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  1. I'd like to buy 2 meditation rugs 25ql COD to Lissan please!
  2. I have this too. Did not have a crash since disabling it, so there seems to be something different resetting the setting.
  3. I heard the hamsters need a lot of coffee, better stock up on it so the servers can keep running
  4. This server would have to stay separate from all the other servers forever, I don't see where the fun in this would be or what one would win with this. Sure, there are people who love having alts, so they can solo do most of the stuff ingame, but it's not necessary. I never felt forced to play multiple characters, have always only played one and been happy with this. If others like it that way, this just means they have more characters that can help me out
  5. What about referals received for buying none of the starter packages? I bought a normal offer for my new character, because I didn't see the others, and I received a referal that I can use. (starter packages are gone from the shop for me) Is this intended?
  6. Exploring on Harmony. It's really peacful at the moment.
  7. I think most of us started playing the game without a deed at some point. Remember, there are a lot of newbies out there at the moment and they might not know about deeds and the "deed it or lose it" mantra yet. I have a neighbor who did not know how to plant a deed and of course he just put his tent down and started mining and terraforming - that's what the game is about. Find a spot you like and settle. And before you can build a house, you need to skill up and gather ressources - so a tent is all you have to store your stuff in at first and to respawn at a specific location. I don't think they expect to own the place, they are just playing the game.
  8. It's great to see so many fixes and improvements rolled out over the last days. Thanks for all the work!
  9. Just that you can't continue leveling if you hit dirt in one corner, even if the other corners all are still high dirt without rock.
  10. - When opening containers, they do not show the item stack size, you have to resize them. For the same containers it is saved for the next time, but if you open another container/pile of items, it will have the wrong size again This his how they open: Better would be show more, but take up less space: - UI should be able to be scaled down even more, while font size keeps the same I love the new UI, but it's still too big.
  11. It would be bad to remove leveling, as this would mean we get rid of a QoL thing... much better to just add some more QoL to remove dirt walls and huge player made plateaus when they are gone! Depending on how high a dirt wall is, it can be pretty awful to dig it down, lots of climbing, falling down, not being able to get there with a cart, because the slope is too high... also if there is rock, you can't level something down, because it just tells you you hit rock in a corner and the other corner has to be dug down manually. How easy something is to get it back to a "natural" look really depends a lot on the area. It can be easy and it can be terrible. So I think a smooth option or something like that would be nice.
  12. I thought it doesn't work anymore either, but my new character can still send a referal, I just tried.
  13. Did you sign up using the Wurm website or did you create an account through Steam? If you signed up on the website, you can't use that character with the steam client, only the standalone client available here.