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  1. The volumetric effects look great and the night sky is top notch! I doubt I will go mad looking for constellations but I likely will fast because that is what happens when Gaffer gets distracted. If possible it would be ideal to get the moons revolving in the same sense as Sol and the stars (as they did before the modern client release) too.
  2. When picking turmeric I got this message: [18:18:58] You aren't sure how that was growing in there. which appears to be an indication that an unplantable herb had been planted via an exploit fixed by the most recent hotfix. I was able to pick a turmeric but the planter transitioned to unplanted. I was able to pick the turmeric seed and replant in the same planter. Rosemary, woad, and lovage seem not to be affected.
  3. I could really use those gardening boxes on some of my flat roofs. If possible pretty please allow them not only above ground but also "indoors" for rooftop placement.
  4. More info - the large cart goes invisible upon disembarking. But not every time, though. I will continue to look for more clues for what is triggering it.
  5. This seems to be a new problem; there have always been infrequent cases of objects going invisible but this is happening frequently now. The problem occurs with hitched carts on upper storeys of multistorey houses. The hitched horses continue to render but the cart does not. I haven't been able to find the cart being rendered on any other storey above or below; it seems to not be rendered at all. Relogging shows the cart exactly where it should be. So far the cart has never disappeared while I have been embarked on it.
  6. First of all, THANK YOU for building and maintaining this tool! I feel fortunate to have been able to use it just the way it is. Really I couldn't ever have built anything at all ambitious without it. That having been said, I do find working with heights to be difficult and I make a lot of mistakes when doing it, but I don't have any positive suggestion for how to make it better. And rendering closer to the real in-game look (which can never be exact) would be nice, including shadows and being able to render for different times of day.
  7. I believe that to be the live client. The same webstart is currently pulling down this version: Running client version 4.0.58(ed5c0d1). There may have been a client patch between now and when I filed the bug report though.
  8. This NPE occurred when I clicked the "Open" menu action on a wagoneer container that had recently been filled by an alliance member, not myself. I was commanding a cart at the time. Other than that I can't think of any additional relevant information to include. Execution aborted at connection 1, iteration 48957 Run time 16m, local time Mon Sep 10 20:29:27 CDT 2018 Destroying game window ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== Unexpected crash while playing java.lang.NullPointerException at class.BSecXmtkAm.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:906) at class.NZsR4F46Dv.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:754) at class.E5WdUeZGiq.mMV5oPkCW(SourceFile:501) at class.mSpYJFuHeH.mMV5oPkCW(SourceFile:1070) at class.mddM9HoKQk.iHOS3zg1KL(SourceFile:219) at class.mddM9HoKQk.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:180) at class.RtTz7eHB8K.yuix3IabUz(SourceFile:3100) at class.ZM4cSqt3bl.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:6472) at class.DArmsgaCf.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:618) at class.ZM4cSqt3bl.mMV5oPkCW(SourceFile:255) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.wl8dyvdgaq(SourceFile:1510) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.fgtPPuD8uC(SourceFile:8347) at at Source)
  9. I have a particular interest in the Goblin Leader since I need him for one of my personal goals. So I will be there if at all possible.
  10. The Hireling is a stationary NPC similar to a Merchant. For pay the hireling produces low quality bulk goods like planks or bricks from raw materials. The production cost should be significantly higher than hiring a real player to make the same goods. Applying a Hireling contract (purchased from a Trader) to a Work Station creates the NPC. The Work Station is a player created object composed of a BSB (for holding the raw materials), a large crate (for produced materials), a wooden table, and enough planks and nails to hold everything together. When supplied with wages in the form of coins the Hireling begins producing the goods from the raw materials for a limited amount of time. The intent is not to damage the market for bulk goods but to create a fun mechanic for populating workshops. Hirelings occasionally joke, complain, talk about their work and tools, speculate about server events like rifts and unique spawns, criticize the skinflint boss (that's you), and otherwise chat to relieve the boredom of their repetitive work. Their activity produces the same sawing, chipping, carving, etc. and entries in the event log as the same player activity. The goal is to enliven work spaces that are usually empty and rarely have more than one person using them. Details of which Hirelings know how to produce which products (I am inclined to require them to specialize to some degree), whether they require tools, and such matters I leave to your imagination. I expect people will have lots of good ideas about those things.
  11. No rain indoors. Best update ever. Thanks!
  12. Haven is no longer stuck to Sol. I haven't done the work to establish new orbits for any of the moons but from casual observation Haven's orbit appears to be coplanar with that of Jackal. You will see Haven transiting in front of Jackal now and then.
