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  1. I was playing this morning after already updating to 1.7. Took a break for a bit and came back to find a message saying i had to update the game again. Ok fine, ive done this a few times. Once i completed the update, i noticed my server was totally reset. The name, settings, etc. All gone. I try to join and have to make a new character. Can anyone help me undo this?
  2. Has anyone looked into re-creating the original maps from Wurm Online. I loved Jenn Kellon as a server, but when i started playing it was already so built up. Id love to have a first crack at building all these awesome places myself.
  3. SO. Upon my return to Wurm and to Wild, i might be able to do things people want done. Secret things. Special things. I shall also be needing a place to stay and lots of gear to replace what i have to abandon. Nad is hooking me up quite a bit (or so he says >.>) but i might need more. Will work for food/lodging/gear! Anyways, I should be back before the week is out, and then all shall know! Or you could PM me to see what im going on about. Plan accordingly
  4. It sounds simple but it isnt. I knew of someone who had an HS between KV and Whosville back before KV left the island and they were raided constantly. The poor guy couldnt get anything done on his HS. There's no such thing as "safe" on wild and thats generally the idea. I also agree with Hrafnhildr on all counts more or less. At the same time i also acknowledge that its probably not Rolf's "vision" to have that kind of stuff. I also miss the home servers, i still dont know why he got rid of them...
  5. If its any use to anyone at all, I have around 50-60 kgs of cotton on my deed. All of it is over 43 ql but not higher then 45 ql. Some has damage, but its not over 5 at the highest as far as i know. If anyone wants/needs cotton based things, i can supply you with mas quantities, but i cant promise high ql, just high quantity.
  6. Its not like your map will be better then FRAM's. Its the same damn map. Combine efforts and make us a good map.
  7. I wouldnt go back to Wild for any reason. I like doing whatever i want, thats why wurm appeals to me. (whatever i want within the bounds of the rules and my skill). Wild isnt about doing whatever i want, its about grinding one skill to help the kingdom. That doesnt appeal to me. Thats why i left and have my own HS. Thats why my HS STILL doesnt have finished buildings on it after over a month. Because i take my time and do what i want. I was hoping we could expand religion in some way so that Libila was on freedom in some capacity. It was worth a try to see what would happen and see how people responded to this, but it seems obvious now that no one wants it like i first thought they did when i posted this.
  8. no such thing. I played MR already and random jker's would find us no matter what. Not an army mind you, but players who could kick my ass regardless. Thats how i lost all my armor and weapons. That didnt make me leave though, all the other BS about it made me leave. I cant stand how that server is governed and regulated.
  9. All i really have to offer is 60 BSing and a few 50 skills like masonry and carp. But most people seem to have higher BS then me...
  10. Err what? And i would also tend to agree with littlebear. Freedom is pretty boring aside from daily chores and projects. The last bit of group excitement we had was when Blackout banned Borat for macroing.
  11. I think there should be a way to counter myc. Im not sure if there is, but sand is useful for most things. Sand could be used to stop its flow. Or you could only have it be made by players and only one tile per day or something. I mean if i go and fungus something near VoG, then you should be able to cover it back up MD. Since we wouldnt have HOTS influence on freedom, it cant spread by itself like it can on wild. On wild, they could have the same thing, except it can grow over anything as long as its in HOTS influence.
  12. what spells make Myc? I thought HOTS influence and/or altars make myc. The only spell i know of that makes myc isnt implemented yet...
  13. I still dont see why we cant have the religion on wild. I never said "Hey guys! Lets bring HOTS to freedom!". I know i phrased it poorly, but i want the religion, possibly the enchants, and maybe even zombies. Like zombies are even an issue though since theyd be killed by anything quite quickly, or they could be used as pets (since thats what they ARE when they are made.) So libilians can make zombies? Mag can dominate animals, they work the same way. We dont need HOTS or fungus or myc or anything. I wouldnt want any of that because it defeats the purpose of my farm. We all agree that HOTS is chaos and evil and will kill them, but since they arent Horde, Lib followers dont have to be pure evil. You dont have to be a possessed crazy demon to worship one... And i think anyone who argues that "it doesnt fit with the server theme" is full of crap. I never see any RPing or anything of that nature so your logic is null and void.
  14. The Logic is we dont want to be on Wild. Ever. Or never again. We want the religion and we are willing to accept that it wont have most of what it has on Wild. How is this a bad thing? Freedom and Wild should be almost identical in all regards except for Kingdoms, PvP, and certain things that go with those.