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  1. Citadel, part of Oathkeepers Alliance, is looking for three active and friendly players. Located along the coast in Q16. Join a friendly settlement with a growing alliance, in beautiful south central melody with a great view of the sea. We currently have two deeds with space to make your own. There is an established mine, animals to tend, fields to farm, boats to build, and local sermon groups. We are approximately 10 mins from Overture by boat and about 15/20 mins to sea server boundary. There are alliance friends from different time zones that play, hang out, and help each other to advance their characters and skills. Leave a note here or contact Severo or Travellerx in game.
  2. Allow us to expand the gump for recipe notes. Currently it is unusable due to the tiny default size.
  3. I misunderstood what it was you were asking then. My apologies; I think you're correct there should only be one map thread.
  4. This was discussed already, some like the one map or the other and some like both maps.
  5. I'd like to second Rollag's comments about what a great place Wyvern was for us to start out. We were found wandering near Sloping Sands after having been ravaged by a lava spider (I believe). Siathes patched us up, invited us and escorted us to Wyvern Academy where we were able to learn quite a lot in a safe environment. There was no commitment to stay at the academy and Siathes even helped us with some supplies when we found a new place to settle. Can't say enough nice things about our time there. Bryl Nights Watch
  6. Release Community Map

    I founded Nights Watch - X5, Y39 just north of Sunset Docks
  7. Dear Santa Rolf and Team, I haven't been in Wurm very long but I did Premium shortly after starting and I help the newer people as much as I am able to in CA_Help. Great game. Bryl
  8. Check out Sockmap being developed by a wurmian
  9. I started recently and I struggled (and still do somewhat) with the UI initially, it definitely needs some loving attention. As for key binds, I was familiar with binding from when I played LoTRO so it wasn't too hard to figure out but even wiith binds Wurm has a very big learning curve. That's coming from an Eve Online player too. What hooked me on Wurm is the sandbox nature but what made it easier to 'get' was the community. A friend and I were near Sloping Sands on Release trying to figure out what we should be doing when we happened to run into Saithes of Wyvern Academy. Once he found out we were new he offered us a place at the acadmeny; in exchange for a safe place to learn the game and access to his resources we give him some of our time to help upkeep the academy. The problem with relying on helpful individuals is that new players need to happen upon them, in a world the size of Wurm it would not be a reliable method. While we wait for improvements to the UI/tutorial/whatever, perhaps if settlements that were looking to teach new players advertised at the stater areas with signs or in the gloabl channel they would find that they would get more recruits continuously and in turn maybe keep a percentage of those new people playing. Not sure if this is happening on servers other than Release since I've not been to them.