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  1. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    Yyyyyyyeh except by that logic we gotta fence off the entire alliance, doesn't particularly bother me, but it would cut off all traffic from Sloping Sands to the southwest.
  2. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    Was a genuine question, specifically regarding retaliation. Basically, a loophole so well on topic m8.
  3. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    So repeated harassment of a person or group of persons is OK as long as it's within those rules?
  4. Suggestion to help cut down on griefing...

  5. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    It's a weekly thing around my alliance's turf (not the leader, as in alliance i'm in). Always "within legal limits", so repeated but gray line... where does it become harassment?
  6. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    All my enclosures are gatehoused, so cut the pro-griefing "laziness" card. Hope to hear from you the day you woke up low on caffeine, skip a beat, and have your stuff griefed.
  7. Freedom Code Of Conduct : Loophole

    Much harder than it must be for a sysadmin to get a griefer's name and stop them instead of practically sponsoring them.
  8. Bridles

    You can ride one and lead 3 but yeah ... bridles enabling "autolead on dismount" would rock, and leading 4 animals *on foot* would rock even more. Save us lots of clicketyclick on prepping a wagon.
  9. Pick up Items

    /signed Not all deeds are meant to be walled in.. would totally kill the feel of mine... So for now seems like the option is "send all new players along on their way" which well... isn't really the idea now is it?
  10. Down Again

    Oooohkay wtf.... no update no nothing?
  11. Down Again

    Well isn't this a special start to the weekend >=(
  12. Down Again

    Ditto.. stuck at "connecting to server"
  13. The Spawn Lake Canal

    Update: Groundwork for Salem (sea) side of exit, from the surface end, is done. Bit of fine tweaking may still be needed but bulk is done ready to open.
  14. Dammit Moon Moon...... or:
  15. Signage and natural nav aids (pve)

    /signed Or at least the option to contact a GM if it's within one's perimter (expanding over it isn't always an option)... Got a q10 sign uglying my perimeter fields and I know for a fact that the guy who planted it is off to pvp servers.. his deed fell and house decayed a couple of weeks ago already and sign's still at 21 damage. In all honesty the griefing potential is way higher from indestructible sign planting than from reasonably durable sign destruction.
  16. Probably a whiner post but... guard speeds.

    Ack.. that can't be good. In theory should be simple enough to create a second "copy" of the guards' database entries and return PvE ones to their normal state. /signed to fix pve server guards
  17. Throttling Interface Not Working

    @Rolf: have you tried contacting Kyle? (Family safe)
  18. Throttling Interface Not Working

    Avilio... this is an "indy" game... microempresa. You COULD try one of the big company games that rarely go down except for expansions and planned maintenances (HAAAAAH this happens to them too btw), but it's $15 a month + extra Store stuff 'cause trust me, you'll need it. They'll all be WoW-clones with different skins, and sandboxes they are not even when they claim to be. I just came from those in case you're wondering. The most sandboxey ones are basically really really feature rich WoW-clones, or Runescape (which IS awesome, but not even 1/10th the sandbox Wurm is). @Jayman: If you could look into my mind and see the evil I'm brewing toward Wurm's ISP your face would melt off =D
  19. Throttling Interface Not Working

    Heh sounds like my ISP.. they switched a lot of in-house stuff to subcontractors, so the company seems to have not know their heads from their..... hind quarters. I feel Rolf's pain. If push comes to shove, Rolf, try this line on them.. worked for me: (say it with a warm smile and a loving tone) "So who do I have to call to get the service I paid for... your boss, his boss, his boss's boss, my lawyer, the authorities, another provider? You're costing me money. I'd rather YOU fix it and we all go back to being friends." It helps if you bring a big dog >.>
  20. Slow Connection

    Easy, man. Most people think that with $200 a month you can develop and host a game, when it actually runs in the thousands. Being misled doesn't make you a bad person.... but yeah shaz, in tiny games like Wurm free players generate more cost than benefit to the company itself, even if the community benefits. On games owned by large companies with player figures in the thousands-tens of thousands with massive in-game economies you could argue otherwise since they can weasel tricks into the economy to profit even off the freebie crowd. Just being pragmatic here... as I mentioned earlier, tried starting off my own indie game but the COSTS .... *finds a new corner to cry in again*
  21. Slow Connection

    NOT criticizing as I've been broke myself in the past but.............................. You know... playing free... drain on resources... not particularly owed anything...... (and yes I know free players add variety to the community but you know...)
  22. Slow Connection

    Actually, you missed out on a free week (Thanks for that btw, we know you weren't under the obligation to do so beyond the days of downtime) And as I said previously... Eve, LoL, a few banks, NSA, CIA... they've all been in the same situation as us. Eve took about 4 days to bring back to life and their server clusters are enviable monsters. NSA, sure they got millions of dollars worth of funding, and in an emergency can always get more funding to ask giants like Google to absorb the extra traffic for them (Spamhaus had to resort to asking for that kind of help). I DO firmly believe that Rolf's ISP needs to give him some free uptime, in any case.
  23. Slow Connection

    I finally got off the computer last night.... There was this strange woman in the house claiming to be my wife, along with 2 kids which are apparently mine. Has this happened to anyone else during downtime? Any known fixes?