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  1. I like that the head moves with certain actions/animations such as meditation - that works out pretty well - but the head bobbing while walking is pretty annoying and the worst is mining. The constant up and down movement just makes me sick. And it's sad that turning off head bobbing turns it off completely... I would have liked to keep it for some (less constant moving) animations. Oh, and the rake vanishes (in the ground?) while farming when head bobbing is activated.
  2. Valrei International. 077

    Yay for a more alive looking Wurm
  3. Hey I'd like to buy Rare Knife (2.5s) Cod to Cayce please. Thank you!
  4. All Gone!

    Hey again, do you still have the rare needle? If yes, cod to Cayce please. Thank you
  5. Nice people and amazing shipyard... never seen so many boats in one place xD Sailing home with my new knarr was a pleasure, thank you so much
  6. +1 I only have one domestic bee hive so far and it still annoys me. It spams event window everytime I move around on deed.
  7. Make infected trees harvestable

    Agreed. From a lore perspective it might make sense, but now that we have so many cooking recepies that need harvestable stuff, it makes life for BLers more tedious than it should be.
  8. Bridge question

    I have not tested it, but I have seen a one tile tower connect to two bridges, so I guess that it is indeed possible.
  9. All Gone!

    If the rare butchering knife is still available, I'll take that. Cod to Cayce please
  10. Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for the DD Banner! :3
  11. Valrei International. 073

    Yay for Libila on freedom Even if it's still restricted, it's great that we'll be able to join her in pve. Although... what will happen to the people who are Libila priests on Chaos and no priest or a wl priest on freedom?
  12. Suggestions to books and writing!

    I love the ideas! Especially non decaying books (I want to find old books on disbanded deeds!) and a Bestiary would be so awesome! :3
  13. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Okay, so I'm sure this has been asked before, but can you avoid getting an error everytime you load an old save file into the new deed planner?
  14. Destroy cart and ship button

    Just found this and have to say huge +1 Even if it just was an option to bash. Why isn't that there in the first place? Could just be for the things you own yourself too. I was wondering what to do with my current cart because I'd like to replace it with one out of darker wood and I just don't like cluttering the land off deed just to let something decay... also how long will it take to decay? Somewhere on Inde there is still a cart of me from the time when I first settled there (about 4 years ago) - will it take that long to vanish? x.x Also, creating a lava tile just to destroy something you own seems like an overkill and is also very cumbersome if you don't have path of power yourself... or a suitable rock tile nearby.
  15. Interest in Wurm trading site

    If it would replace the market section of the Wurm forum and would enhance it, I can imagine it to be awesome. Better search options and overview of what is sold, like an auction house... a nice and easy way to set up a clearly arranged shop... I think we would all benefit from that. As an additional site it would just split the community and make it even harder to find something, since not everyone would be using both but one or the other.