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  1. Major issue with rude people

    i never say Hello, or \o back if i don't know them. If thy take that personly i don't care. It's just who i am. The ppl i learn to know is moust of time tru alliances.
  2. Place feature on chaos

    -1 Not our faulth you don't look at your boats what happens there
  3. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    i didn't seen Platinumteef saying the bid was ignored.
  4. Valrei International. 060

    Will animal crates also work for Wagoneers ?
  5. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    @Sila i'm still mining out the peris mine still 3 iron veins and 2 lead veins needs to be gone. Then need get reinforcing some part of the mine. So still alot of work
  6. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Lomere is connected till Peris i'm working now in the mine there getting rid of the veins
  7. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    This is the triger you need to make in WA
  8. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Ayes you can make a trigger with Wurm Assistant with sound notification or just with text.
  9. The final change to alt abuse

    tbh with or without the change you sugested i don't see any change of the pvp outcome.
  10. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    it's conntected till peris mine
  11. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    i have a problem for conecting Lomere to linton: [11:05:59] You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "Bearfoot Vinyard". Gordonlee, cool, Bearfoot Vinyard [12:16:58] You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "The Grange". Velas, mayor, The Grange ftm solved maked a way around it
  12. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Highway from Ebony Veil to lomere is done
  13. Highway Linton - Lomere

    Are there plans for conecting Linton & Lomere of a highway with catseyes ? greets
  14. Highway Linton - Lomere

    i can also provide some catseyes
  15. Or transfer also the path and lvl From freedom
  16. Closed

    Got the info i wanted. Thnx for the one's with the info i wanted.
  17. Name and Shame - Loneshark (Cosiupl)

    He stole a Drakeset that was in a locked chest in Abralon when he was in same kingdom
  18. HOTA Changes Discussion

    Tbh this is funny. When MR dropped dirt everyone was against it From other kingdoms. Now thy want to make it normal ppl complaining again. When there Are tree you can have the hide And seek what makes pvp even more fun.
  19. Bloodyhell me Nightfall gf And happy birthday
  20. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    Duce you will be missed by alot of ppl, We will miss all your story's and knowledge. I hope you will find your rest now.
  21. Mrgrim's passing

    I only have know him when he joined JK, was a good guy actieve and helping out with stuff.
  22. Patch Notes 09/JUN/16 Anniversary Gifts!

    but we are not asking to make it non drop eather