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  1. Started happening to me a lot all the sudden with my priest until i found out she needed full favor to be able to gain the bonus. i didn’t know they changed it. Seemed like wogic to me cause i can get the bonus with my main char who is no priest.
  2. Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed greatly 😢

  3. Toolbelt is still not fixed. Would be great to have a properly working toolbelt. I had to click 4 times to select my rope just now. Is there at least someone looking into this problem? Is it on the list to be fixed?
  4. First thing i checked was the toolbelt since thats an issue why i still have been playing on the old UI. Sadly the toolbelt still isnt fixed.. the last 3 slots in vertical position do not work properly. The ones above do work when you click the middle but gets tricky when you click at the bottom of the slot. Please.. please fix this before the old UI becomes unavailable! Im really excited about the other stuff tho
  5. I thought i read a post somewhere where someone else addressed it. This was when it was just released. So i didn’t make a post about it. Back then the issue began at the 5th slot. idk how you use your toolbelt but i forgot to mention this happens in the vertical position. Horizontal seems to work fine. i know they worked on more issues but i just felt the wurmpedia seems less important since it’s also accessible in a webbrowser.
  6. Such a cute update! Im a bit concerned about the removal of the old UI tho, since the new one is still not functioning like it should. Instead of focussing on a proper working toolbelt you guys focus on the wurpedia. I see there has been an attempt to fix the toolbelt but still the 8th and 9th slot dont work properly. For me this is important cause i dont use the numbers to select the slots. So it takes more time for me to select a tool to imp things. The other thing is the lag that comes with the new UI. I have some lag when i play with one char and i often have 2, 3 and sometimes 4 chars on which is basically undoable in the new UI. I dont have that problem with the old UI. So it would be great if those things were fixed before they throw out the old UI.
  7. Quake

    Thank you for making it public.. Cant wait!
  8. Please! Let us pick up or load altars in freedom! It would be so helpful instead of having to place or push it for many many tiles/km's
  9. This has been bothering me too. i also love the walnut color and remade everything on my deed in walnut. altho i like the color of the walnut fsb’s as well and i don’t have a crate rack next to it, it should be the same color. i made coffers for my tools in each building but they are so dark they don’t match the rest so i replaced them with large chests.
  10. Supreme iron short sword 90ql Starting bid: 25s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  11. Im a big fan of thatched roofs.. All my buildings have thatched roofs (sorry dont have a good screenshot with daylight)