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  1. Hey Jaz! How is the stock these days? I would like to buy some scale
  2. Wow what an auction guys, thank you all for bidding. Congrats to the winner Yggdrasil!
  3. Congrats Stanlee! And that is a really awesome title
  4. Snipe protection started after the last bidder. If anyone else bids now it will be extended again with 3 more hours and so on.
  5. Just build a little shop which sells bloods and rares.. working on another shop. TDM is starting to look more alive each day!
  6. Blood of the Angels (one charge) Starting bid: 1g Minimum Increments: 5s Snipe Protection: 3 hours Private bids: None Reserve: None Buyout: None Buyer must use the charge soon after the purchase, and return the remaining charge
  7. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. The crafting recipe for iron ribbons says it needs to be a lump of 65.54kg to make a ribbon. Should be 3kg according to the wiki.
  8. It’s really good to see someone trying to make TDM active again. ill be sure to bring my coins and browse the merchants when im in the area
  9. I also made a post about it and cant find it anymore.. glad you made a new one since its still a problem that they know about but still haven't fixed after so long. Vertical toolbelt works find in the old UI but not in the new UI.
  10. it selects the wrong slots when i click. This is only the case in vertical position. (in the new UI) i thought i made a post about it, but i guess not cause i cant find it. but it was mentioned so many times before. they know about the problem. Apperantly i wasnt the only one who's post got deleted.
  11. Well done nomad! You’ve been working hard on this project and the bridges look really good. Can’t wait to see the end result of the new noncroissant island I don’t think i need anymore dirt but if i do i will let you know thank you! i do have some crates for you if you want so let me know. i will continue working on the island and dredging after the water is back to it’s original color cause i can’t see anything now and am also doing skills and halloween stuff.
  12. I was kind if hoping that toolbelt would have been fixed before the 30% skillgain. Since a lot of people are gonna imp and grond and use the toolbelt for it like myself. To be honest im a bit disappointed that it’s been taking this long (1y 3m) and it still hasn’t been fixed.
  13. Oh this could be what happened outside the deed. I don't think i add myself to the permissions after branding since im the mayor. Still it also happened on deed so that must be a bug unless i overlooked something. I will be adding myself to the permissions from now on, thank you!
  14. Good to see you've started working on this project nomad! And at some point i will come and remove the dirt bridge i've made from my old island to blackflame island a loooong time ago