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  1. Red Dragon Slaying - This Weekend! http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/2024/community-event-dragon-slaying-june
  2. We just deleted ours and remade correctly.
  3. Goblin Leader Slaying - This Sunday! At 8pm UTC we gather around at the Event Arena West location to beat up the Goblin Leader. He is very rare and only seen on Sklo I believe twice? Come get your mining potions! Hope to see you there http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/1989/community-event-goblin-leader-slaying
  4. Is there a flag that can be set on a fermenting barrel to set it to fermented for ones that are still bugged? Edit: It looks like the woodscrap goes missing during fermentation. Maybe decaying before fermentation is over. Is there a solution for this?
  5. Why is the sandstone veins still broken? #thatgreatsupport
  6. Thank you everyone who participated in today's building contest at the Impalong! Congrats to the winners!
  7. White Dragon Slaying Tomorrow we coordinate a slaying of the Venerable White Dragon that once lurked our lands. Look forward to seeing folks at our new Event Arena created by the community. Great job everyone who built this up! A nice piece of history in the making.
  8. Easter on Sklotopolis - Written on MMOQuest http://mmoquests.com/2017/04/20/easter-on-sklotopolis/
  9. Easter Egg Hunt - All week long! Search through our starter town Haven for eggs laying on the ground, and "Grab" the goodies out of them. There's enough for everyone! Happy Easter!
  10. Also was quite funny to see lots of fake unique spawned during the April Fools Event. Thank everyone for being a good sport in the event. Was a hoot!
  11. Troll King Slaying was a lot of fun. Here's some screenshots I took during the event.
  12. Troll King Slaying Next Weekend! Thanks Karthannar for putting this event together for next weekend. There are plenty of additional prizes to be won at this event. Looking forward to it! http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/1784/community-event-troll-slaying-march
  13. There's always something going on Sklo! The past week Sklotopians have been trying to find a rare wagon that was lost in the wilderness. A rather unique prize to will go to the solver of the riddles and discovery of the scavenger hunt. We also have a couple of unique mob slayings scheduled over the next couple of weeks...a Black Dragon Hatchling and Troll King.
  14. What a great event! Thank you to everyone involved in from the organizing to participating, or even just hanging out. It was a well put together event for everyone. Thank you!
  15. An awesome turnout to the blue drake slaying earlier today. We had 110 people online (including few alts of course) which was an awesome show of support towards Sklo. I want to thank everyone who came to join us in this event. I'll post some screenshots later. Congrats to the winners of the 6 blue drake sets and additional loot. Hope to see everyone at the next one!