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  1. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Tich, she'll be missed.
  2. One eyed stinky giant farewell party

    Excellent! Well done!
  3. Wurm Wednesday | Friday Christmas special!

    Excellent stream, enjoyed it a lot.
  4. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Bye Etherdrifter! Thanks for the good times. You'll always be welcome in Puddlesby!
  5. Holy Crash Batman

    Getting the same.
  6. Similar games to wurm

    I've had issues running WO on my Macs, but they all work more or less these days. Happy to help diagnose any issues you have.
  7. Thanks for the rowboat.

  8. Release down?

    It's back up
  9. Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

    Yah I am!
  10. Refused connection

    3.99.47 is working now thanks! (Although GLSL still craps out)
  11. Refused connection

    Using stable client 3.99.46. account Deri, still can't login in.
  12. Graphics Stick on Mid-2012 MacBook Air Sierra

    You could try turning GLSL off if you haven't already. That's the only way I can play.
  13. Whilst rope making Game loop broken due to exception Connection reset by peer at Method) at at at at at class.rhwObwMnUv.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:561) at class.bQecKPCrYb.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:251) at com.wurmonline.client.BILF1iey6X.fgtPPuD8uC(SourceFile:7530) at at Startup Phase - Disconnected, trying to reconnect...
  14. (UNSTABLE 4.0-de62296) Mac

    With GLSL enabled. Still pretty much unusable - Frame rate of 0-1 per sec. Character window still doesn't render - Just get a black silhouette with only helmet & weapons rendering. With GLSL disabled. Character window still doesn't render - Just get a black silhouette. Dyed items don't show dye.
  15. Rift-July 31

    It's around N15 on the in-game map.