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  1. Like the dig_to_pile key bind.. also love the 100 masonry title
  2. Awesome! Thanks!
  3. Just to get into the Christmas mood.. post your a pic of your Christmas tree or other Holliday stuff..
  4. I agree I have also a lot of yellow potions.. its such a waste..
  5. That is so awesome!!
  6. Ill make sure the cookies are on the table for when you come back
  7. I did now.. so hopefully soon ill be ready to work on a project:D
  8. lol And thats why i couldnt resist it... So who knows soon those projects will be done
  9. I never touched black flame.. or have left it in a mess... I don't like when people who judge and act like they know me when I only talked to you 2 times.. About old friends... Nomad, tc, lumi, elf.. I hope maybe one day you could finish the project and I could be there to help you..
  10. Doesn't matter.. it was a mess anyway
  11. i noticed.. I know what it looked like before.. you added a lot of sand on the south side.. if I was still in Wurm I would love to finish it with you..
  12. Sorry im too late for the party.. this is my kind of party.. I love terra forming and group projects It seems tho that you never finished the plan. which looks great