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  1. Guru! How are you? Did you ever find the owner?
  2. And is your first name Freddy?
  3. Let’s not forget to thank Nomadikhan for starting and designing this project. It looks amazing. I wish there were more merchants in the stalls. I went by the market like i used too years ago. I loved shopping there with my pocket full of coins. But the few merchants that were there didn’t sell what i was looking for. Loved seeing the deed again tho.
  4. 👋 Hey Valdor!

    I didn't know you were still active in wurm 😳 

    Good to see you are.

    How have you been?

    1. Valdor


      Hey Susie!


      I just saw this message that you sent me. Weird. I got no notification when you sent it.

      But... we already chatted in game :) Yes, I am back and here to stay. I was away from the game for a bit over a year, as I was deployed and had little chance to play. But now I am back. I don't think I will ever quit Wurm. Even if I take breaks from time to time :)


      In any case, talk to you in game!

  5. Am I the only Mac user with this problem?
  6. oh damn! I totally missed i posted this in the WU section, how stupid! Yes this is supposed to be in the WO section. Ill report this. Thanks!
  7. I think this belongs in Client Bugs. A couple days ago I wanted to add some upkeep so opened the window and tried typing in the amount I wanted to add. But when I type more than 1 number they get scrambled. So when I type 58 it will be 85. Today I wanted to get 14 wood scraps from a bsb and typed in 14 but it changed to 41. It also does this when I only type a number in the chat. But when I type a sentence and it has numbers in the middle somewhere it sometimes doesn't scramble. Hope it gets resolved.. its a bit of a challenge to get the right amount of mats and things this way. Im using Mac btw. More info: Was typing a message in chat today and at the end of my sentence I tried typing the numbers with spaces between them but then it removed my sentence and came up with an earlier sentence. Then 1 of the numbers I typed. Some chat examples Edit: Just found out that typing numbers works perfect when I use the numbers above the letters. So the numeric keypad is the problem which is only since 2 (or so) client updates ago.
  8. ahh that makes more sense.. well now they know there is a bug.. i guess it will be fixed sooner or later hehe
  9. Its probably not a priority, but thought I should just let the devs know the rollback didn't fix this. It worked fine yesterday.
  10. My character is upside down in the character window. The skeleton view is normal. I asked in ally but everyones character is normal... Im the only one there using Mac tho.
  11. As someone who has had a lot of ups and downs in this game mostly with other players I understand that you are thinking to just leave the game. I don’t know the story of what exactly happened, but when you keep walking into the same problem(s) with players or a player it will make you question if its still worth it. And can definitly ruin your fun. And you will lose motivation and inspiration. No matter how strong of a person you are.. If it happens enough times it will start to eat you. I would be a hypocrite to say you shouldn’t quit, but I would surely hate to see you go. From the times that we have talked i think you are one of the good ones here in wurm.. This post is from august so maybe you have found some new inspiration. Some people need a break, but I doubt that won’t change what you feel is your problem as people will always always be people. Some react positively and some negatively. I think you can get a lot of wisdom from the things you told me about the things I went through in wurm and that there are still good/respectful players, and at one point you have to let go of it and try to find that happiness again. Surely things have changed a lot in the wurm community but dont stop being yourself. Ever. You know I know how it feels to be ignored. But it turned out when that person told me his side about 3,5 years later, he had a good and reasonable reason Being ignored might not even be about you.. like it wasn’t about me in my experience. And not everybody will always like what you have to say, how you say it or how much you say it. I would hate to see a good player go.. Goodluck!
  12. haha well when they test the alarms my first thought is oh it must be the first monday 12pm. Then i check. I never think something is wrong. But i do check. same with the phone alarms. The loud sounds scare me but then i think *sigh* what now? Cause nothing ever really happens in NL the first time i got a message like that was before they had them in NL. We were in NYC and it was raining really bad. So we got a flood warning. Scared the ###### out of us lol..
  13. servers

    lol..Good question.. I guess they will have to live on the men server? The more I think about this the less I know the answer haha
  14. Hope you guys enjoy these.. My silly cat Bailey Devil & Bailey
  15. servers

    A server for women to please..