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  1. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 2

    The socket of the statue covers a 2x2 area i would estimate?
  2. Happening to our guard tower also. It cant be a problem caused by the pc because my villager cant see it too at the same time.
  3. <Release, x47,y33> Nusty's Weaponsmithing

    Fast service and very helpful person! Definitely highly recommended.
  4. Release Community Map

    Tabula Rasa X24, y11
  5. Wurm On Ipad

    Thanks for the answers! Of course i prefer playing Wurm on a Pc, but there are times where i would like to play a game like Wurm on my coach in front of the oven. Also i realize, that i would only use this oppurtunity for making things like attaching items for making a boat e.g.
  6. Wurm On Ipad

    Greetings guys, Is it really possible to play Wurm on a Ipad? I found some guide on the internet but there is no video attached to it proofing that it really is possible. So maybe someone who tried it already could tell me advantages/disadvantages of playing Wurm on a mobile device. Thank you in advance!