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  1. Pelts!!!

    We have a wild cat den in the corruption near our deed. It's not spawned a single wild cat that we've seen as yet. The steppe by us is completely uninhabited as has been for days.
  2. It's just timing out from here.
  3. 10.11.6 Precisely. Works fine on my newer macs though.
  4. Disappointed that the Mac Launcher won't work on older OSX versions.
  5. i just tried the test client and it's connecting me to the live server as well and not crashing
  6. I'm logging on to Release. Tried three different comps, all get the the same crash. I can get on to the test server Ok.
  7. Bye Etherdrifter! Thanks for the good times. You'll always be welcome in Puddlesby!
  8. Getting the same.