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  1. Mrgrim's passing

    My thoughts are with you and your family, loverly man x
  2. Fountain Backpacks [Merged]

    Why are people getting so upset that a bug is at long last being addressed ? good on the team for doing it heres to hoping they fix other bugs soon .
  3. Tara will be there with a cow !
  4. WTS Sculpting Wand 28ql

    As title says , WTS 28ql sculpting wand 22.5 s On Release
  5. Wurm Unlimited Announcement

    Heres hoping theres a Mac client ! .....
  6. 30 Days premium with Wurm Unlimited

    I hope theres a Mac version ....... I just looked and cant see one +1
  7. Deed additional upkeep

    My deed has 1 year in upkeep sitting there , keeps me playing
  8. non-pennable uniques

    Uniques should be not be able to be penned ( even for organisation ) Release killed the first 3 Uniques with out penning and full Public Hunt ,penning allows those that have done and will continue to do " private loot " or " buddy killings " . I don't think more are needed .
  9. Puddlesby is recruiting [Release]

    Please join Deri beats me other wise .........