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  1. Well, I guess I probably have a different viewpoint to most, but I'm going to go for it anyway. Firstly part of this argument seems to be about the balancing of the BLer and WLer gods, now what I'm going to say is, I don't think they were ever meant to be balanced exactly. Not in terms of pure religion mechanics anyway. Look at the state of the PvP at the moment, if overall the priests on one side were 'OP' then their nation would be dominating singlehandedly under that gods rule. Even if the Lib priests are more powerful (Which I am not convinced about) then the fractured nature of the BLers evens out the scales. What I am trying to say is simple; Priests may not be balanced when compared to another Gods, but other factors seem to balance them, and its best not to forget that. Secondly, I don't think that Focus Level should help defend against magic, as it adds another interesting side to combat if a warrior has to be aware of priests even if he has the reactions of a God. That said the appearance of a priest should not change the tide of a battle significantly, that should be left to Champions and Kings. I do not like the idea that alot of PvPers will go towards priests because thats the way to do most damage, they should be on similar terms to normal fighters, unless they go Champion. That said, the current way priests are implemented, as in they mostly block off crafting, fighting and PvP are some of the most fun, and unrestricted, activities of a priest, so I suppose that makes it unsurprising they get into alot of fights. Well thats just my few thoughts, I dont mind if you disagree, but having other perspectives can be useful
  2. I like this idea, but destroying things is extremely time consuming and I can't see it getting that much use. After all that work a person gets a brick back? While it makes sense I can't help but feel that a number of people would not be impressed. That said, its more of an issue with destroying things that I have a problem with, and think needs to be changed, this idea however seems quite nice in my opinion, Id also give a rare object a small chance to produce a rare material, because that makes sense to me at least.
  3. I have to say, I like the terraforming events, even though that one in particular makes it incredibly hard for me to get back to DL (I have to use an obscure route through some ruins that a newbie may find hard to find, despite the fact I'm just on the other side of the scar). I believe that the problem isn't the events, but its that we do not have the tools to deal with them correctly just yet. For example we mined through the mountain/hill terraform, and that was simple. For the scar it may well become suddenly rather easy to fix when we have access to bridges. In the end I think the scar will look pretty awesome, especially when the odd house is gone. Well, thats my thoughts.
  4. Yeah, I wish missions had more of an effect, and possibly encouraged indirect PvP, for example a 'Holy Site' spawns, and all three gods decide they want to build something on it, because that kinda thing is Godly and Stuff. Thatd perhaps make things more interesting, especially if one of the missions were to go to an enemy homeland and dig around for a (Valrei, as in unusable) artefact. Also I adore Epic for things like its terraforming events and what not, things like that is what makes Epic my favorite server so far, I believe Chaos was probably made for those that wanted PvP and not to be screwed around with by random world changing events. Now as a newbie guide for the BLers, or thats what I used to be, I found a number of newbies expecting not to die, or beingg scared of losing their equiptment, I don't mind if thats what they think, buuut thats probably not whats going to happen on Epic, and certainly shouldnt when you're a BLer. It sounds like a really silly idea, but there should probably be a warning when trying to enter Epic that you should expect that you Will die. Probably multiple times. At least half of them being ganged up on by an Alligator, a Scorp and a swathe of Giants. Either way, I just feel that alot of people who enter Epic aren't fully aware of what theyre letting themselves in for, and thats pretty sad as that tends to mean quite a few new guys drop out as you start to get to know them simply because they find that its not actually the server for them. Its just something sort of sad that I noticed during my time there.
  5. I saw this and decided to comment even though I'm on a break from Wurm, because this is one of the things that I had a problem with. Whenever you start new character on Wurm and join a village at the start you always feel useless and tend to recognise that your best skill is being a pack mule, or thats how it felt to me xD However, when I priested I actively felt like a drain on the village resources, which wasn't all that nice a place to be in, I've seen alot od posts about 40+ Channeling, but when you start out you essentially become a drain, especially in small villages that can't allow you to sacc everything you want. Thinking about getting more shatter rates than I did then is a slightly horrific idea, that'd mean it'd take a fair while to even slightly make up for the amount of resources you'd used up. Well thats just my opinion, however I don't necissarily disagree with this change, I think making high casts rarer is a nice idea, as it'll be good for the economy, but I think that it could have been implemented better as I said at early levels things are pretty dire, I can't imagine how they are now. So what I'd suggest is something unheard of in Wurm, so it may be a bit heretical: Give priests an option to change between three 'flavors' of power, very low, low, medium and high. Essentially on very low power enchants are capped at around 30, but shatter rates are almost none existant and casts rarely fail, even at the beginning. On Low power enchants are capped at around 50, but shatter rates are fairly low, the chance of failing is still a fair bit lower than it used to be. At Medium enchants are capped at 70, shatter rate and chance of failing are about as they are now. Finally at High enchants are completely uncapped, but shatter rates are even higher. As a result of this, the market should become more variable, a beginning village can support itself on 20-ish power enchants, making priests useful even early on, though they probably will make no income from it. 50's will be a respectable enchant though nothing amazing, while 70's will be your average PvP high-ish end equiptment, and anything higher practically becomes an artifact worth a small fortune. I don't know what everyone else thinks, but those changes would make me very happy at least xD Just thought Id provide something constructive 'cause nothing improves otherwise, usually.
  6. Vyn priest in sheriff, (x26, y48) Im on GMT time