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  1. if you happen to sell those supremes at some point hit me up
  2. I mean. It makes sense. More and more people get really high skills and offer their products. Simple supply and demand. But there are things that are pretty static. That mostly applies to bulk work though. The rule of thumb 10i/action is still pretty much valid. People usually give a little discount though.
  3. cod mining blood to lmonkey for 3s
  4. mail me those rare shoes (to lmonkey) for 4s each thanks
  5. I'm looking to buy a couple rare saddles. Enchanted or not. PM me here if you have one or some.
  6. I think they should remain as rare as they are. But that's just me.
  7. Cod the shoe to lmonkey
  8. IIRC the kingdom they spawn in sets their kingdom. So if they spawn in JK territory they will have the JK kingdom.
  9. if you have two sell him both so i get one too thanks
  10. New Taste kit to me too please.
  11. cod the 88ql smoker to lmonkey please
  12. SOLD

    N I C E
  13. Thank you he PMd me already!
  14. Scale Let me know the color and what you want for it. Rare+ parts are welcome. Horsegear Buying rare+ saddle. Must have at least 90WOA. Contact me here or PM Lmonkey ingame.
  15. quick and easy transaction. thank you