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  1. I agree I have also a lot of yellow potions.. its such a waste..
  2. That is so awesome!!
  3. Ill make sure the cookies are on the table for when you come back
  4. I did now.. so hopefully soon ill be ready to work on a project:D
  5. lol And thats why i couldnt resist it... So who knows soon those projects will be done
  6. I never touched black flame.. or have left it in a mess... I don't like when people who judge and act like they know me when I only talked to you 2 times.. About old friends... Nomad, tc, lumi, elf.. I hope maybe one day you could finish the project and I could be there to help you..
  7. Doesn't matter.. it was a mess anyway
  8. i noticed.. I know what it looked like before.. you added a lot of sand on the south side.. if I was still in Wurm I would love to finish it with you..
  9. Sorry im too late for the party.. this is my kind of party.. I love terra forming and group projects It seems tho that you never finished the plan. which looks great
  10. Susie was here :P

  11. LMAO Yup.. what was it? 3 bottles wine a night right? XD
  12. New hair, new picture... It used to be this long.. Funny pic at festival (Mysteryland)
  13. How yall doing here? im pretty sure im last tho
  14. Sweetsusie was here :D