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  1. Sorry, problem solved, I'm just dumb, haha
  2. Looks good! I would love more options for thatched roofs! And while we're at it, I would also love wood log house walls like in your picture xD
  3. I'd like to buy this one: QL 71 Pickaxe, iron w64 ss63 c41 (10.5s) COD to Lissan please
  4. 820, 273 Silent Desires Thank you for the map
  5. Yes, this would be an awesome change! Just seeing a wound affects something at all would already make a huge difference, especially for newbies.
  6. There was nothing in the event viewer matching the time when the PC shuts down So no clue what caused it. We will monitor if the issue returns after disabling Ambient Occlusion (thanks @Goodwinfor the suggestion!) but so far it's looking good. We played a few hours yesterday without any problem at all. If it returns, I'll take a look at the other suggestions. Thank you all very much for the input!
  7. Just for clarification, what I meant is that in the past, this was shown in the launcher too and it's currently not anymore. Would love to have it back. Although yeah, of course you can just google it
  8. Hey I know Wurm might not even be the cause here, but it's the only game where this is happening, so I hoped someone here might have some tips on what else to check. My partners PC randomly shuts down while playing Wurm, without crash warning or BSOD. CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor RAM: 8 GB GPU: AMD Radeon (TM) R7 360 Series This is the Wurm log after such a shutdown. First thing we checked was the temperature, but it's fine. RAM also has no issues. Graphic card drivers have been updated. The SSD is only around a month old, so it's likely this isn't the cause either. What else could I check? And is there any reason it happens more often, if more actions show in the event tab/emotes like wave are used? Might have just been a coincidence, but spamming an emote on another player caused the shutdown at least two times. I would greatly appreciate any help and tips!
  9. Agreed! There was a time, when the server status was shown in the launcher. I'm really missing that tbh.
  10. 1st day on Harmony: Home building (and defending)
  11. I'd like to buy 2 meditation rugs 25ql COD to Lissan please!