incoming reply: READ AGAIN, THE PART WHERE I CAN'T EXPAND UNLESS 4 OTHER DEEDS GO, DO THE FINANCIAL MATH FOR WURM) *chucks credit card into freezer for a while*
  2. Half the hiring and monthly cost of templars and maybe this won't be so heavily bait n' switch, considering that until March 31st you bought one thing when setting up a deed, and today it's something entirely different (and less valuable).
  3. If you want "reality", no ecosystem where predators outnumber prey 100 to 1 is viable. If at least you had larger predators attacking smaller ones, so say trolls hunting down anything in sight when hungry, spiders taking down wolves and brown bears... y'know, give each a "favorite" ...
  4. Don't let horses on large vessels, make sharks want them.....
  5. Over the past 15 years or so of my online gaming "career", I've seen companies make some really dumb decisions, and then make dumber decisions on how to best implement it on the live servers. This is one of them. Quite high on the list too, the kind that makes one wonder "Are they trying to cull the player population?"
  6. Other thing is perimeter fencing... you know, technically i still got room for dozens of horses but the whole "ratio" mechanic, gotta perimeter quite a few so...... If a griefer can fly into my perimeter fields and off them, I may as well invest in Final Fantasy instead. Would either need to REALLY buff up the rules on legal enclosures and get really hardcore on enforcing them, or allow "0-perimeter" deeds so ppl like myself can absorb their perimeters (save your rethoric, *certain ppl*, i have no room to expand unless I get about 5 people to quit).
  7. You do know the Knarr outclassed all the vessels of its era, right? When did you ever hear of Vikings getting flipped over by a shark?
  8. Not saying you're one of them, but that's exactly what the kind of coward that wants to do PvP damage to others' deeds while only dealing with PvE consequences would say. Y'know.. keyboard warriors... tough online, wouldn't DARE act half as nasty at their local pub.
  9. See, now a max size for legal off-deed enclosure, beyond which you have to build a new one x tiles away for protection to hold, that makes proper amounts of sense. However said rule would have to have its exception for perimeter, SPECIALLY if the gatehouse is on-deed.
  10. +1 collisions -1 jumping and flying unless there's a HEAVY revamp on rules to keep the less savory characters at bay... as things are they're not held accountable much, if they could get over fences effortlessly, their actions would result in LOTS of people quitting.
  11. Let them be, Pinky. We'll see them here in a few weeks when it happens to them and no one shows them sympathy.
  12. Or seal off the area, sounds easier than modifying roads that have been there for several months, many before people deeded over it, gatehouse all the walls to make them "legal" enclosures, and too bad for everyone's whose trip suddenly has 30 minutes added just by going around eh? Oh well, should at least boost the prices of ships.
  13. So if i go to the area of some alliance I dislike, and start tearing up random 1-tile wide roads, digging holes in the path so carts can't path... it's legal, but when does it become "griefing" considering my intent is solely messing with them? They got the tools to fix it, wasn't on deed although smack in the middle of their deed cluster.. maybe i can build some walls between their deeds to quadruple their travel time until they smash them... hmm... You REALLY want the server retaliating back and forth that way? Then we will NEED flying mounts to travel in anything resembling a straight line.
  14. Buy more silver, expand your deeds! Pump more money into Wurm, the kind the DDoS'er will never see with his current job at McDonald's.
  15. Got a fine for chopping a tree in a park, even though slapping the ground several times didn't give me any indications that it was deed or perimeter. "Just building a cart" didn't calm the cops down either.
  16. Just, no matter what you do, don't start digging around your town's streets to "soften some slopes" .. cops won't agree with you.
  17. Depends how far into the night they go, still seems like we're in the final stretch of this hellish graphically exaggerated high-gamma sandbox game ppl call IRL.
  18. Wait for the official announcement, don't risk your toons. Also, keep the servers at 0 load from our side til moving operations are done, will be faster i'm sure if they can restart it as many times as needed without having to give a 10 minutes heads up each time (assuming you manage to get in).
  19. Meanwhile, at Wurm's ex-hosting company: Hope new one has orangutans... they're much more efficient.
  20. so much stupid out there........
  21. Dear DDoS'er .. now i'm gonna buy more silver to support Wurm and upgrade stuff in the process. Ta kthxbai umad?
  22. Oooo oooo oooo know what we should all do in advance, before servers come back up? SHOWER!