  13. Those of us who occasionally leave our mines and look toward the sky have noticed that the regular eclipses of Sol by Jackal no longer occur. In fact the motions of the moons are significantly different since the release of the new client. The backdrop of stars has shifted too. Before I invest *alot* of time in screen shots, vector algebra and spherical trigonometry it would be good to know if these changes were deliberate or if they just happened inadvertently. The latter is a very real possibility since a change in direction of star motion was one of the last fixes put in before the client release. The star motions weren't automatically right in the new client so it is reasonable to think that active attention would have been required for the moons as well. And the nature of their current motions opposite that of Sol and the stars inclines me to think they could use a correction too. Could someone on staff please drop a reply indicating whether or not the new motions of the moons are the intended ones?
  14. Random Enkounters

    table cloths and book ends?
  15. That "eat from a locked container" feature is pretty good! Any chance it could be extended somehow to drinking too?
  16. I see that shiny ground alot when it's foggy. It usually flickers on and off depending on viewing angle.
  17. FWIW the stars are still rotating from west to east when they should be going north to south to be consistent with the motion of Sol. And the orbital planes of the moons differ greatly from those on the stable client (although I suppose that might be intentional). In case anyone cares.
  18. I noticed that the stars are rising in the East and setting in the West. That would be appropriate for Earth but it is incompatible with the motion of Sol in the sky of Wurm; it rotates around a point in the western sky.
  19. Am I the only person getting a Not Found response? It cleared up a while ago
  20. The .MAP file generated by Export from the village plan encodes pottery brick walls the same as wooden walls. The first sample below is an export showing a tile with wooden walls on all levels. Actually the walls on the two lower levels are pottery brick. The second sample shows the same tile as it was originally planned in DeedPlanner. Note that the lower story pottery brick walls are saved with a "pb" prefix. Export <tile height="-977.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <level value="0"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> </level> <level value="1"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="2"> <hWall id="wwWindow"/> <vWall id="wWall"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> </tile> DeedPlanner <tile caveHeight="5.0" caveSize="30.0" height="229.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <cave id="sw"/> <level value="1"> <hWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <vWall id="wArch" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> </level> <level value="2"> <vWall id="wWall" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> <hWall id="wwWindow" reversed="false"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> <level value="0"> <vWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <hWall id="pblArch" reversed="false"/> </level> </tile>
  21. Well, the moons are moving apart now. Any risk of geological disturbance, which was probably low, is probably past. Be assured that your likelihood of dying in agony trapped in a collapsed mine is now barely any greater than usual. I will not publish any more forecasts for astronomical phenomena until some clarity emerges about the behavior of moons exhibited in the new client. And for that I have high hopes! Will we some day be able to pick out the constellations for which the Starfalls are named? Will tiny dim orbs, presumed sister planets to our own ,some discernable perhaps only by spyglass, wander slowly among the stars? Will fiery comets blaze in terrifying splendor across the sky? And what could it all mean to us lowly Wurm-bound beings? Will our Philosophers after diligent study compose tomes of Lore recording the effects these changes in the heavens necessarily must exert upon our daily lives?
  22. Three moons rising.
  23. Yes, please don't assume that other people will be able to get good screen shots. Wurm weather is terrible this time of year. If you get a good view please capture and share it. The moons have already bunched up pretty nicely and will continue to close in on each other for the next three hours or so. Just before sunrise is the best time to watch. One more thing - the moon motions are different on the unstable client so you will need to use the production client to view this conjunction.
  24. One more thing ... since the almanac is a container it must be empty to be sold on a merchant. What's that? Merchant. It's a ... never mind.
  25. +1, decay of loose pages seems reasonable but decay of pages bound into a book is just bizarre. Some of my reports already have 5 damage on them. These are items with an initial Q of 60, stored inside a book, that inside a chest, inside a house, on deed with full upkeep. I am pretty sure I wrote those reports on paper rather than slabs of raw meat. Even the cheapest, most acidic paper takes years to brown. I own paperback books more than 30 years old, of the cheapest construction, with perhaps "10 damage" on them. Generally I like the almanac mechanic and would enjoy more of the same. Animal husbandry, butchering, mining/prospecting, astronomy, mapmaking; you name the subject and I will be right there with ink, paper, and pen to make a book for it. Just please remove or greatly reduce damage on bound pages.