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  1. I waited till April 16th and nothing happend on the 13th.. so the in game date was the right one.. Problem solved now
  2. I got an email that my premium time is almost expired so I went to the shop to get new premium. When I was at the shop I saw that I have premium until: Current premium time expiry: 13 Apr 2019 08:18:23 GMT But in game it says [13:04:36] You have premium time until 16 Apr 2019 08:18:23 GMT I did use the redeem key last time so im guessing it has to do with that. Please fix, ty
  3. [Fixed] Crash after patch today

    Mine was already on core but it crashes too
  4. Celebration down!!

    and its working!!
  5. Cant log in

    Same problem here
  6. Celebration down!!

    Omg yes! I keep trying for hours now and it won't connect.. Hope we get an answer soon
  7. Got all items back damaged and got charged 8c
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    I only read this now.. LOL
  9. German Player

    Welcome to WO and good luck with finding a German Town
  10. That thread about hilarious Yahoo new articles...

    Nomad! what is all that dirty talk about? XD This is hilarious! Myanus or Uranus?
  11. Hobbies / interests , what is yours ?

    I like going to music festivals in the summertime and go to indoor party's in the colder months.. i have 2 music festivals planned now.. first Awakenings July 1st And Mysteryland on August 25th We are still looking for more festivals to go to but we go to both these two every year. I also like to crash on the couch and watch some Netflix with my two cats. And I have a course of programming in objective-c here that I like to do when my bad concentration lets me. Sadly I don't get to do that as much as I want too.
  12. Hobbies / interests , what is yours ?

    Wow! thats a nice Nomster Cave you got there!
  13. RIP Stephen Hawking

  14. Happy Father's Day

    Well said...The same goes for Holland. We spend Father's Day with our family too.. A bit late but still Happy Father's Day!