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  1. Working here now thanks!
  2. [Fixed] Crash after patch today

    i just tried the test client and it's connecting me to the live server as well and not crashing
  3. [Fixed] Crash after patch today

    still crashing
  4. [Fixed] You've Found a Bug! Brilliant!

    All good now thanks!
  5. [Fixed] You've Found a Bug! Brilliant!

    I'm logging on to Release. Tried three different comps, all get the the same crash. I can get on to the test server Ok.
  6. [Fixed] You've Found a Bug! Brilliant!

    Same here
  7. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Tich, she'll be missed.
  8. One eyed stinky giant farewell party

    Excellent! Well done!
  9. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Bye Etherdrifter! Thanks for the good times. You'll always be welcome in Puddlesby!
  10. Holy Crash Batman

    Getting the same.
  11. Similar games to wurm

    I've had issues running WO on my Macs, but they all work more or less these days. Happy to help diagnose any issues you have.
  12. Thanks for the rowboat.

  13. Release down?

    It's back up
  14. Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

    Yah I am!