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  1. Still seems to be hit & miss and is still resolving to three different IPs. Doesn't matter what DNS one uses. The Wurm DNSs seem to be set to using the CNAME - and THAT appears to different A records . results: A 10 ms IN 1 A 11 ms IN 1
  2. It's bouncing around between 3 ips at the moment.
  3. Yeah, all working here now without editing the hosts file.
  4. Hanging around in the bar at the Slaughtered Dragon
  5. It's my real name, albeit spelled differently.
  6. It's just timing out from here.
  7. 10.11.6 Precisely. Works fine on my newer macs though.
  8. Disappointed that the Mac Launcher won't work on older OSX versions.
  9. i just tried the test client and it's connecting me to the live server as well and not crashing