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  1. Lol! Well I love cookies but i wont bite Tell him “hi” back
  2. It doesn't work that way with steam. Linux games on Steam don't work on Mac. And so doesn't WU. You don't even get a change to install them.
  3. Great! Thank you.. can you also tell me if there are plans for a mac version of WU?
  4. In Rolfs post about WO on Steam he repeatly talks about pc and linux players. But will the Steam WO be available for mac too?
  5. I mean i have steam. It’s for mac too but WU isn’t available for mac on steam. Only for windows and SteamOs + Linux. Even though Wurm is Java and WO works fine on mac. There is no way to play WU on mac. And in Rolfs post about Steam WO he keeps naming pc and linux players. So i don’t think they will make a mac version. Will ask though. but as long as Nothing will change with the current WO client it doesn’t really matter for me. I prefer WO over WU anytime. And playing WU in bootcamp windows is just different. Id rather not have to. I prefer WO to get the best experience.
  6. Lol.. he is too shy to tell me “hi” himself? XD
  7. @SamoolCongrats! @BuddaThanks for your hard work!
  8. If this is the case then im all for it. Worked years for my skills and put a lot of time and money into it so yeah a total restart would be ridiculous for old players. Also I use Mac so if it will only be steam it means I can't play. Using bootcamp is not that ideal. And although there might not be many, there are more Mac users who might want to play Wurm. I do think the new server should be on steam AND should be able to acces through the existing client. It could only attract more people that don't like Steam for example. Hope wurm can be saved!
  9. The bigger and older the tree the more logs you get. Seems realistic enough to me.
  10. Wow you been around for a long time. I haven't seen any girls playing this, but its nice to have ladies around too :)


    I just started myself, hoping to play out like an elf, pretending of course. Still trying to get my head around the game that isn't quite like reality in real life of doing things. So I don't know if I am gonna stick around or leave later on. Started out in Indy, in Haven's Landing for now to understand the game and get my skills up at some point.


    I do however enjoy the game, just that there are something really need some improvements in there.

    1. SweetSusie


      Haha.. there are actually a lot of girls in Wurm Online.. 


      When did you start playing?

      This game is a lot but in my opinion worth it, you just have to get to know it more.. There are so many skills and things you can do and make. And it definitely gets much better the more you understand the game and your skills go up.

      Its for me the most realistic game I've ever played but I understand its not what you do in real life. But elf aren't real either haha..

      Wurm can use some improvements but they are constantly working on that.

      I hope you stick around.. this game definitely deserves a bigger community.. And your interests match the game. Lots of building and crafting. Its what I love the most in wurm.

      Have fun! :D


    2. Wildelf


      I started her on the 19th of August, roaming around for two days in Indy, esp around the lakes, etc. Trying to find a spot, realize that most good spots already taken. Then I lost my boat (wasn't mine) lol, someone left it unlock that I wasn't aware that once you landed on someone's deed or settlement you will ended up losing the boat. Unless I change my lawful to outlaw, i didn't want to steal it. So took me four hours to travel around that big lake to get back to Haven.


      I do love the game, the biggest issues is how to deal with negative players, esp for being rude or threaten. Well if it get that bad, i can simple /ignore them. What bother me is that if they wanna harass you, by knocking down your fences, etc. How to deal with that? I had one player got out of line other day, mention that "I could come over and knock your fences down, blah, blah, etc." So i told that player, go ahead, i would simple go over your lawn and do the same thing to drive you mad! lol. Guess some people out there have no respect or brain at all.


      I don't wanna give up, still learning new things and like to earn it and enjoy the game. No rush at all either. I have met some good players, that make me feel right at home.

  11. Im a bit disappointed cause I thought there wasn't gonna be any change but I Just downloaded the new launcher for Mac and the quality of the in game text, icons and windows have significantly decreased. Do I need to change something in my settings? The startscreen is also blurry btw. Cant enter the settings from in game. New Launcher https://imgur.com/drmHjgr Old Launcher https://imgur.com/TWJ7l3o Also I can't paste and copy in the chat window anymore or open links Just tested different window settings. And going to classic UI instead of Ironwood but that didn't help either. Fullscreen seems the only one that looks sharp. But.. everything is super tiny so i adjusted the resolution and everything was the right size again but also blurry again. 2 more screenshots a bit closer. https://imgur.com/a/MiJCJPd Im not sure what else to try at this moment. Suggestions are very welcome. Good thing i can still use the old launcher cause that one is perfectly sharp. How long will I be able to use the old launcher?
  12. For Sale Item Price awl 34,93ql c78 0s 16c knife 95ql w70 1s 66c trowel 95ql w83 1s 82c metal brush 95ql w87 2s 02c scissors 95ql w84 1s 86c rare hatchet 95ql w86/LibilaRune 3s 50c saw 95ql w70 1s 66c needle 95ql w99 3s 22c rare scissors 95ql botd90/Libila rune 4s 42c branding iron 90,39ql 0s 50c branding iron 90,43ql 0s 50c crowbar 91,06ql 0s 80c crowbar 90,98ql 0s 50c WTS rare 91ql lantern with 95ql white dye 2s 50c
  13. I waited till April 16th and nothing happend on the 13th.. so the in game date was the right one.. Problem solved now
  14. I got an email that my premium time is almost expired so I went to the shop to get new premium. When I was at the shop I saw that I have premium until: Current premium time expiry: 13 Apr 2019 08:18:23 GMT But in game it says [13:04:36] You have premium time until 16 Apr 2019 08:18:23 GMT I did use the redeem key last time so im guessing it has to do with that. Please fix, ty