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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  2. Should be reworked to fit/ work in the window. Make the 'value' of the ingredient be the item and the 'type' be material its made of. Just like shaft, oakenwood. It would then be Very good potency, tooth. Change the icons if needed or add a craft like needing to use a grindstone on ingredients to get the alchemy material ready for making a cover?
  3. Who is that?

    Sucks. Just spams local all day, lord help you if more than one is nearby. Spams worse than a noob asking for help building near a guard tower and troll spawn. I did get a fur, but can't make a rug nor a bunny ears hat.
  4. .

    Meditation sucks last few dozen times I've meditated, no skill gains other than nature... To put it in view, my nature skill is now higher than meditation. Using a set of rugs that are ql range of 4 to 39 with coc of 75 to 23. Skull is at 30.08. I've given up I think.
  5. Funny, I thought wurm was a medieval themed craft-survival game. Now we have monsters spawning around mystical rifts and shoulder pads that look like inflatable pool toys covered in cosplay eye candy. World of Wurmcraft, I coined it!
  6. Should be a poll initiated once there are 5 players able to be a god. We vote for one. If players are included the players should be included. Or just stick it on epic. Give them champ status on epic through a spell with limits or long cooldowns?
  7. So, there's mention of shoulder pads... and im reading bits about something to do with a rift or the rift? Is it a server, an instanced area, a group of new creatures...? I can't seem to find info on the forums of any announcement. I keep getting chatter about the new items and about the transition of fountain pans/bags. Someone link me to the original story about the Rift thing?
  8. Looks good... are there any plans to break that down for Freedom? Perhaps have it work at an Alliance level?
  9. HAHAHAHA "theres no action, everyone just holes up in their fortresses and shelters in mines until everyone can log in to defend" results are devs try to get people out but in reality those with fortresses and numbers to defend resources will have resources and only new blood will have hard time fending off established players while seeking out resources behind defended walls. basically Devs have allowed YOU the ability to damage PVP even more so. This is like Challenge all over again, kill the newbies and make sure nobody can compete by choking the resource point. *slow clap* but yea stupid idea is stupid.
  10. In pve this wont matter due to reinforced walls, but PVP I see people digging to rock at water level around their land, dropping a dirt over the rock then changing the tile to a recsource to protect their mines better, even more so, making a safe underground, upon a major attack collapse the entrance change to tar/clay and waiting out the attack lol.
  11. QoL? New guards for PvE servers that would make KOS work. No use of kos as of now other than as a way of formally stating "please leave".
  12. Smelter! So, x2 capacity of forge? So that's what 52 ores at a time :/ would be nice to have them turn to lumps faster than you can mine instead.
  13. +1 but... less throbing veins in the groin? seriously looks angry because someone squid in the pants.