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  1. It breaks my heart to read this. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jabirta, but i've met Storm in the Shepherds of Gnome. We chatted a couple of times.. he was always really kind and it was fun and easy chatting with him. Even though his situation wasn't easy he was so positive. I am so sorry for your losses. I can't imagine what it's like to lose everything including fur babies. And i'm glad you still have each other. My thoughts go out to you guys and i'll look forward to the day i'll see you in wurm again!
  2. Not sure if its a known bug, but I have a bridge on my deed going down a mountain and at the bottom it has a locked gate. When i go down the bridge and through the gate the mob follows me and also goes through the locked gate. All kinds aggressive mobs seem to be able to get through when they have targeted me. The gate is supposed to keep my defenseless noob alts safe lol
  3. Updated the post with pictures i got send and made.. if you made some screenshots on your own you can pm me.. id love to add them to it.
  4. Thank you Valdor, that means a lot. Hope you have a good second day. Mine ended early but we also have a 2nd day in The Netherlands
  5. Hey guys! First of all happy holidays and we hope you all have a wonderful time. As most of you know by now Waarokku passed away this year. We would like you to join us on his birthday, December 26th at 2:00PM CST for a ceremony to remember Waar and break ground on the Waar Memorial build site. If you would like to participate, please bring regular candles, as we will be spelling WAAR with them. We will also set off fireworks when the candles are set. Feel free to bring fireworks too if you would like. K-20 on Celebration, on the highway, due east of Tap Dance Market. Please join us at The Waar Memorial deed. All of Waar's friends are welcome. Finally i have some time to post the pictures from the event. Again thank you all for coming and your kind words. It means a lot to me and the people who helped to make this happen. My friends Sugarrodenta and Catullus were a great help and support in this. And many thanks to the GM who shot some air pics See here the rest of the pictures
  6. Hey Jaz! How is the stock these days? I would like to buy some scale
  7. Wow what an auction guys, thank you all for bidding. Congrats to the winner Yggdrasil!
  8. Congrats Stanlee! And that is a really awesome title
  9. Snipe protection started after the last bidder. If anyone else bids now it will be extended again with 3 more hours and so on.
  10. Just build a little shop which sells bloods and rares.. working on another shop. TDM is starting to look more alive each day!
  11. Blood of the Angels (one charge) Starting bid: 1g Minimum Increments: 5s Snipe Protection: 3 hours Private bids: None Reserve: None Buyout: None Buyer must use the charge soon after the purchase, and return the remaining charge