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  1. Yeah some days it’s really really bad.. other days it’s less. And it’s crazy that im even glad with that cause it’s better than the bad days. There should be no lag! I want to be able to enter my own gates, please fix this!
  2. I see everybody here has cool names and stories.. Im really bad at coming up with names haha.. The name of the city I live in translated to English is Sweetlake (or literally Sweeterlake, but everybody here says Sweetlake or Sweetlakecity). So first I wanted to go for Sweetlakesusie, but I wanted it to be shorter so I chose for Sweetsusie. If I had known I would be playing wurm so much and for so many years I would have taken a bit longer to think of a better name lol.. After playing a bit I realized but I already had some skills and didn't want to start over.. So I guess im stuck with this name. My priests name is Cookiedough.. Again nothing fancy, but still better than Sweetsusie I tried a couple of those name generator websites but I didn't find anything that I liked. And well.. I just like cookie dough XD
  3. Yes, im missing that one too actually.
  4. This ally can confirm. No marks shop option at the token.
  5. I don't even like shields.. but that one looks amazing!!
  6. Yeah it was a bit hard in the beginning, but after 2 or 3 days I started to know my way around in the area.. It never made me want to ragequit.. and was actually pretty fun.. Now I know my way around in so many places.. I really loved the challenge of having to figure out where you are on the map and honestly it wasn't that hard. Maybe if new players have trouble with it on the in game map they should use the ones on wumpedia like we used to years ago before they added the in game map. But please no live updates on where you are on that in game map! What keeps me in wurm is that nothing comes easy.. if they start changing these kind of things im afraid id get bored really fast.. we'd be like zombies not having to think about anything anymore. Where's the fun in that?
  7. Sometime grooming them helps.
  8. After today's update I can't log into wurm anymore. I press play and I get the loading screen and after loading finishes the screen disappears, but the client hasn't crashed and is still open. I restarted my computer, did verify and retry on the client.
  9. Cant get on.. Nothing happens after the loading screen after this update
  10. I tried it all.. maybe its because its also a wheel? oh well it was worth a try. Not being able to move the camera is really annoying.