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  1. Major issue with rude people

    i never say Hello, or \o back if i don't know them. If thy take that personly i don't care. It's just who i am. The ppl i learn to know is moust of time tru alliances.
  2. Place feature on chaos

    -1 Not our faulth you don't look at your boats what happens there
  3. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    i didn't seen Platinumteef saying the bid was ignored.
  4. Valrei International. 060

    Will animal crates also work for Wagoneers ?
  5. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    @Sila i'm still mining out the peris mine still 3 iron veins and 2 lead veins needs to be gone. Then need get reinforcing some part of the mine. So still alot of work
  6. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Lomere is connected till Peris i'm working now in the mine there getting rid of the veins
  7. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    This is the triger you need to make in WA
  8. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Ayes you can make a trigger with Wurm Assistant with sound notification or just with text.
  9. The final change to alt abuse

    tbh with or without the change you sugested i don't see any change of the pvp outcome.
  10. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    it's conntected till peris mine
  11. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    i have a problem for conecting Lomere to linton: [11:05:59] You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "Bearfoot Vinyard". Gordonlee, cool, Bearfoot Vinyard [12:16:58] You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "The Grange". Velas, mayor, The Grange ftm solved maked a way around it
  12. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Highway from Ebony Veil to lomere is done
  13. Highway Linton - Lomere

    i can also provide some catseyes
  14. Highway Linton - Lomere

    Are there plans for conecting Linton & Lomere of a highway with catseyes ? greets
  15. Or transfer also the path and lvl From freedom