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  1. This has been bothering me too. i also love the walnut color and remade everything on my deed in walnut. altho i like the color of the walnut fsb’s as well and i don’t have a crate rack next to it, it should be the same color. i made coffers for my tools in each building but they are so dark they don’t match the rest so i replaced them with large chests.
  2. Supreme iron short sword 90ql Starting bid: 25s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  3. Im a big fan of thatched roofs.. All my buildings have thatched roofs (sorry dont have a good screenshot with daylight)
  4. Hi Jaz! Id like to buy 1kg of green drake hide if that's possible. COD to sweetsusie please, thank you!
  5. I can't pick up dead animals that died of natural causes on a deed. Until there has been a server restart. Its horses, hell horses, cows, sheep, bisons and by the time I can pick them up after a restart they already have dmg. It happens in the mine but also above ground. When I right click there is no pick up, butcher and/or bury option. This has been happening for months.
  6. Is that working for mac now too? Or is there still the OpenGL issue?
  7. Yup that still hasn't been fixed.. it was already like this when I started 6,5 years ago
  8. Bailey was born with Bilateral Patellar Luxation. Which means that his kneecaps were too loose and kept dislocating.. so he would occasionally sag or fall on his side. 6 weeks ago he got surgery on his left leg (which was the worst leg). After 2 weeks his bandage came off and at 5 weeks they did his right leg. Next week they will take that bandage off. And then he will still have to stay int the kennel for another 4 weeks. So he has to stay in the kennel for a total of 12 weeks. He is doing really well.. has accepted the kennel and also the cone of shame. He is a good, sweet and chill kitty with very stylish bandage He has little flamingo lights in his kennel so i have a bit of light when i need to check on him in the middle of the night. He didn't have to wear the cone before because he never tried to touch or bite the bandage but since tuesday he kept licking the wounds from the bandage so he has to wear it now for about 2 days till his wounds are closed. The ligaments were not correctly attached to his shinbones so they moved them and attached it with a metal pin.
  9. Supreme iron pickaxe 99.33ql with WoA99 CoC95 Starting bid: 25s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  10. Today after i hit 99.30ql on a tool it started showing the wrong imping icons. I think this is already a known bug, but i thought it was fixed. (Not sure if this info is helpful, but this happened in the new UI. And earlier today on the old UI from 99.25ql to 99.29ql it worked fine.) So it shows polish,hammer, temper, lump, sharpening which are correct but then also a lot of temper which does not always mean temper. And i think it was everytime after i had to temper. Like it doesn’t refresh the icon. I either have to click each imping option and try or examine every time to find out which one it is. Which gets pretty annoying after a couple times.
  11. Idk how it is on mac right now, but i switched to windows and there i could update the client fine. Only problem was trying to connect but after some tries i got in.